WebNMS (IoT division of Zoho Corp.) and ElMeasure Announce Partnership to Bring IoT Enabled Energy Management Solutions

WebNMS (IoT division of Zoho Corp.), a leading provider of WebNMS IoT Platform and Enterprise IoT solutions, today announced their strategic partnership with ElMeasure, a pioneer in Energy Management and largest panel meter manufacturer in the country.  The two companies have partnered to bring IoT enabled Energy Management Solution in the Industrial IoT space.
This collaboration brings together WebNMS’ scalable and high-performance, Internet of Things (IoT) platform and ElMeasure’s expertise in energy management and metering hardware manufacturing. It will enable ElMeasure to provide innovative and specialized, Energy Management Solutions for various industry verticals like textile, pharma, automobile, commercial, and residential buildings, etc.  WebNMS’ IoT Platform helps ElMeasure leverage IoT technology to gather, process, visualize, and draw insights from energy data at scale, across its broad array of energy product portfolio to provide unified Energy Management Solutions. This partnership takes forward ElMeasure as one of the early adopters of IoT technology in the energy space in India. 
WebNMS’ highly secured and scalable platform integration with ElMeasure’s high precision energy meters will enable the enterprises to considerably reduce their energy bills and OpEx. Data visibility is of importance to the enterprises, to pinpoint the energy usage. An intelligent solution that can provide energy reports doff wise, shift wise, count wise, production wise, etc., show the speed Vs Kw curve, bars, graphs, etc. Transparent insights on likewise energy data will enable the enterprises to schedule preventive maintenance, reduce the downtime, effective utilization of resources.
“Energy being a vital resource to any business impacts the financials and productivity of the business. Energy efficiency is a key driver of business competitiveness. We are delighted to partner with ElMeasure as they move to providing IoT enabled Energy Management Solutions in the connected era. At WebNMS, we pride ourselves on delivering robust, scalable, high-performance, industry ready IoT Platform which enables our customers and partners like ElMeasure to quickly provide customized vertical IoT solutions in their area of expertise. WebNMS remains strongly committed to its open platform approach that enables partners to create their innovative applications.” says Karen Ravindranath, Director, WebNMS IoT.
“WebNMS, seeks to leverage our expertise in the energy management domain by this strategic partnership; enabling our customers to be truly IoT and Industry 4.0 ready. With this partnership we believe that WebNMS IoT platform can well complement our hardware enabling quicker time to market and easy deployments to customers of various domains seeking energy efficiency.” says Sam Cherian, Chairman, ElMeasure.
The global energy landscape is changing and the demand is expected to grow to 28% by 2040. The extent of this increase is likely to be curbed by the improvements in energy efficiency, as increasing attention around the world is devoted to using energy more sustainably. Studies reveal that industry and buildings are the largest market for final energy consumption.  Industries waste approx. to 30% of the total energy. Enterprises are making a shift towards a more energy sustainable environment and continuously finding alternate renewable sources of energy. 
About WebNMS: WebNMS, the IoT division of Zoho Corp., is a leading provider of enterprise IoT platform and IoT solutions that maximizes the potential of connected business infrastructure. WebNMS’ IoT platform is designed to provide a strong framework of core capabilities like data ingestion, aggregation, alarm management, device and connectivity management, data visualization, and reporting. This developer friendly, customizable platform promotes developer efficiency, minimizes cost and time to market. WebNMS also has a portfolio of ready to deploy IoT solutions that revolves around three major capabilities; Energy management, Remote Site & Asset management, and Logistics & Fleet management.  WebNMS’ proprietary EdgeX agent is a multi-device compatible gateway agent which acquires, analyzes, manages, and processes the data at the edge and provides intelligent connectivity to cloud. Our IoT platform encourages an enterprise ready IoT ecosystem through its channel partners: system Integrators, software developers, resellers, sensors, and gateway hardware manufacturers.
About ElMeasure: ElMeasure is a pioneer in energy management and today offers solutions in the Industrial IoT space. The largest panel meter manufacturer in the country that offers cutting edge technology in comprehensive data analysis for energy and process management (measure, control and conserve). The first to introduce advanced prepaid metering with multiple modes of communication and integration of gas and water. World class products and solutions are delivered from a state of the art manufacturing facility that covers 60,000 sqft. ElMeasure has a DSIR approved R&D lab with 300 plus innovators that deliver a quality product backed by our “customer first” value. Today ElMeasure serves energy consumers across various industries with a reach in over 40 countries and a promise to serve our 40,000 plus and growing customers.