RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Clariant Power System Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, supplies and service providers of a wide assortment of power systems; please share your achievements in industry till now.

We are one of the fastest growing solution providers in the field of Power Quality and Reactive Power. Prestigious organization in diverse fields such as Steel, Cement, Tyre, Textile, Paper, Telecom, Utilities, Solar, Infrastructure, Pharmaceuticals, Refineries & Petrochemicals, Foundries, Automobiles etc. are our valued clients. Our exports are growing fast particularly to GCC countries. We are a preferred vendor due to our track record of having successfully implemented solutions for critical applications. Our association with FRAKO Germany whom we represent in India and GCC countries gives us a technical edge over our competitors.

2. What are the different products and services offered by Clariant Power System? How your products are leading in market?

We are exclusively focussed in the domain of Reactive Power and Power Quality and offer complete range of products and systems in this field. The range covers conventional contactor switched APFC panels; Thyristor switched RTPFC panels, Active Dynamic Harmonic Filters, Passive Tuned and Detuned Filters, Hybrid Filters, Series Filters for VFD application, Active Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Systems, Shunt Reactors, Power Factor Controllers, Capacitor Duty Contactors, Thyristor Switching Modules etc. We provide solutions at all voltage levels. We also conduct Thermography and Power Quality studies to design and manufacture solutions for our clients. We have a network of our service engineers stationed all over the country to provide after sales services. Our products are leading in the market as we provide customized solution for each application instead of relying on standard products. Our Tapped Tuned Reactors are unique. Our optimization of Harmonic Filter size with Hybrid Design is very effective and unique.

3. How Clariant Power is going to contribute in Elecrama, 2020? Is there any product launch in schedule?

We don’t have any special plans for Elecrama 2020. However, launch of our Active Dynamic compensation solution for critical applications such as Arc Furnace application coincides with Elecrama event. Arc Furnace needs a dynamic and fast acting reactive compensation solution in view of its loading pattern. This need has been felt by consumers after introduction of KVAH billing structure by most utilities. The conventional fixed passive compensation approach does not work. The Active Dynamic compensation solution which improves power quality is an improved version of earlier SVC solution and besides optimizing KVAH consumption it provides process improvement by way of reduced Electrode consumption, reduced specific energy consumption, increased life of refractory lining etc.

4. What are your views on the electrical power system industry of India?

The Electrical Power System Industry in India is very mature. This can be said particularly with respect to the segment of Reactive Power and Power Quality in which we operate. Thanks to the mechanism of incentives and penalties on power factor by utilities there is high level of awareness among consumers towards maintenance of better power quality. Likely introduction of penalties on abnormal Harmonic levels in line with those existing in Tamil Nadu all across the country has boosted interest in implementing power quality solutions among consumers. The industry today in India is prepared and geared up to provide the required products and systems.

5. What are the new technologies opted by your company and how they are changing the industry? What are the different industries catered by the company?

As mentioned earlier we design, manufacture and promote systems in line with new technologies. The new technologies used by us are Thyristor Controlled RTPFC systems using most advanced in house designed and manufactured Thyristor Switched Modules, Active Dynamic Filters and Fully Dynamic IGBT based Reactive Compensation Systems. The industry needs to keep pace with advancing technology but this is not happening as the transition to newer technologies in this field is slow thanks to lack of awareness among consumers. The industry players including major brands continue to push outdated systems such as APP low voltage capacitors in place of MPP capacitors, SVC systems in place of Fully Dynamic IGBT based systems etc. As regards the nature or type of industries catered to by us, we have impressive presence in all industrial sectors as mentioned earlier. All bulk consumers of electricity irrespective of the nature of their operations need these solutions and they are all our potential clients.

6. How Clariant power is contributing in CSR activities? What are the different CSR activities done by Clariant?

We take our responsibility towards society seriously and do contribute for CSR activities. The company has won several awards for these endeavours and has been recognized for this contribution. We also extend help to engineering students in upgrading their knowledge to make them industry ready and empower them for landing good jobs. We have designed special curriculum for students and have also entered into a formal association with an Engineering College for this purpose.

7. What are the other geographies in which Clariant is active for providing its products and solutions? How they are different from Indian market?

Clariant is very active and successful in providing its products and solutions in GCC countries. Besides this we have clients in South East Asian and African regions. There is stiff competition here from international players. The state norms here for reactive power are not as stringent as those in India. As regards power quality there is willingness on the part of consumers to go for solutions. Our association with FRAKO Germany gives us an edge here to penetrate the market.

8. What is the company’s long term vision to be the leader in power systems market? Where you foresee Clariant in coming years?

The company’s long term vision is to strengthen its position as a market leader by offering most advanced and customized solutions in Reactive Power and Power Quality. We also see export component of our business to register substantial growth. We foresee ourselves in coming years as a most preferred vendor in the areas of our operation.