RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Give us a brief sketch of K-LITE industries. What are its vision and mission?

K-Lite industries, an ISO 9001 certified company  is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor Lighting Fixtures in India. Incorporated in the year 1977, it has crossed four decades of service. The quality conscious K-Lite clientele which includes prestigious Multinational companies / Hotels / Resorts / PWD / CPWD / Highways dept., Airports, Metro rails will speak for themselves the standing of the company. Quality assurance with a fully equipped illumination laboratory and a committed group of employees are the mainstay for the success of the company.

Our Mission is to position K-Lite as the India’s Lighting Company and the leaders of lighting, setting standards of excellence, true to its values, spirit and commitment in Lighting Up the World with energy efficient lighting adding to cleaner environment

Vision Statement: K-Lite intended to provide its customers a luminaire for every application. We believe that the technology up gradation, committed labour force, quality enforcement and a positive thinking management are the keys for reaching the market with the best and economical product. We are proud about the statements of our valued clients that “we do what others cannot “and hence we want to exploit this culture in our company towards development of energy saving and trend setting innovative luminaires for greener lighting. Our on going development, additions in infrastructure with the state of art machineries and testing facilities are the pathways to make our vision come true.

2. What are the various adaptations of K-LITE industries along with their various applications. Share with us the distinctive qualities and features which set K-LITE apart among its competitors?

Adaptation to the changing scenarios in technology, innovation and improvisation are the basic mantras of K-Lite. Before the LED became the order of the day , K-Lite practically switched over all their erstwhile FTL and other lluminaires into LED luminaires. In order to get a cost competitive edge, we introduced automation and advanced toolings in our manufacturing processes for economy in pricing with added quality. We are very proud to record that we are the totally integrated in house luminaire manufacturer including the allied poles in India. K-Lite is truly known as India's Lighting Company.

Proximity of Indian Railway’s most prestigious Passenger Coach Building Unit, Integral Coach Factory, and K-Lite's  capability to manufacture and test the custom-built luminaires, enabled K-Lite to be in the forefront of their developmental  activities and cater to the specially designed luminaire requirements of prestigious Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, “Palace on Wheel” EMUs, Kolkata-Metro , Delhi Metro (DMRC), Jaipur Metro, Bangaluru Metro,Sri Lankan Railway coaches and the latest being design and manufacture of LED luminaires for Kolkata Metro.

3. What are the Pre and Post sales services and unique initiatives in this respect offered by   K-LITE industries?

K-Lite has a state of art showroom in Chennai / Delhi for live display of all their products along with decorative / architectural poles. Whenever a new project comes up, we invite the designers, architects and actual users to visit our works / display centres where we provide all the detailed specifications and explain in depth the salient feature of all our products. All our dealers at the major city centres also have exclusive show rooms for K-Lite luminaires . Regarding after sales service we have a full fledged customer care division headed by one of our Directors and structured along with QC and R&D team to analyse. We honour our warranty commitments.

4. Share with us the projects on which K-LITE is working currently along with its succeeding future projects?

K-Lite is currently working on many Smart City projects introducing new series of luminaire and poles for smart  lighting  and compatible to the upcoming Internet of Things concepts  known as IoT.  Presently we are  entrusted by ALSTOM / Germany who are manufacturing locomotives for Railways,   to supply the luminaires for the engine room and cabin. These luminaires have been specially developed and has  undergone testing and validation conforming to their  demanding requirements as per European Standards. K-Lite is also associated with the prestigious Train 18 and other latest  designed coaches being introduced by ICF.

All our future plans  are centered around our continued innovation  of new products and creation of  the state of art infra structure facilities in Chennai and the supporting unit at  Bhopal. The idea is to introduce bulk production through modernization  and further optimize the cost to address National and International market in an aggressive way and also to put in place the entire series of state of art polar luminaires for street lighting , facade lighting , industrial, commercial and landscape lighting etc., 

5. What are the technological advancements and innovative attributes adopted by K-LITE in recent?

K-Lite is in the process of updating a full -fledged state of art photometric laboratory with all equipment for the emerging technologies for smart lighting and internet of things.

K-Lite  received the  World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2017-18 Dubai. The 4th edition of the award event was part of the Indo-UAE Business & Social Forum 2018 organised by URS-AsiaOne Magazine and URS Media Consulting P.L and was presented in Dubai   This award coupled with CII ( Confederation of Indian Industry )award is a recognition to K-Lite’s contribution towards lighting industry in India and across the globe. Some of the  prestigious bollard / post top luminaires from K-Lite, designed with  vision , such as Juno , Ajna and Vera were awarded India Design Mark Award

6. Tell us about the zones and markets where your products could be accessed along with your reach in India? 

K-Lite has a national level dealer network in all major cities and towns in India . We also have an office in Dubai to cater Middle East and in London to cater the European market.