RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a key player of manufacturing, designing and development of testing and measuring instruments and also industrial control products. What are the achievements of the company till now?

Journey of Rishabh Instruments started in 1987 with technology from the BBC Metrawatt of Germany, for Analog Meters with a capacity of 400 instruments. The initial challenges were to make accurate components demanded by German technology and to develop moulds and tools.  Since that development we have either developed many other products in house or imported technology for Multi Meters, Transducers, Multi Function Instruments, Solar Inverters, Cam Switches, Controllers for DG sets, Power Supplies and CT’s and the journey continues. We have established an independent R&D centre in a separate premises and a separate testing set up with EMI EMC Lab, Environmental Testing, and Reliability Testing to approve products to Indian and International standards. Many of our erstwhile collaborators are our large customers today.

It has been a long journey for us who led us to build the expertise in various arenas of Analog and Digital instrument world. The canvas covered by our products begins with the very simple requirement like measurement of basic electrical parameters to fulfill the requirement of high end communication in metering. Our product portfolio provides the solution both when the requirement demands hand held instruments and when requirement warrants the panel mounting option.

Some statistics have also revealedthat, today we are the one of the world’s largest manufacturer of panel meters in the world by volume. We make close to about 1, 25,000 analog products and about 30,000 digital products in a month. Added to that, we can also manufacture about 50,000 current transformers in a month. So considering this kind of production capacity quality and service that we have across various product segments, Rishabh has a strong market presence in both Domestic and International markets. Our products have an exceptional response in the world market. Our patented designs in the TMI domain have been appreciated across the globe. Owing to the fact that 60% of revenues of Rishabh stems from international market. We have a healthy ratio of International to Domestic Sales based on products and services. The philosophy adapted by Rishabh is that we have no double standards regarding the production and sales in Domestic or International market. The quality sold international is the quality sold in the Domestic market. We make one product for the world, and this has been well received and appreciated by our partners all across and hence dominant position has been established across the Globe by our business principles and the core values.

2. What are the new products in your product basket? 

New products envisaged are Multi Function and Power Quality Instruments with many communication protocols TCPIP, Modbus, Backnet, Profinet and similar protocols. An industry 4.0 is moving towards collecting data from various installations at a fix time interval, analyzing this data to feed it and control volumes.

Solar inverters were available upto 20 KW, which we have developed upto 50KW and are in the process to manufacture 100 KW inverters. Even this inverters have GSM communication to be able to relate data to check and improve efficiency as well as to aid the users in detecting any kind of faults in the system. High voltage insulation testers are influenced by high voltage lines which are passing in sub stations. We are in the process of developing a 5 KV insulation tester which cannot be influence switch yards.

Cam Switch is a basic requirement of the industry but very few companies worldwide publish the contact resistance of the switch or the standard deviation for the contact resistance. This is the necessary requirement if we are to improve the loss in cam switches. Rishabh is working in this area. UL & CSA approval current transformer are necessary to improve safety of electrical equipment and panel. Rishabh ensures that all CT’s manufactured by them meet the UL requirements and many of the models are UL listed.

3. How Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is going to contribute in Elecrama, 2020? Is there any product launch in line up? What will be the main attraction in Elecrama?

The main purpose is to introduce the new technological innovations and to reach out to our worldwide customers. Introduction of technological innovations has a common aim, that is to bring more safety, accuracy, user friendliness, energy efficiency, cost saving, and optimum utilization of the available resources for the customers. Rishabh also focuses to bring these dimensions in picture through introduction of the new products with cutting edge technology.

Just to put a case in the picture is the various losses occurring at different points across the industry due to the inaccurate and inefficient means of measurement. Rishabh would be happy to provide a solution by the way of introducing our Power Quality Analyzer which will not only minimize the problems faced by the customers on account of power and energy related parameters (especially with power electronic devices polluting the networks in an increased manner) but also would help in the national cause of conserving the electricity. Eventually, would contribute to vision of “Greener Tomorrow “. India has a goal to provide cleaner and greener energy in the remotest areas of the country, but we also have to ensure clean energy to the advanced medical and electronic devices which does not harm the networks. So, controlling harmonics, swells and dips becomes a priority area for the electricity users of tomorrow. So, one needs mini and micro measurement devices both for cost and space optimization. Connection between devices has to be quick and positive with no chances of CT secondary opening and we are developing products to meet these requirements. We wish to provide this awareness to the users, which is also a purpose to be a part of this exhibition.

In the field of technology, we have introduced the unique solution of NABL-Accredited EMI-EMC facility at our Nasik location. This state-of-art facility has been built with a philosophy to provide complete testing solution not only for the Rishabh products but even for the customers and vendors all across the globe. We have kept special screen at the ELECRAMA, which is running a video showcasing the strengths of our EMI-EMC test facility.

