RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. What is ANDRITZ allabout? What are the achievements of the company till now?

ANDRITZ HYDRO Private Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Austrian company ANDRITZ HYDRO and therefore part of International technology group ANDRITZ. ANDRITZ HYDRO is one of the leading global suppliers of hydro mechanical (HM) and electromechanical (EM) equipment for hydropower plants. With over 175 years of accumulated experience and more than 31,600 turbines installed, totaling approximately 434,600 megawatts output, the business area supplies the complete product range, including turbines, generators, and additional equipment of all types and sizes – “from water to wire” for small hydro applications up to large hydropower plants with outputs of more than 800 megawatts per turbine unit. ANDRITZ HYDRO’s “Water to Wire” concept ensures long term sustainable solutions on green-field and rehabilitation projects for its esteemed clients. It is a leading global player in Pump Storage schemes (PSP) and has supplied over 200 units comprising of an installed generated capacity of over 25,500 MW to its customers in India, China, Europe and other important markets.

2. What are the new products in your product basket? What are your newly launched products?

ANDRITZ Hydro is a project driven company and undertakes complex turnkey execution of the complete hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical works of hydro power projects. Keeping in lines with rapid technological advancements in the field of automation, ANDRITZ is well equipped in remote control of hydro projects from other base cities using its own platform, namely DiO Mera.

Also with the growing need of renewable energy capacity additions, the company has developed its own storage interfacing solution namely HybaTech for solar plants and pumped storage schemes.

The company is also a stalwart in operation and maintenance of hydro power projects. ANDRITZ is currently the O&M contractor for one of the largest IPP based hydro power project in the country.

ANDRITZ HYDRO has experience of executing more than 804 hydropower plants worldwide equipped with hydro mechanical (HM) equipment along with a vast experience in in-house design, manufacture, supply & installations. These include various types of high-pressure high head gates, such as fixed wheel gates, sliding gates, radial gates, caterpillar gates, as well as gates for ship locks, such as miter gates or sector gates, stop logs, cranes, lifting beams, trash racks, raking machines, penstocks, pipe bridges, steel tunnel linings, bi- and trifurcations as well as complete manifold systems.

3. What are the challenges for the company in order to fulfil the demands of the customers? How company is handling those challenges?

The Indian hydropower market is currently contributing to only 12.5% of the total installed capacity of the country. This share is declining since renewable energy is making rapid additions to the installed capacity. With a shortage in green-field project development, the equipment market has become demand hungry thereby increasing competitiveness. Corroding margins and unfairly balanced commercial tender conditions are major challenges in today’s scenario.

Environmental concerns, geological surprises and R&R issues have led to numerous projects being delayed and hence project costs have overrun their budgets. These challenges are some of which we hope to see change happening in the coming months in 2020.

4. Technology is now becoming the heart of every business, what are the new technologies opted by ANDRITZ? How these innovations and technologies are changing the industry?

ANDRITZ is a technology driven company and has its own research and development wing in Austria and Europe. The company is working in the lines of Industry 4.0 and primarily working on automation technologies. With a paradigm shift towards IP based automation technology, ANDRITZ is gearing to address this sphere in the coming times to care to the needs of the modern customer.

ANDRITZ HYDRO follows the global ANDRITZ Hydro standards and quality procedures established and are constantly updated. It has been accredited with quality certifications and has a quality management and assurance program which ensures the requirements of the market.

Globally, ANDRITZ HYDRO has numerous hydraulic test rigs, generator laboratories, pump testing laboratory and advances numerical calculation methods. In its Mandideep facility, ANDRITZ has its Center of Competence (C-o-C) for compact hydro generators.

5. What are the different markets catered by ANDRITZ? How these markets are different from Indian market?

ANDRITZ is catering to the India region consisting of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Further, it addresses South and South East Asia markets. Countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Lao PDR have a growing hydro market including pumped storage plants. ANDRITZ is active in these markets and expects to grow further.