RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Share with us the thesis behind establishing the Next Gen Equipments? How far the motive behind its establishment has achieved yet?

NEXT GEN was started in 2009 to cater the need for customer in Indian Power sector.  Within 10 years we have established our self as major player in T& M business, offering complete range of T&M instrument   . We are adding new products in our portfolio on regular basis along with technical upgradation of existing product portfolio to increase our market share. We have been very cautious in selection and representation of companies and product in Indian market with respect quality and after sales services.  


With the growing business we are now more focus on End to end solution to our customer with more focus on quality & service. We have created the separate service vertical to have more focus service and better client experience. With our past experience of customer facing problem with imported equipment especially the services part, we have made our Service support as a bench mark in the industry with excellent support from our principals’ and manufacturer  .


We are now ISO 9001 -9015 certified organization for our Sales & service standard.


 2. “We are oriented towards needs and behaviour of Customer and satisfying them   by reciprocating with industry’s best and cost effective technology solution”. How do you look at the statement?

Indian Electrical Testing Industry is dominated by Foreign Company since long. In the last few years Asian companies started supplying low cost products in the Indian market but within very short time people understood the benefits of European products in term of quality and reliability. Many Indian companies are also started manufacturing Testing Equipments in India but still they are also heavily dependent of foreign companies for raw material.  European payers have entered in the Indian power sector with technologically advance product with superior quality. T & M instrument also seen major changes with this transformation, T & M instruments are now having more user-friendly interface, portable and more accurate in the output and reliability. These new generations Instrument can measure and store sophisticated data centrally with advance analytics which was earlier done manually. Now you can measure and analyse the trends centrally as well as from remote location. After sales service was the major issued to the foreign company in India, hence to bridge this gap, we have not only focused on expansion of our product in the market but also service. Thanks to our excellent service support, customers also recommend our products to various other customers making an increase of many folds in our business.

 3. List out the various products and services offered by Next Gen Equipments to its end users along with their different applications? 

 Till date NGEPL is more focused in providing Testing Equipments to Transformer Industry with state of Art equipments like Winding Resistance Meter, Turns Ratio meter, Microhm Meter, Contact Resistance meter, CT Tester apart from AD/DC High Voltage Test Set, highly accurate CT's & PT's. Recently we have started entering the Cable Industry apart from Utilities to supply these state of art equipments and now these equipments are first choice of many Test Engineers / Managers across industry. With the introduction of variable frequency C & Tan Delta Unit in our portfolio, we expect to get more customer base as this is a very unique product for the industry point of view.

 4. What is your reach in Indian market? Also Share with us those markets and zones where the products and services of Next Gen Equipment’s can be accessed?  

NEXT GEN is having wide presence not only Indian Territory in T& M business but also in neighbouring counties i.e. Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and UAE for sales and services. Our service engineers are available 24*7*365 for any service need of our customer. We are continuously expanding the territory keeping in mind the requirement of the customers and providing best support services of our portfolio products.

 5. Are you looking to add new equipment to your existing product portfolio?

Our instruments are widely accepted by the manufacturer in the Power sector due to quality, reliability and accuracy of the instruments, supported by strong after sales service team. Over the period of time we have built-up a strong after service team which provide the 24*7 support to the customer. . Also new products C &Tan Delta from RAYTECH which is launched in 2019 is liked by most of the customers who has seen the unit and its DEMO! Within very short time, we have got many orders for the new unit and now also expect that few more units which are expected to be launched shortly will have a major impact in the Indian power industry. We have also added UHF based ONLINE PD monitoring system in our product portfolio which will be very unique products in the industry! We are also working on some big projects in Bangladesh and planning to expand the similar portfolio to SRI Lanka as well!

 6. What are the key strengths which supports the ‘Next Gen Equipments’ in maintaining its eccentric identity among its competitors?

 Our Key to success is the best service support across industry which was major challenge earlier for imported  product in terms of service TAT and availability software  and spare parts . All those satisfied customers are our best word of mouth promoters.  We have now trained our engineers at manufacturing plants for technical know-how and setup the service centre at Vadodara.  Our engineers are capable of handling the any service need across location and all the equipment are now serviced locally , which reduced the down time and service TAT. Time is an essence and we at NEXTGEN understand the importance of customer’s time and provide support to minimize their breakdown time.