RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. “The company in its initial days was involved in trading & distribution of electrical goods, and later emerged as an one-stop solution for complete industrial automation & low voltage switchgear products.,” Tell us some recent updates done by BALAJI SWITCHGEARS and what do you think how much BALAJI SWITCHGEARSis growing till now?

We established ourselves as an one-stop solution provider by 2017 in the low voltage industry. Since it was time for us to grow our identity more than a distributor, we took up projects of panel integration and supply in India and abroad. By the end of 2019, we have successfully added another feather in our hat as System Integrator in the Industry. To name a few of our clients of these automation projects were Alstom, Tiger IT, Vedanta etc. Also with this solution approach, we are catering all needs of our customers from sales to service. Growing at CAGR of 15%++, we tend to scale new heights in this Fast Moving Electrical Goods(FMEG) Sector.

2. What are the Advanced Services that you have provided to your customers? What are the new technologies you used to sustain in the market?

We have been serving the industry as leading authorised distributor of Industrial Automation Products. With time, we started providing Automation services also, like programming, installation, data communication etc. In order to be one stop solution station in its entirety with time, providing this service support was necessary.In today’s time customer wishes to get complete support from one point of contact. It saves them time, money and gives peace of mind which enables them to serve industry end-users. We have trained our team to be well equipped and versed about communication &programming. Today we are proud to provide our customers complete satisfaction with the help of these Advanced Services.

3. What are the challenges for the company in order to fulfil the demands of the customers? How company is handling those challenges?

Today’s customer demands for a good price offer, offered in time with fast to in-time delivery. To meet these challenges, we have worked time and again with our back-end operations team rigorously. To begin with, for any inquiry shared with us by any client, we ensure to share our best appropriate price offer within 24 hours. When it is about meeting delivery and consumption demand, we maintain optimum stock of various highly consumable articles of industry. For any non-standard product demand, we keep complete followups with our vendors to ensure in-time delivery and avoid delays.

4. How BALAJI SWITCHGEARShas been steadily expanding its footprint to support this growth in India as well as globally?

We believe in 3 simple Mantras:-

  1. Provide Best In Class Products & Services
  2. On-Time Delivery
  3. Customer Satisfaction.

These 3 basic principals have helped us in making what we are today and curating this growth path for us.

5. What is BALAJI SWITCHGEARSlong term vision and mission for Indian market?  

The power and energy sector would be growing at a much faster pace in the coming years, with a lot of infra projects and smart cities coming up. There won’t be any scarcity of business potential for anyone.

We wish to utilise the same to the best of our ability and multiply our business with this fast-paced economy. We wish to expand our footprint in untapped areas and grow at a CAGR of over 20 percent, contributing to the Indian Market & society.

6. What are the different markets catered by BALAJI SWITCHGEARS? How these markets are different from Indian market?

We are predominately working with OEM’s, Panel Builders & End Users, for their low voltage industrial needs in Switchgear & Automation. Customers for us are ranging from different industry like Packaging, Bottling, F&B, SPM’s, HVAC etc.

This variety of industries helps us in experimenting with our skill set, and thus having a 360 Degree approach overall. Also this helps in Cross-Utilisation of our resources & capabilities for different segment.

7. Are you are going to contribute in Elecrama, 2020? Is there any product launch from your side in Elecrama exhibition or does Elecrama will help you to make profit?

After the appreciable response from ELECRAMA 2018, this year we are focusing on enhancing our public relations with customers and stakeholders. The year 2018 helped uscreate valuable leads and a greater customer footprint. Being a part of this exhibition, we hope to leave an impressionable experience for you.

Our entire low voltage range of switchgears and automation would be displayed from all our partners, through which we intend to showcase our one-stop solution approach that makes business easier and reliable for all our customers. Also, this year we are celebrating our 30th year and hence, we perceive to show our organisational journey as well.