RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Axis has over 25 years of experience & grown into one of the leading Indian brands for Electrical Components. Please enlighten us about your journey till now.

Since Axis’s inception in 1994 with a focus on export, we have focused on rigorous quality standards and international certificates, which made Axis amongst the first Indian companies to have products certified for UL 467 & BSEN 50164. Axis first got into the business of AB Cable Accessories and Distribution Line Hardware in 1998 when we executed a major order for Yemen. This long association with AB Cable Accessories means that we are now one of the largest suppliers for Rural Electrification in India. We have a strong hold in domestic market as well.

Our export focus has also meant that we have consistently received export excellence awards from organisations such as IEEMA, along with a ‘Star Export House’ status by the Government of India and awarded the ‘Exporters Gold Card’ certification from Central Bank of India. Being one of the largest exporters from India, we have also received an SE 1A rating by CRISIL, reinforcing our status as a company with ‘High Financial Strength and the Highest Performance Capability’.

Axis has always been forward looking and now we are focused on not just manufacturing world class products, but also growth in terms of technology, building a strong team and our commitment to our community which will all help us grow for another 25 years.

2. What are the different geographies catered by Axis? How they are different from Indian market?

Axis has sold its products to more than 80 countries in the past 25 years – everywhere from New Zealand to Zambia. The world has gotten smaller and we have used this opportunity to extend our reach globally. The biggest difference between the global market and India is the standardisation of products and the strict testing according to high level specifications such as IEC, UL and others. This experience in the global market has taught Axis how to design and manufacture products at the highest level of quality and we bring this same learning to our products sold in India.

3. You have vast range of products. How to choose the best suitable for application?

We understand the difficulty for our clients to grasp our large range of products and their application, therefore we created a library of videos on YouTube for our customers and others to understand the application and installation of our products. These videos filled a gap in the market and they now have more than 250,000+ views on YouTube, you can find them at

4. What are your views on the condition of electrical sector of the country? How fruitful this sector was in last few months?

India has come a long way in terms of both demand & supply of electrical components with the modernisation of the grid and the growth and improvement of manufacturing facilities across the country. The biggest scope of improvement in the industry as a whole is the standardisation of products that need to be used nation-wide and thus the nation-wide standardisation of testing codes as well. This will allow for the development economies of scale for manufacturers, thus reducing price, and it will also remove any guess-work during the process of product development. Utilities will also be sure of the products they will receive.

Rural electrification is one of the most important tasks which the government has undertaken over its 72 year history and this large mission means a large scope for growth for the entire industry. With the electrification of the entire country, Axis is optimistic on the positive growth of the industry led by companies that focus on quality and standardisation of products.

5. How important Elecrama, 2020 is for Axis Electrical? How you are going to participate in this event?

We have been a part of Elecrama for the past 20 years and we have attended every single exhibition since it is the go-to event to meet industry colleagues, get a clear sense of where the industry is headed and to network. Without Elecrama we would not be able to explore the market as deeply as we have been able to over the past 20 years.

Our main focus in the Indian market remains our existing products, AB Cable Accessories, where we are a top player in the market and have been successfully selling to most Electrical Utilities and major EPC companies across the country. We are also introducing our international range of products into the Indian markets which we manufacture as per international standards and certifications and have been exporting for the past 25 years. We are also excited to showcase our brand new products in the range of energy metering and lightning protection & earthing.

6. Please tell us about your overall vision for the Indian market.

With the rural electrification project undertaken by the Indian government is one of the largest undertaking which will lead to growth for this industry. Project like this will also fill in the demand supply gap in the industry in Indian market, along with standardisation of products which leads to uniformity. This in turn will make way for development of this industry and it will also remove any guess-work during the process of product development. Such developments will ensure the growth of Indian markets.