LED Lights on all Gurugram Roads by May-end

The installation of LED streetlights has finally begun in the city with ward numbers one & 35 after a delay of over two months. The whole city will be covered under the project within next two months, said MCG officials. The project is being implemented by state-owned Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). ESSL signed a deal with MCG to install over 48,000 LED streetlights under the national street lighting programme in October 2017. The project was to be completed by February 2018. “In the first leg, ward numbers one & 35 have been chosen. The second leg would cover ward numbers two & 34. This will continue till the whole city is covered,” said MCG commissioner Yashpal Yadav. At present, all main roads have sodium streetlights & other roads have CFL, T5 & mercury lights. The project will help the city save 13 mn units of power per year & MCG is expecting a 45-55% saving on power bills too.