RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. KVTEK designs and manufacture the most technically advanced and easy to use products for High Voltage, High Current and High-Power test systems and measurement instruments. Please enlighten us about your journey till now.

KVTEK was established in 2005 with the aim to provide import substitution of the HV Test and Measuring Equipment being imported from Europe, USA and China. In 2005 there was no Indian company manufacturing this equipment and even today KVTEK is the only manufacturer of the following test equipment in India:

  • Series Resonant Test Set
  • Impulse Voltage Test System
  • Impulse Analyzer
  • Static Frequency Converter
  • Transformer Loss Measuring System
  • Partial Discharge Detection System (Single Channel / Multi Channel)
  • High Precision Capacitance and Tangent Delta Test Set
  • Portable On-site Capacitance and Tangent Delta Test Set
  • AC / DC Kilovolt meter
  • Automatic Instrument Transformer Test Set
  • On-line Moisture Absorption System
  • Capacitor Bank for transformer testing
  • AC Dielectric Test Set
  • AC / DC Hipot Tester
  • Variable Frequency Resonant System

Even though practically there is no competition from within India for our product range but still the journey has been full of hurdles. Major obstacle was to change the mindset of large section of our customers, who actually believed that these equipment cannot be manufactured in India especially because we have commenced our journey without any technical collaborations with any overseas company. We have taken upon ourselves the complete responsibility of designing all aspects of this equipment which included electrical, mechanical, electronics and Software designs.

At times some companies where we have successfully demonstrated our equipment asked us if we can supply the equipment demonstrated with foreign company’s label on it just to satisfy their inspectors. So, the struggle was primarily to change this mind set in which we have succeeded to a great extent as now we have reasonably large installation base within India and besides Indian market, we have succeeded in exporting our products to 16 different countries across the world.

2. How KVTEK is contributing in Elecrama, 2020? What are the main focus products for KVTEK in this Elecrama?

KVTEK has stall # A11 in Hall 3 measuring 96 sq. m. The main objective is to showcase the following:

  • 6 MVA Static Frequency Converter manufactured by us which is largest in the world used for Power Transformer Testing.
  • Introducing Mobile Cable Test Lab with Variable Frequency Resonant Test Set.
  • Introducing the new fully automated Voltage Seasoning Equipment we are manufacturing for Siemens for their Vacuum Interrupter Plant in Goa.
  • Variable Inductance and Variable Frequency Series Resonant Test System supplied by us for Potential Transformer Testing. KVTEK is the only company in the world to successfully use it for PD Testing.
  • Showcasing our newly launched Portable Capacitance and Tangent Delta Test Set designed for use in switchyards rated up to 765 kV Class.
  • Showcasing our newly launched Six Channel PD Detector designed for testing Power Transformers.

3. What are the different products and services offered by KVTEK?

KVTEK Product range has already been covered above but besides the product range, we additionally provide following services:

  • NABL accredited calibration services (On-site/In-lab) for all HV Test & Measuring Equipment listed above.
  • Consultancy in designing the HV Test Labs which include its shielding aspects, earthing considerations and site preparation details.
  • Modernizing, refurbishing and upgrading the old HV Test Equipment.
  • On-Site Testing of GIS Sub-stations by using our 460 kV, 1840 kVA SR Test Set.

4. According to you what is the current scenario of power sector of India?

In 2019 most companies were circumspect in making big investments in manufacturing electrical equipment required for Power Sector. However, things seem to be changing slowly but surely towards better investment cycle by the end of 2019 and the same trend is likely to continue in 2020 as well. However, there is shift in the nature of investment as the focus is more on manufacturing equipment up to 220 kV class rather than UHV equipment. This is due to the fact that no growth is likely in thermal power generation courtesy governmental sanctions because of pollution reaching extreme levels. Focus is likely to be in renewable power generation thus limiting the growth opportunity in EHV equipment manufacturing.

5. How KVTEK is satisfying the needs of customers & how you maintain the balance between quality & price?

Maintaining balance between quality and price is indeed the major challenge as most customers expect from us the quality equivalent European / US manufacturers and price equivalent to Chinese manufacturers. We always maintain the quality of our equipment irrespective of the project price constraints as we are keen to establish our name in the world market as one among the top-quality suppliers of the High Voltage Test Equipment. Additionally, in our field generally compromising on quality becomes a very expensive affair as this effectively means multiple trips for after sale service which costs far more than providing quality product.

6. How government’s policies for the infrastructure are helping KVTEK?

Governmental policies especially with regards to MSME sector and their initiatives for Make in India are really helping us. Delayed payments by the PSUs and large corporates is the biggest concern for MSME companies like KVTEK but with stringent governmental policies most corporates are trying to make payments within the stipulated time. In our field of High Voltage Test and Measuring Equipment there was a tendency among the PSUs to draft specifications / commercial terms and conditions in such a way to favour foreign companies but the endeavours of Department of Industrial Promotions and Policies with their prime focus on Make in India are definitely helping companies like KVTEK who are providing import substitution of the high technology products.

7. What are the recent trends & technologies in the power testing systems industry?

Power Testing Systems industry is going through the transition as there is significant change in the technology. More digital technology in the field of power testing industry is not only helping users to make much more accurate measurements but with increased automation in the technology is also helping the users to significantly increase the testing throughput as well.

Additionally with the option of sourcing quality testing equipment from within India from companies like KVTEK instead of importing it from Europe and US, the test labs have become very cost effective which is allowing even the smaller players to enter the field of manufacturing and testing electrical equipment. Which is good for them and us as well as this is a win-win situation for all concerned.

8. How KVTEK is looking forward towards 2020?

KVTEK is looking very positively towards 2020 as we have now developed the complete product range and now, we will be fully focused to increase our market share in the world market of HV Test and Measuring Equipment. With the successful development of Large Power Static Frequency Converters, we are looking forward in exploring other business options such as railways market etc.