RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. What’s your take on the recent status of power sector in India?

Power sector is a very huge sector in India. There are over 25 States and each state has atleast 3 different companies for Generation, Transmission, & Distribution of Electricity.

This has caused heavy work burden for the industry and also the cost of registration etc has gone up many times. Most utilities companies do not pay their vendors in time, due to which the companies face financial crunch in their day to day working. On the technology side, there is not much advancement in incorporating the new technologies which are invented abroad.

2. What are some of your top priorities as far as power sector is concerned?

Our Top priorities in the Power sector is first to educate them of the latest technologies available in the country and to focus more on quality products rather than go by old outdated specifications and then by “L1 “ principle.

3. What is your assessment of power testing & measuringsector during last year?

Overseas companies carryout a lot of Research & Development  of many innovative products in the Power Sector to ensure continuous electricity supply and also to supply contamination free safe  electricity. But in our country, due to the customers not updating their knowledge, such activities do not get encouragement because with limited resource, industries cannot invest huge sums of money on R&D. Also after developing a new product , there is no guarantee of business.

4. What are the biggest challenges in the power testing & measuringsector that need urgent policy attention?

Quick decisions & quick reimbursement of vendor’s dues are the urgent need of this sector.

5. Are you going to participate in Elecrama 2020, any new product launch in Elecrama and what are your expectations from Elecrama?

KUSAM-MECO has been participating in Elecrama since its inception. We will launch many new products, details of which will be unveiled at the Exhibition. We expect to reach out to more customers in India & abroad and educate them on the new products available in our basket.

6. What is Kusam-Meco’s long term vision and mission for Indian market?  What will be the outlook of testing & measuringsectorof India?

The mission is to educate customers to use instruments safely, to avoid accident by not using cheap or poor quality instruments.

The outlook is good because as long as there is electricity; there will be need of instruments. Only the technology may change.

7. What are the different offerings of Kusam-Meco? What are the core areas of operations Kusam-Mecois focusing on?

The core areas KUSAM-MECO is working upon is the OIL  &  Gas sector, Power Sector.

8. Currently, on which projects you are working or planning to work?

We co-ordinate with various EPC contractors who execute turnkey projects for various sectors. Such as Metro Rail projects, Electric Utilities etc.