RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Brief us about the products and services offered by the company catering to power sector?

We now have large product portfoliowithin ALTANOVA Group, ranging from off-line testing equipment to on-line monitoring solutions. We have product rangeswhich cater from MediumVoltage to Extra High Voltage segment, both on the primary as well as secondary side of power system.The merger of ISA and TECHIMP in 2018 to form the ALTANOVA Group has also helped us immensely in this growth process. With the acquisition of IntelliSAW Inc. —a US-based company— (from Emerson Group) in November 2019—we have further added new products/solutions in our basket.

To name a few, we have multiple models ofsingle-faced and three-faced relay test kits, multi-functional testkits for transformer testing,various models of circuit breaker analysers,battery test sets, and multiple models of primary and secondary injection test kits. In addition to this, we also have temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for MV switchgears and Partial Discharge Measurement Systems. Moreover, we are manufacturing and supplying temporary and permanent on-line global monitoring solutions for GIS, Transformers, and cables.

2. What isthe current scenario of the sector? How it can be improved?

Although, at the moment, our economy is going through difficult times, but we hope that things will improve after the third quarter of 2020. During the recession, in my experience, only those companies that take good care of their customers survive. We believe that our team, which includes both my colleagues and sales partners, are capable of sailing through difficult times.They will, In Sha Allah,continue to proactively support our customers and carry forwardthe growth story that we have witnessed in the last 7 years of our operation in the Indian market.

3. What kind of support you received from your head office in developing products and solutions for the testing and monitoring for Indian market?

Since the inception of our operation,our management has been relentlessly supporting us in developing this business in the Indian market. They have realized that India is a big market,but customers here are very demanding; therefore,it is not easy to establish & grow without their continuous technical support. They have always supported us. We have updated many of our software and applications based on the specific requirement of Indian utilities, and these have been well appreciated by our customers. This further encourages us to work more closely with them.

4. How well is the country progressing towards theelectrical Testing Equipment?

Our sector has grown from strength to strength in the last few yearsand the customers are becoming quality conscious to a greater extent. The quality of Test & Measurement equipment plays a very important role in the life cycle of any electrical asset, be it a transformer or a cable or a switchgear. Field engineers look for testing equipment that are more accurate, reliable, and give them consistent test results, which theycanuse to ensure the quality and efficiency of their power systems.Whether these assetsare manufactured as per the design or specification mentioned by the customer or whether these are working properly during their regular life cycle can only be verified by a very good quality testing equipment.

5. Which event have you attended recently?Whatwere the benefits you had gathered from it?

As ALTANOVA Group, we are actively involved in the promotion of knowledge and technology in the country. We are closely associated with flagship events of IEEMA like TRAFOTECH conferences and workshops. We are also organizing regular workshops in association with M/s Knowledge Cluster for Transformers (known as TRAFOCARE) and cables (CARE 4 CABLE). The most recent being CARE 4 CABLE, which was held in Mumbai on December 12 and 13, 2019,in which more than 140 delegates from all over the country participated.The presentation on the continuous on-linemonitoring and/oroff-line high-voltage and PD testing of HV and EHV cable by our colleague Mr. Stephan Heberer was very well received by all the delegates.

6. What are the effects of digitalization on the power industry?

Well, digitalization has played a very positive role in our industry, especially because of advancement in power electronics.Test kits are becoming smaller insize but more powerful in performance and thus making the life of field engineers more convenient. Digitalization has made computation and analysis of resultsmuch more powerful and the database management much easier and more convenient. Additionally, IoTis taking it on to the next level now a days. IoT helps us in decoding human behavior and implementing innovative solutions using data based on artificial intelligence and research. IoT will enable us to make a lot of predictions about our future requirements, making us future-ready. The introduction of IoT-based research findings in the manufacturing industry is known as Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT.

7. Tell us what are the solutions provided by the ISA towards the sector?

As I have also mentioned earlier, we at the ALTANOVA Group, are focusing a lot on the continuous monitoring of HV and EHV assets. In India, transmission networks are now operating at the extra higher voltages of 765 kV and 1200 kV. We provide continuous online monitoring solutions for all electrical equipment of that domain. On realizing the fact that even MV assets have a huge network worldwide; we have developed online continuous PD monitoring solutions for the MV asset network too. But since medium-voltage devices can’t affordso expensive solution, we have developed a cost-effective solutionfor the continuous online monitoring of insulation degradation using the partial discharge technology for medium voltage as well.

Like any other growing company working in the power sector, we also need to adopt newer technologies to stay relevant in the marketplace. Hence, we always try to innovate new solutions based on the market and customers’ requirements. The fundamental and guiding principle of our company is to keep innovating products/services/solutions to make the life of a field engineer easy. Most of our products, services, and solutions are used by field engineers in their respective applications. For example, a field engineer will always want their T & M instruments to be light, portable, and reliable in performance and accurate as well as repeatable in measurement results.

8. What are your nearly future plans?

Our plan is to consolidate our position in the market further and keep growing by adding more customer base. We will be focusing in the regions where our footprints are not so strong.In 2020, we would like to grow our network evenly all across the region.

9. How ISA-Altanova is going to contribute in Elecrama 2020? Is there any product launch in schedule?

ELECRAMA, in the last many years, has become one of the most sought-after exhibitions for both exhibitors as well as visitors. Therefore, if you look at the size and the grandeur of this exhibition, every edition of ELECRAMA is becoming bigger than the previous edition with increasing participation from exhibitors from all around the world. Moreover, a lot of people come from far-off places like Latin America, Africa, South Asia, South-east Asia, and so forth. Apart from exhibiting products in stalls, we have many other events like Domestic Buyers Sellers meet (DBSM) and International Reverse Buyers Sellers Meet (RBSM), where we get an opportunity to promote our products. To conclude, we can say that by participating in ELECRAMA, the flagship event of IEEMA, which happens every alternate year, is a great opportunity for all Indian companies to expand their footprint in the global market. ELECRAMA 2020 for us is an excellent opportunity to showcase our products as well as meet prospective buyers.

We are launching few new products like FALCON, which is cost effective PD monitoring solution for MV cables & switchgearsand iCT1, which is our new state of the art testing kit for Current & Potential Transformers.