RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Galaxy Earthing is one of growing manufacturers of earthing electrodes, please brief us more about your company & share some of the milestones of Galaxy Earthing Electrodes (P) Ltd?

As one of the fastest growing manufactures of earthing electrodes in India, we take pride in saying that the company has a deep-rooted market throughout the country Established in 2006, the company has a rich experience in the electrical safety industry for more than a decade and has been constantly striving to implement new technologies through its highly experienced R&D engineering team. The contributing factor to our rapid expansion in the country is due to the development of maintenance free earthing electrodes that promote high safety standards.

2. Could you expatiate more about Galaxy Earthing’s domestic & global business activities?

The company has its market expanded to all major cities throughout the country. The products are promoted through dealers and distributors. We also actively participate in trade fairs to reach out to more potential markets. The company is also working towards expanding in other countries in the near future.

3. Can you highlight some of the top line products & its applications?

All the products that are manufactured by Galaxy Earthing electrodes are IS, IEC and IEEE compliant and the manufacturing techniques ensure that quality standards are kept high. Our line of products include galvanized iron pipe electrodes, copper pipe/rod electrodes, copper bonded pipe/rod electrodes and other conventional type like copper/GI/cast iron plate electrodes and cast iron pipe electrodes etc. In addition to this, we also manufacture simplified lightning protection systems like Early Steamer Emission (EQ type and conventional type. Our products are widely used in power generation plants, distribution units and end-users like industries, commercial buildings and residential areas.

4. What is Galaxy Earthing’s product marketing strategy to confront the competition?

The marketing strategy of the company focuses primarily on providing affordable solutions to the electrical safety needs of a client. Since our products have an established brand value in the market due to their safety and reliability, the company is progressing forwards despite stiff competition in the market Also, the periodic feedback addressing system we have in our company helps us to constantly improve and serve better to our existing clients.

5. How do you account R&D activity in Galaxy Earthing?

We have our own R&D team that majorly works towards developing and implementing safer and efficient manufacturing techniques. 4“his ensures that the company stays updated with the prevailing technological advancements in the industry.

6. How does Galaxy Earthing assert the standard from the phase of product manufacturing till its implementation, brief us about the quality policy of your company?

The products have been tested and certified by both Central Power research institute (CPRI), Bangalore as well as Central Electrical Testing laboratory (CETL), Kakkalur Every product that is being manufactured goes through strict quality control through our QC engineers and the installation of the product at our client site is again monitored by our field engineers who ensure that the safety standards are not compromised. Some of the benefits of installing our products are

  • High conductivity
  • Anti-corrosion and minimal current fluctuation
  • Increased capacity to carry high peak current
  • Durability
  • Ease of installation

7. Does “India” as market has a great potential? What are the key performance areas? Could you brief us the Indian & global scenario of electrical safety industry? According to you what are the factors affecting the electrical earthing business? What are the key technological trends that are driving the electrical safety industry?

Electrical safety is a constantly evolving industry that relies on various factors. Considering the availability of infrastructure, awareness programmes and scope of research, a country like India is still learning and adopting better standards of practices in this industry. The major concerns prevailing in electrical safety are attributed to both the manufacturers and consumers. The manufacturing methods that produce sub-standard quality equipment have a direct influence on the market growth. The compromise on the safety standards puts men and machine at risk. Consumers, on the other hand opt for these products since they come at a cheaper price. Due to lack of awareness on the importance of electrical safety and its effects, the consumers are prone to safety hazards. India has a great potential in this industry and it’s the responsibility of both the government and manufactures to bring innovation into the scenario so as to compete against other countries. The Government should promote research based developments with the help of premier institutions to work alongside the manufacturers.

8. What is your vision for Galaxy Earthing?

The company aims to become the forefront face of electrical safety and will constantly strive to bring in newer and innovative technologies into Indian market.