Central Electricity Authority (CEA) & International Copper Association India (ICAI) organized ‘4th National Workshop on Electrical Safety’

The workshop aimed to enhance Electrical Safety environment in India, and heighten effective implementation of National Regulations, Codes & Standards

Electricity is a familiar and essential part of everyday life, but negligence can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property. Raising awareness about electrical hazards is key to reducing electrical ?res, injuries, death and property loss. Chief Electrical Inspectorate Division of Central Electricity Authority along with International Copper Association India (ICAI) has been jointly conducting the Workshop on Electrical Safety for the past three years.  This workshop is the fourth workshop in the series, which discussed the new safety challenges due to upgradation of technology and the mitigation measures that could be taken for 

·         Electrical Safety in high-rise building

·         Fire prevention of transformers

·         Safety requirements for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

The development and application of new technologies in electrical engineering pose many challenges for the application of safety rules. These could be due to new working practices, management techniques, equipment, and increased interaction between complex systems. ICA India along with the Electrical Inspectorate Division of CEA aims to reduce the number of electrical accidents by enforcing rules, providing advice on good working practices, and developing guidance in response to technical changes in equipment and working methods. Sensitizing all stakeholders about presents challenges and use of best technology and technical practices available across the globe would lay the foundation for 'Zero Tolerance' towards Electrical Accidents and thereby ensuring accomplishment of the goal of accident-free electrical Industry.


The workshop highlighted information and knowledge on international experience, standards, various electrical practices, availability of new technologies to reduce risks. Through the day, many stalwarts from both public and private sector put up their views on electrical safety and the need to improve upon it.


Elaborating on the subject Mr. Sanjeev Ranjan, Managing Director, International Copper Association India (ICA India) said, “Awareness of electrical hazards is crucial in reducing the staggering number of electrical fires, injuries, and deaths that occur every year. By understanding basic electrical safety principles and adhering to safe practices, many electrocutions and home fires can be prevented.” He added, “We at ICA India strive to empower people with knowledge to overcome in tackling electricity hazards.”


“The workshop is an excellent example of cooperation between the Government and the private sector in sensitizing stakeholders working in government, public and private sector entities on safer processes to handle electricity and electrical equipment. The aim of the workshop is to build general awareness among the larger public regarding electrical safety measures that should be adopted to minimize accidents from unsafe electrical practices,” Goutam Roy, Chief Electrical Inspector, Central Electricity Authority


At the inauguration of the event, the Chief Guest, Mr. RK Verma, Chairperson, Central Electricity Authority (CEA)  highlighted the need for updating the standards and regulations as per the need of the industry and the common people. Among the dignitaries present at the inaugural session were Mr. Sanjeev Ranjan, Managing Director , ICA-India,  Shri. Goutam Roy, Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt. of India, Shri. D K Shami, Fire Adviser, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India & P S Mhaske, Member (Power System), CEA. The workshop and panel discussions saw about 150 delegates participate from across industrial sectors. 


Participants came together to share experiences and interact with international counterparts. They were able to learn about best practices and the need for regular and timely maintenance and safety inspections. Thus, the workshop provided a platform to discuss the key issues related to electrical safety in the country. It also helped in provisioning for standards and regulations of electrical infrastructure in India.


About ICA India:           

The International Copper Association India (ICA India) is a member of Copper Alliance and the Indian arm of the International Copper Association Limited (ICA), the leading not for profit organization for the promotion of copper worldwide set up in 1959. ICA India was formed in 1998 to actively associate with the growing number of copper users in India. The objective is to “Defend and grow markets for copper based on its superior technical performance and its contribution to a higher quality of life worldwide”. ICA India conducts various programs in the interest of Electrical Safety, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.


About Central Electricity Authority (CEA)


Central Electricity Authority (CEA) is a statutory organization originally constituted under Section 3(1) of the repealed Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948, since substituted by Section 70 of the Electricity Act, 2003. It was established as a part-time body in 1951 and made a full-time body in 1975. The functions and duties of CEA are delineated under Section 73 of the Electricity Act, 2003. The Chief Electrical Division of CEA under section 53 and 177 of the Electricity Act has been given the responsibility to prepare regulation on the safety and electrical supply. CEI division is also responsible to suggest the Government on the amendments required in the regulation from time to time.