RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. What are the noteworthy projects and achievements done by Gloster Cabletill now please enlighten these two in brief?

Glosterhasachieved its set goals in FY 2018-19 and continued to grow further. Gloster has made substantial investmentsfor installing CCV Line ,which will results in exponential market growth , procuring  additional  sophisticated/modern machinery to enhance  Capacities  including  manufacturing of special cables, where huge market potential exists, Modernisation of existing Testing Laboratory by adding New equipment to secure NABL accreditationand acquiring  additional space to meet the enhanced requirements.

2. What are some of your top priorities as far as power sector is concerned?

With the passage of various infrastructuralRural electrification schemes viz.,  IPDS, DDUGJY completed by government, distribution scope of power utilization is reportedly upgraded to about 30 million consumers in urban and rural areas, followed by smart metering national programme (SMNP) covering almost 7000-8000 meters being installed in many states per day signify growth in power distribution front under Discoms.Similarly transmission segment, introduction of new technology likely to improve performance of transmission grid. This would expectedly improve power utilization more efficiently in terms of output including non-conventional generation of power which is in growing proliferation. Consequently, Glosterwill have  ample opportunities to penetrate into this sector for increased volumes.

3. What is Gloster Cablelong term vision and mission for Indian market?  What will be the outlook for India?

GLOSTER is in the field of power cable segment  as leading Manufacturers and its long term vision & mission is to continue to be the leaders in manufacturing & marketing of  highest quality products, using the best quality inputs and ensuring  customer satisfaction at all times. 

GLOSTER is embarking upon not only as supplier to all utilities and Industry segment but visualises to undertake,“concept to commissioning” both in distribution and transmission segment. 

4. How do you deal with your competitors? What makes Gloster Cablea no.1 brand?

In the age of technological upgradation, it the technology which plays an important role in the field of acceptance of brand, which adds Value in providing highest quality cables with best post supply services to the Customers, with usage of quality Raw materials.

Innovation to upgrade quality of product needs adequate display and campaigning  to the end users with respect to application engineeringrather than winning a competition. Trust and confidence on product quality as well service commitment has been prime phenomena of our recognition.  

5. What are the different offerings of Gloster Cable?What are the core areas of operations Gloster Cableis focusing on?

Our product range is widened over a couple of years. Besides conventional power cables up to 33 KV and control cables, we have added in our regular product range various types of special cables viz.,  Solar cable, Fire survival cable, Instrumentation and signalling cable, covered cable for HT application, RTD and VFD cable compatible to different field of application. Within a very short period ,we have earned recognition. This apart, conversion of HT cable curing process, expansion of production capacity of various cables are in our present task areas.

6. Currently, on which projects you are working or planning to work?

We have emphasized our marketing thrust on Power segment, Infrastructure segment, OEM and varied types of special cables.

7. “Gloster introduces Triple Extrusion Technology.” Kindly brief us about this technology.

Gloster hasintroduced thestate of art technology for domestic cables with triple layer FRLSH PVC insulated wire with special characteristics with an idea to have additional safety feature and better ampacity under enhanced conductor temperature rise during normal operation. All the three layers are processed in single operation thereby attaining the physical and electrical properties in conformity to its in house as well stipulated standard.

8. Are you going to participate in Elecrama- 2020,any new product launch in Elecrama and what are your expectations from Elecrama?

Elecrama is considered to be most prime and important event which exposes us to visitors from multiple segment of industries, trade, institutions not only from our Country but from abroad as well. Also gives us an opportunity to exchange various technological views and ideas from many participants. In short it is an wonderful platform to inherit new segment of customers to whom we are yet to reach through our marketing net work. Segment particularly from Asian Countries delivers business interest which is added source of export business thereby earn foreign currency.