RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Brief us about your company.

Yash Earthing Solutions are Prominent  Manufacturer Duly registered under Micro and Small Industries for manufacturing  of Chemical Pipe Earthing (Based on G.I. ,Copper Bonded & Pure Copper) , Earth pit cover, Lightning arrester, Back fill compound and all type of Grounding systems with the  "YEC brand".We are also in field of ESE Lightning Arrester in Brand Name of ATS Based on Turkey as Per Specified NFC Standard.

Our Product Range Which We manufacture are Given Below-

1. Chemical Pipe Earthing (GI,Copper,Copper Bonded, CI etc)
2. ESE Lightning Arrester
3. Digital Lightning counter
4. Poly Plastic Earth Pit Cover
5. Surge Arrester
6. All Earthing Accessories

7. GI STRIP                                                                                                                                                           


Our organization is fully devoted in providing the cost effective and quality solution for all types of Earthing Requirements. The company is established in the year 2004 by a group of qualified and zealous electrical engineers and has continuously contributed to the development of electrical Earthing techniques. Backed with a strong R&D team, our organization has always been committed to deliver quality products and also our product is warranted for ten years for any manufacturing defects therefore ‘YEC Earth Electrode’ is a trusted name.

We specialize in installation and testing highly conductive, corrosion free earthing system as well as lightning protection system. Our services extend to private businesses (large and small) as well as Government agencies.

2. Can you share with us the success journey of  Yash Earthing Solutions Pvt. Ltd since it’s inception.

We have started our business in a small room in Budhwarpeth Pune market in the year 2002 .  But we take pride now to say that  we are now one of the fastest growing Manufacturers of Earthing & Lightening Arrestors in India & UAE . The company has a rich experience in the electrical safety industry for more than a decade & has been constantly striving to implement new technologies through its highly experienced R&D engineering team. We would say that the contributing factor to our rapid expansion in the country is due to the development of the maintenance free Earthing electrodes & Lightening Arrestors that promote high safety standards.

3. What differentiates you from your competitors ?

 Yash Earthing Solutions Pvt. Ltd . has been a leading player in earthing & Lightening arrestor from 2002, has always strived to develop & provide solutions that makes the work simpler, better & reliable. The company has witnessed many evolutions in the products for Power sector since its inception right starting from Solar Earthing systems & lightening arrestors to 400kv live switchyards, in latest earthing systems.Recently we have supplied & installed Pipe in pipe type GI rods of Diameter 80 x 3 metres length to 33 kva substation MSEB, Ratnagiri in dry rocky area . Our clientele list includes Waree Energies, JSW, Mercedez Benz, Mahindra & Mahindra , Chakan and many others.

Our product range, manufacturing systems, supply network and customer support have earned us a position at the top of the industry today and our client list speaks for itself why we are at the forefront of every other earthing project being executed in the industry today.

4. What is your outlook on the recent status of  India’s power sector scenario?

The electrical power system industry in india is very mature. This can be said particularly with respect to the segment of reactive power & power quality in which we operate. Thanks to the mechanism of incentives and penalties on power factor by utilities there is high level of awareness among consumers towards maintenance of better power quality. Likely introduction of penalties on abnormal harmonic levels in line with those existing in Tamil Nadu all across the country has boosted interest in implementing power quality solutions among consumers. The industry today in india is prepared and geared up to provide the required products and systems.

5. What are your plans for the year 2020?

The company’s 2020 vision is to strengthen its position as a market leader by offering the most advanced and customized solutions in reactive power & power quality. We also see export component of our business to register substantial growth. We  forsee ourselves in this year as a most preferred vendor in the areas of our Perception.