RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Can you brief us about your company?

Silverline Electricals is a 23 year old electrical infrastructure company and in 2012 it has ventured into manufacturing transformers and allied electrical equipments. Silverline Electricals manufactures oil-filled transformers up to 5 MVA 33 kv voltage class and various electrical panels needed in electrical infrastructure. Today, Silverline Electricals is considered as a leading electrical infrastructure equipment manufacturing company with proven expertise in providing quality product at optimum cost.

2. Share with us about your product basket?

Our product basket includes Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Special application Transformers upto 5 MVA 33 kV class, APFC & LT distribution panel manufacturer

3. Silverline Electricals started as a contracting firm and ventured into manufacturing transformers and allied electrical equipments. Can you share with us your success throughout this journey?

Our vision is to be the benchmark of electrical infrastructure industry and to be considered a trusted partner by our customers for creating value for them by providing innovative & quality products, solutions and services.

4. What differentiates you from your competitors?

We have in-house teams for design and R&D which allows us to continuously innovate products with best quality along with optimum price and better service. Our experience technical workforce is always available to quickly assist our customers to resolve any issues. Also, our maintenance team provides timely reminders for scheduled maintenance to our customers ensuring trouble free and better life of the products thus saving money to the customers.  

5. What is your outlook on the recent status of India’s power sector scenario?

Given the focus of central and state governments on electrical infrastructure work. We see huge opportunities for growth since transformers and panels are heart of electrical networks. The competitive marketplace demands long term quality of the product with optimum cost. Only the technically capable companies with innovation and mature support systems will be successful.