RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. “Dirak India Panel Fittings Pvt. Ltd., is a trusted manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Latches, Hinges and other fittings.”  How these statements justify the success of DIRAK?

As one of the world’s leading technology and system providers, DIRAK develops, manufactures and sells innovative components for enclosure construction – specialized in latching, locking, hinging, and gasketing.Our products go into various industries like Energy, Machine Construction, Railways, Transportation, IT and into any kind of Sheet-Metal Fabrication.

Our customer relationships have been built over the years through our consistent quality deliveries and I would say our success is better measured through this than from a statement.

2. What are the mission and vision for your company?

To be the worldwide leading supplier of innovative technology for mechanical and electronic locking, latching and hinging systems for industrial enclosures.

3. What makes DIRAKa no. 1 brand and different from your competitors?

Our product innovations and quality makes us different.

We develop pioneering solutions that will actually help our customers and we stay focussed on our core area of expertise through original thought process and keep coming out with new products.

Quality is not just a word but a holistic approach consisting of various elements, such as product quality, quality service and consulting, quality and reliable delivery, and qualified solution expertise. These are not just promises we make to customers but something we want customers to experience from our daily activities.

4. Please tell us something about your products and odd services?

DIRAK manufactures mechanical and mechatronic hardware for enclosure industry. Specialized in latching, locking, hinging, and gasketing.With a high number of patents and an international focus, DIRAK has become one of the world's leading technology and systems providers in this field.

DIRAK INDIA is a 100% subsidiary of DIRAK Germany with it’s Indian office head-quartered in Bangalore along with a manufacturing facility. We have sales offices in all major Indian cities.

5. Brief us about some noteworthy projects done by DIRAK?

We do not participate in projects directly. We supply our components to OEMs and they build the systems.

Through OEMs, we participated in several Railway modernization projects, Metro Rail projects, Renewable Energy and Energy Distribution projects in the previous year.

6. Are you going to participate in ELECRAMA-2020, any new product launch in ELECRAMA and what are your expectations from this event?

We are not participating in ELECRAMA this year.

Regarding new products, we launched many new products during the prvious year. Products that were launched last year were mainly for better vibration resistance and IP. With our focus in Railways, we developed many products that can be used in high speed railways. Specification involved is very different here. Also we developed many new gasket products meeting higher fire safety standards.

Our D-SNAP technology is relatively new to the market which offers hardware installation without the use of tools or mounting hardware such as screws or nuts. This technology offers a completely new way of reducing cost and in overall time saving. By using D-SNAP technology, the SNAP-in elements, which are integrated into a housing compartment are wedged into the cutout, providing a secure vibration proof installation. Without screws, there is no concern about loose pieces falling off and damaging sensitive equipment.

Our E-Line locking systems that can be managed remotely through software also have introduced many new solutions under that product line.

7. How you foresee the growth of electrical and energy markets?

We see positive growth in Electrical and Energy markets with this being a focus area of the government.  Growth is also contributed through adoption of upgraded technology . Apart from High Voltage control panels, many new areas have evolved where special design considerations are required. EMI/RFI protection, Vibration resistance , Higher IP rating requirements etc are creating opportunities for high quality control panel manufacturers.