RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. What Kyoritsu is all about?
We are a Low Voltage Electrical Test & Measurement Tools Japanese Manufacturer who have a single mandate of making INDIA from under MAINTAINED to WELL MAINTAINED using Test Results that our Customers can rely on!
2. What is your expansion plans in India with the government’s ‘Make in India’ program? What potential do you foresee for your company with the Indian Government’s focus on development of infrastructure like smart cities, roll out of power projects, etc.? 
Make In India will need Right Tools for the Right Job and with Right Support which we are here to strengthen. This will ensure as the nation moves in its quest of building itself to be a destination of choice for Manufacturing we contribute to its foundation.
As you build Infrastructure this will need Energy as the basic ingredient and using it mindfully and efficiently will be enabled by our Tool offerings
3. Discuss on Kyoritsu’s most significant offering in the smart city domain.
Our tools are generic and a SMART City or any other Infrastructure both will need it equally. At the same time a SMART City can make more of it as basis of same is on Measurement-Feedback-Improvement & we assist Measurement & thus are at heart of this movement.
4. Finally, what is your view on how things are likely to shape up post 2019 General Election?
STABILITY brings strength in hands of Decision Makers & that’s what we feel Post Election scenario has brought to fore with conviction. We are in able hands who have only our interest in mind so there is no looking back and the direction is set NORTHWARDs for INDIA. Our TIME has COME!!!
5. How you foresee the growth of electrical and energy markets?
Need of more Energy is part of any Country’s Growth Story the excitement current time & technology has brought is the source of Energy will go through sea change. We are now more concerned about the impact we are leaving on the eco system and rightly so and this will ensure Sensible & Rewarding Growth for all the stakeholders.
6. What are the main challenges affecting this market?
The question can evoke both negative and positive response & I will take the positive one. The biggest challenge is to be able to harness innovatively & effectively the huge Youth Energy that we have with us for Good of Masses.
7. Please tell us about Kyoritsu’s overall vision in India.
Deliver on our promise of being a facilitator to MAKE IN INDIA Vision by providing ACCURATE REPEATABLE & RELIABLE Measurement in ELECTRICAL Domain!!!