RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. We understand that busbar power distribution systems were first introduced in the USA in the 1930s. What were the primary reasons for this radical change in power distribution system technology?

Bus bar Electrical distribution is also well known as busduct, busways, rising mains etc based on the application's. As per NEMA Standards Publication bus bar is defined as “a prefabricated electric distribution system consisting of bus bars in a protective enclosure, including straight lengths, fittings, devices and accessories”. Although bus bars were introduced long back, but the the exponential growth has happened only in the last decade. Moreover, its popularity is getting growing further as the application is getting wider. Sandwich Busbar arrangement has been developed to become a vital part of electrical power distribution system in the recent time. Sandwich construction of the bus bar efficiently transfers the heat from the conductor to atmosphere when compared to air insulated bus bars by avoiding the complex heat transfer methodology. Many developments are happening in bus bar domain making it more compact, safe, economical and more efficient.

2. IIGM is the sole distributor of EAE, Turkey in India. Since when has IIGM been associated with EAE? What are the various EAE products that IIGM distributes in India?

EAE operations become more active in India after partnering with IIGM some 15 years back. EAE is very well accepted in India. After all every one accept a quality product. EAE is been pioneered in bus bar business with over a history of more than 40 years. Apart from bus bars, we do have cable trays, Sismic solutions, lighting and fit out solutions.

3. Speaking of busbar power distribution systems of EAE, tell us about their key features and their global market?

We provide the whole range of bus bars starting from 25 Amps till 6300 Amps, IP 55 to IP 68 bus bars, MV bus bars up to 24kV, Trolley bus bars, Underfloor bus bars etc. EAE is a one point solution for the electrical distribution system. Moreover, EAE presence is all across the world catering to more than 100 countries world wide.World is going towards compactness and off course restricting within the IEC guidelines. Our core R&D team continuously strives towards innovation, ease of application and making efficient bus bars.

4. What is the essential difference between a conventional busbar power distribution system and a trolley busbar system?

The conventional bus bars have typical fixed outlet locations. Wherein trolley bus bars are used where the connected load keeps on moving during live conditions.

5. How has been the response to EAE busbar systems in India? How does it score over competition from other Indian and foreign suppliers?

The acceptance for EAE in India is truly excellent. Our number of projects are more than 1100 and are running from years together without any trouble. Our Major focus is also on the man power where we recruit the best qualified engineers starting from sales team till the design and execution team. We invest lot of time and money in training our teams. Bus bars are much more than just four conductors and we know that very well than others.

6. Give us some key references of Indian projects deploying EAE busbar power distribution systems?

Most of our orders are repeated. We are the preferred make for many of the clients due to the quality. Some of the references includes Maruthi  ( Manesar, Gurgoan, Hansalpur), WTC ( Bangalore, Cochin), Bagmane ( more than 20 projects), Loma IT Parks and many more across India. We have the references in almost all the domains like Software parks, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Data centers etc.

7. Would you know if EAE has plans of locally manufacturing busbar systems in India?

Yes there is a plan for this.The higher quality of EAE is due to the preciseness in the manufacturing techniques been followed and its not so easy to set up the factory so easily. We are studying all the feasibility.

8. How do you see the prospects for EAE busbar systems in India, in the years to come?

The reach of EAE is growing day by day.End users and consultants are becoming more quality conscious and understanding the importance of bus bar systems. Off course has to be, as this is nerves of the system connecting the different equipment. This shall help us in the ease of business in the coming future.

9. Technology is now becoming the heart of every business, what are the new technologies opted by EAE? How these innovations and technologies are changing the industry?

Eae manufacturing facility in istanbul turkey is the one of the biggest factory for bus bar 88,000 m2. Eae has incorporated robotics in 90% of the assembly line for busbars and moved away from manual production lines. This has improved the effeciency in manufacturing and improved quality and reduced defect ratios to almost nill.

10. How EAE is going to contribute in Elecrama, 2020? Is there any product launch in line up? What will be the main attraction in Elecrama?

EAE is launching Data centre track bus bay in Elecrama.