RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Please enlighten us about our journey in India till now. What are the achievements of the company?

Our journey in India has been nothing less than Incredible. We started our Indian operations in the year 2008 and very successfully completed our journey of 10 years last year. We are a 100% Subsidiary of ZIEHL-ABEGG SE, Germany and have been focussed on offering High Efficiency and Reliable Fans to OEM customers across a wide range of application. Over the years we have seen the customers in India adopting our fans into their equipment thereby living up to our objective of Saving the Precious Energy. Our biggest achievement has been the success of our customers as they are offering to their end user a product with Lowest Power Consumption and Lowest Noise.

2. What are the latest products on offer by ZIEHL-ABEGG? How these products are helping the electrical industry?

With a rich experience of over 110 years, we are offering External Rotor Motor based Fans which are not only compact but also consume less power and are low noise. The maintenance required is also negligible. We had also introduced ECblue Fans (Electronically Commutated) to the Indian market which helps save the precious energy, as these fans have in-built speed controller, which helps our customers modulate the speed of the fan depending on the load. Going forward we are introducing IE5 rated ECblue fans, which will help the Industry further save on the electricity. In 2019 we also launched the Tube Axial Fan which uses the standard IEC motor and delivers to the end user what is submitted in the technical document.

3. What are the main fields of application for your products? What are the latest innovations you are working on?

Our Fans are used in a wide basket of applications ranging from Transformer Cooling, Wind Mills, Solar Power, Air Handling Units, Air Cooled Chillers, Railways, Cold rooms, Refrigeration. In fact we are present in all the applications wherein one needs to move the air in a controlled manner.

We have been introducing new impellers, which are inspired from Nature, together with High Efficiency Motors to the Indian Industry which saves energy. We have a team of 300 R&D Engineers based out of our German HQ who are working day in and day out on developing new impellers, motors and controllers so as to offer even better fans to our OEM customers.

4. How ZIEHL maintain the quality of its products? Please tell us about your Research & Development (R&D) facilities and other quality & certifications.

We have very stringent Quality norms, which covers all aspects of our business starting from Vendor selection to Assembling/ Manufacturing Processes to Testing of the Fans to packaging to the documentation required to be sent to the customer. All the processes are in accordance with our German HQ guidelines and I am pleased to state that take pride in the fact that we are basically a German Factory in India.

R&D activity is centralized at our German HQ. This year our R&D Lab (INvent) in Germany also completed its 11 years of existence. This lab still continues to be the Largest Lab in the Fan Industry. An interesting fact about our Invent Center is that the Test Lab, which weighs 1,250 Tons, is mounted on springs as we wanted not even the structural noise to affect the Noise measurement of our fan.

For the 1st time we were able to achieve a background noise level of 15 dB in our Lab. For our customers, this implies that the Noise data they receive from us is very accurate.

5. What are the new technologies opted by the company in order to provide best products?

A few years back our German HQ invested in a 3-D printing machine which helps our R&D team to create prototypes much faster, test them and create another one for testing. This 3-D printing machine helps us speeden up the development phase of an Impellers. We also invested in a High Efficiency Composite Material, which is 100% recyclable, to offer to our customers Fans with high Efficiency and Low Noise. And we continue to search and adopt from Nature for further design concepts which can help us create sustainable products for our customers.

6. How are you gearing up for the future opportunities and challenges?

We are continuously working on bringing in new technological concepts and products to the Indian market, and promoting them so that we are able to offer to our Indian customer state-of-the-art fans which can help the entire industry. India continues to be a land of opportunity for us and we see that more and more customers are accepting High Efficiency Products from our portfolio. We are also working on getting closer to our customers across India and working very closely with them from the design stage so that we can together develop end products which add value to the end user.