RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Since the inception of its establishment in India in the year 2006, what are the changes that you notice in the Indian electrical market till now?

The major change, we have observed during last decade clearly highlights that the technology has changed the operational efficiency of electrical equipment. Emergence ofsmart technology, data monitoring and control became prominent in the electrical industry & so is the technological transformation. Digitization of systems & components played important role in generation, transmission & distribution of electricity. Predictive & preventive maintenance along with trouble shooting of electrical and mechanical components have become a crucial aspect now. More preference is given to the manufactures developing & suppling systems & components to the industry. Even the manual processes and time taking tasks are now governed with IoT enabled systems, that saves a lot of time & efforts.

2. What differentiates you as opposed to your competitors?

Testo being a market leader in testing & measurement sector, has always strived to develop and provide solutions that makes the work simpler, better and reliable. The latest trends and advancements from the digitization of the working system are calling for solutions that are intuitive and smart. Testo realised the changing approach at the very beginning & hasbrought transformational change in T&M industry with an entirely new range of smart measuring products for multiple applications. Testo is one of the first T&M companies who moved from analog measuring techniques to digital to smart instruments. Our Wi-Fi data loggers and other IEQ measuring instruments proved out to be revolutionary solution with just one versatile instrument and multiple range of wired & Bluetooth probes.

Considering our latest and most advanced solutions for instance, our Electrical Instruments are very distinct and unique in their features. They are excellent instruments to inspect the electrical components and circuit failure threats. Along with that they ensure longevity and efficiency of various power electronic components that control and regulate the flow of electrical energy. Our new range of Thermal Imagers with smartphone integration designed to deliver networked thermography are mostly used for predictive and preventive maintenance. These electrical & thermal imagers are one of its kind & are useful for trouble shooting in power sector also.

Apart from what the product delivers, Testo also has a NABL accredited service & calibration LAB that takes care of the after sales support locally from Pune. This facility is highly cost effective as it delivers international standards very conveniently.

3. Very recently Testo received the international prestigious German Design Award 2020 for 3 products for excellent product design - testo 300 - the truly smart flue gas analyser; testo 400 - the universal climate instrument and testo Smart Probes. Would you like to like to elaborate on these hattrick award winning products.

It is definitely a great news for testo group and we are obliged to receive such appreciation on a global level. This also shows the quality, commitment and thorough R&D that takes place at our end, to continuously improve and keep delivering the best products to the market. Testo has always tried to make compact measuring instruments which are easy to operate and use. Testo brings in the new generation of IEQ measurement technology with testo 400 which is the universal measuring instrument for all air flow and IEQ applications. The product is sleek and attractive in design with a big data display that can connect to several probes wirelessly. The new range of testo smart probes beats any parallel product in terms of size, shape and user friendliness. Features like customised design of the 605i probe tip, magnetic holder given at the back for secure attachment & bendable probe feature makes measurement more comfortable at the outlets, vents or smaller measurement apertures and openings. Similarly, new testo 549i pressure measuring probe is redesigned & its connection is angled at 45° for easy mounting.The testo 300 flue gas analyser is ideal for the most important measurements involving heating systems. It combines decades of experience in measuring technology with contemporary smart-touch operation, robust construction and impressive design.

Not only the design, our products excel in their features and specifications too. All these products impress with smart technology, fast readiness and convenient application.

4. What are your views regarding Govt’s “Make In India” Initiative? How would Testo India place itself in the whole spectrum of this initiative?

The initiative is indeed is a huge leap forward as it strengthens the global status of the country and provides opportunities to numerous companies and manufacturers. It also gives many industries to extend their reach in the market. Testo India gets more chances to carter to new manufacturing units and provide a wide range of measuring instruments. This initiative by govt. of India has grown exceptionally in the last 5 years and it was started to encourage the Indian manufactures. Although there are some loopholes in this procedure where the objectives are not met, hence it becomes a high priority task for the government as well to ensure that events likeimporting components from overseas or carrying out only assembly work in India is not encouraged and the initiative is properly implementedas per the set objective, guidelines & rules.

5. Testo India focuses on climate data monitoring in critical pharma and cleanroom applications. So, what are the R&D involved in this process? Are there any latest innovations Testo is coming up with dealing with these applications?

Pharma is probably the most important industry among others as it has a direct impact on the consumer health and well-being. It is essential to store pharmaceuticals, vaccines, laboratory samples and units of blood at the right temperatures to ensure that they remain effective and that hygiene is maintained. Ambient conditions play a key role in pharma & cleanroom applications and thus it becomes very important to ensure proper climatic conditions in these sectors. Another factor that is crucial are the stringent norms that govern the pharma division and the necessity to adhere to the predefined standards for audit purpose. Testo has been supporting the industry with testo Saveris system which is an all-in-one solution that consists of a centrally located Saveris base that communicates to freely mountable sensors with radio and Ethernet signals, that can be placed at different measuring locations. In the coming future testo also plans to take this technology to the next level with advanced probes and sensors to carter to these applications.

6. Are you planning to come up with some innovations and showcase in the Elecrama 2020 event?

Elecrama has continued to be a major event of Electrical industry that brings technology, Solutions, product and knowledge-sharing all under one roof. Testo India is participating in Elecrama 2020 and the reputation that Elecrama carries, we hope that the trend continues & we get good response this time. The main highlight would be the new and unique set of electrical measuring instruments that are so relatively advanced that the unique Clamp meters – testo 770 and Multi meters – testo 760 are intuitive, can measure several parameters in a single component.

Another important highlight of the event is our wide range of thermal imagers. Testo India provides testo 885 and testo 890 high end thermal imagers that, can be used to conduct thermal inspections in transmission lines up to 765KV voltage level, using a super telephoto lens with correspondingly high resolution, conveniently from the ground. Testo 868 & testo 872 are the best entry level thermal cameras for application in electrical cabinets, solar panels, circuits etc.We invite all the customers to come to our stall and witness the latest T&M measurement solutions and products for Electrical and other related segments.