4. What are the challenges for the company in order to fulfill the demands of the customers? How company is handling those challenges?

Major challenges are availability of electronic components to fulfill the demands of the customers. India is growing economy and customers put large orders for products for which it becomes difficult to procure components specially in Micro Controller where suppliers need to be loaded weeks in advance. Orders are not confirmed until they are confirmed and hence it becomes difficult to full fill delivery expectations.

Market is changing rapidly and Rishabh outdates its own products faster than any other company in the industry hence obsolescnce is a second challenge. The solution is to have a road map of product development which is transparently shared with the customers to inform them about the product obsolescnce and replacing products. Another challenge is manufacturers of Electronic Components obsolete their item which forces us to redesign all the products where they are used. After developing a new design, it has to be certified for reliability, environmental conditions, performance and EMI/EMC. Rishabh has created all these facilities including EMI / EMC Lab to be able to probe new designs much faster than when they are to be certified by external labs. These certificates are NABL accredited.

5. What makes Rishabh Instruments different from other manufacturers of testing & measuring segment?

Rishabh has been a leading player Test & Measurement from 1987. The company has witnessed many evolutions in the products for power sector since its inception right starting from Multimeters with automatic terminal blocking system, Clamp meters with patented rotating jaw design to Digital insulation testers compatible to work in 400kV live switchyards, in latest multimeters with Bluetooth enabled feature having Android app for mobiles promoting wireless communication and safe operation. Usually in Power sector Multimeters and Clamp Meters of Rishabh with CAT IV rating and Insulation Testers & Earth testers for field test find applications. The new products as discussed above which Rishabh has come up includes 5KV Digital Insulation Tester. This product is extremely suitable for field testing and has proven operation in switchyards where there is induction voltage present upto 600V. Along with this Rishabh has recently launched Advanced Multimeters with Bluetooth communication facility and android app which has made taking measurements safe and easy. We have plans to come up with more products required by Power sector so as to cater the requirements of this sector and become a prominent player, to meet their requirements of Test & Measurement equipment in future.

6. Technology is now becoming the heart of every business, what are the new technologies opted by Rishabh Instruments? How these innovations and technologies are changing the industry?

Miniaturisation and advanced capabilities in the same size meters is the need of the times. Since Rishabh have their own R&D, they are able to bank more features in the given volume, rapid advancements are in power quality, harmonics correction etc. Solution is to use powerful micro controllers and faster AD Converters to be able to measure high level of harmonics. Market is moving towards smart meters to be able to communicate not only basic parameters but advance Power Quality parameters. Technical improvements and design capability is the only way to stay in the game and full fill expectations of our customers.

7. What are the different markets catered by Rishabh Instruments? How these markets are different from Indian market?

Rishabh has a variety of markets; they serve both geographically and in product segment. Rishabh exports a good percentage to the developed markets of UK, USA, Germany and Western Europe where quality features, reliability and approval play much bigger role than price. Far East Asia and Middle East Asia value reliability and features but are cost conscious. India has a very price related market. Safety is big consideration in Europe and USA markets and we have to manufacture UL approved, IEC 61010 complaint and CAT3/CAT4 instruments only. Market has also segmented in terms of Panel Builder Market, OEM Market, Machinery Manufacturers and utilities, railway markets, nuance requirements by each are different and expectations are varied.

Brand labelling in India as well as in Europe has its own nuances but more and more companies are taking this route and even manufacturers in these countries outsource some of the products and manufacture others themselves. With their branding and industrial design it is impossible to distinguish one from the other.

8. How the boost in infrastructure sector is affecting the T&M Instruments market? How fruitful are these new infrastructure developments for Rishabh Instruments?  

At Rishabh Group, we focus and strive for continuous and sustainable growth in the field of energy measurement, automation products and die casting with innovation being the cornerstone. We offer our customers the most diverse product range in measurement and monitoring of electrical and allied parameters with over 32,000 SKUs. Each product we add, goes through a very stringent and robust development and product launch process, targeted at ensuring that the device meets ‘Rishabh’ standard which over decades our customers have come to expect and benchmark others against. Our prime focus is always to serve customer requirements more efficiently. Rishabh’s state-of-the art R&D facility is perpetually driving advancements and adoption of new technologies to deliver solutions aligned to market expectations. These products we create at Rishabh, are developed for the global market, since our products serve customers across 70 countries through our international subsidiaries and channel network.  Several new range of innovations are in queue but in the immediate future, we are focusing on features such as touch screen, mobile applications and bluetooth, being embedded in our existing products.

In recent months, Rishabh has launched a new series of CAM switches with current rating upto 200A, which boasts of improved performance than the other industry front-runners in the same product category.

Another innovative product successfully launched is the 3 phase nano CT (Current Transformer) where instead of using 3 CT’s for 3 phases, only one SKU is required. And the output of this CT is 250mA, compatible with control circuits. Also, available with RJ12 connectivity. We are pioneers of such a solution in India.

Similarly, focused developments efforts enabled us to expand our Multifunction Metersrange further, with the recent launches ofLoad Manger series LM1360/50 which also work with RJ12 connected CTs.With regards to test and measuring instruments, we have introduced the new Agam Earth Leakage Clamp Meter ALCT 66A & ALCT 606Aand also added Digital Multimeter with Bluetooth connectivity, Rish 60K bluetooth series toour portfolio.

Another addition is a fully programmable Earth Leakage Relay. Very efficient Power Quality Analyzerplusis in the queue as well and this will be positioned as an ‘all in one’ product.  As a philosophy we havemigratedfrom the conventional LED type meters to high end touch screen Multifunction Meters. Market will witness series of product launches on these lines from Rishabh over next few months.

Our robust and structured development process complimented by complete end to end in-house R&D infrastructure from mould design and manufacture to PCB design and manufacture to testing labs and a highly energized and capable R&D team has year on year ensured successful product launches for Rishabh.

9. Please enlighten us about your Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). 

Rishabh believes that each company must give back to society what it has got from society. Most important CSR function we do is in the field of education. We believe that supporting education of children of our employees is one service which we have continuously supported. Infact some of our employees have done further education while working in the organization.

We share our Entrepreneurial experience with college students in and around Nashik. Many of our managers are regular lecturers.  By invitation from educational institutes our Managing Director alongwith a few other industries colleagues have set up Nashik Engineering Cluster which is a modern temple of technology, innovation of equipment to support SME’s in northern Maharashtra and innovate and incubate new industries.

Tata have supported NEC for training in skill development and Government of Maharashtra has partnered NEC in innovation and entrepreneurship.

10. What is the current scenario of testing and measuring equipment market and what are the key elements which can help in growth of the market?

The Test & Measurement Equipment Market is growing faster than the GDP of the country. This is expected because test and measurement is required by each and every industry both conventional renewable energy. County is being electrified rapidly so much so that every village will have electricity. From an electricity deficiency country we have become an electric surplus country in last five years. From coal & nuclear based energy generation we have moved to clean forms of energy such as Hydro, Solar and Wind.  All those needs Test and Measurement Instruments to measure, improve generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The Government is conscious to demand site management to reduce consumption and increase efficiency of equipment as well as industries. This creates a demand not only of test and measurement instruments but of softwares which are capable to give continuous data of energy consumption and use AI to compare it across industries and seasons. Also consciousness of power quality creates requirement of test and measurement equipment, also the use of IGBT’s, SLR’s and other power electronic devices deteriorates power quality which need to be brought back to normal levels. All this increases demand of test and measurement instruments.

11. Please tell us about your Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities.

We have an R&D facility that’s approved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) and a certification lab which has received approval from the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). We also leverage the expertise of our European subsidiary Lumel to gain quality insights and requirements in the global arena to keep ourselves abreast of international quality demands. It is evident that these facilities and resources provide Rishabh a unique advantage for developing and honing our offerings from time to time. We also leverage our European subsidiary Lumel to augment our own insights of solution requirements in the global arena and keep ourselves abreast of international trends in addition to using the facilities there to supplement our own design and testing efforts. The intensity of our product launches and caliber of the offerings are a reiteration of our R&D prowess. Our portfolio is that way strong but if needed we welcome all possible customization in our products as per customer’s requirement. We strive for continuous improvements in our products, services and facilities, our all products are RoHS compliant thus contributing towards safety of environment and follows global standards making them compatible with any type of application. This year we are coming up with our own in-house EMI/EMC lab with comprehensive test facility for EMI/EMC compliance testing. Our R&D facility along with our product management team works day in and day out to achieve the required, since customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

12. Where Rishabh Instruments foresee themselves in coming years? What are the company’s long term goals?

Rishabh budgets grow between 20 – 25% year on year.  This growth comes from existing products in new markets and new customers and new products. We have kept this growth in last one year, besides we will introduce range of new multi meters, high voltage insulation testers and solar inverter. Focus of the company is on innovation, new product developments and international acquisitions. Rishabh will be happy to announce one such acquisition in the coming months.

As said previously company’s future lies in innovation and product basket expansion. We have started Cam Switch, Solar Inverters and resin cast CT’s in the last few years. Power quality multi meters with higher bandwidth and with Bluetooth have been some of the recent innovations in our product basket. With the Grid becoming stable and lot of agriculture load being diverted to solar generation, Grid has to deliver good quality power to the consumers. Hence, measurement of power quality and improvement in power quality is a focus area for our company.

Compact CT’s which deliver lower VA are required because electrical measurement instruments require much lower VA burden than conventional products. Hence, focus will be on CT’s with transducer, Compact CT’s, CT’s with 100 million /10 volts, 3 phase CT’s to lead the market requirements.