RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Please enlighten us about the journey and achievements of Clean Energia till now.

Any journey is incomplete without the zeal to attain something. Nature has given ample resources to enjoy, but people in the long run of modernism have done the maximum damage to the environment. I have never been part of such innovation where I have to harm nature to get benefitted. Throughout my life, I thought of doing something notable, which can establish harmony between nature and human life. Clean Energia being a business organization is equally responsible about social awareness. We keep on rigorously working towards saving the environment until we get success in creating a balanced nature. And this is the main motif that helps us to work in a better way towards society. Clean Energia, with the wide range of products and solutions, aims to reach out to end user and help them to create a balance in nature but still can enjoy the modern features and amenities. 

2. What are the products and services on offer by Clean Energia?

Renewable energy sector is the trend today. We have started our journey being a System Integrator. But to provide a better quality service at a better price we have started in house manufacturing of various solar power products. Today we manufacture solar power products such as Solar Street Lights, Distribution boxes, Inverter Stand, Ferrule, LT Panel. We are soon going to launch a series of electric vehicles too, in the upcoming days.

3. Please tell us about the recent trends happening in the solar industry. What are the latest technologies opted by you?

Techniques and products can never be permanent, with time things changes. We have to work towards bringing the latest and improved technologies always. If you see in the last two decades, there has been unbelievable progress in the domain of solar energy. Mainly there has been massive development in several types of solar panels. Even in the field of automated maintenance and cleaning system technology, many leading companies are working on the same to bring the latest innovations and improvements.  As far as the question for adopting the most recent technology, Clean Energia, is currently working on Power Wall technology so that we can provide a more efficient solar system in remote areas too, and we can be a better alternative to power cut issue.

4. What are the challenges you see in the market in order to provide best service and product to the customers?

Better Service and Product Quality is the right of every customer. Every company must ensure to provide constant monitoring along with product selling. Tracking is essential for better output, and the best part is solar energy companies are working rigorously on this. The companies are trying to have constant monitoring of their products via internet access so that they can deliver the most efficient product to people. 

5. How the government policies for the renewable sector are helping in the growth of the industry?

Prime Minister NarendraModi, recently committed to increase India’s splar energy target to 45 Giga Watts (GW) by the year 2022. Solar Capacity has increased by 370% in last three years, and this progress is really impressive. The leap has been from 2.6 GW to 20 GW. The KUSUM Scheme has been a huge success for the farmers. The MNRE has reportedly already initiated drafting plans and policies to meet the new escalated target. India has become the 5th largest solar installer in the world has been made possible by setting of aggressive targets and implementation of policies through streamlined efforts.

6. India is still miles away from accepting solar energy as a viable source of energy. Why?

I can't entirely agree with this statement. If you see the data of the last few years, there has been a massive development in the domain of solar energy both in Industrial and domestic platforms. People have started adopting solar energy resources for their daily needs. And there is no doubt that the government has worked a lot in increasing the solar plant capacity. Till now, the figures have been quite impressive. And we are making efforts to speed up the process and maximize the solar power usage.

7. What are your vision and mission for long run in the industry?

The tagline of our company is “The Bright Alternative.” Each of our product needs to be innovative and different. With a team of energetic youths and experienced members, we are working in the domain of electric vehicles. I believe soon we are going to improve e-mobility technology and offer effective solution for people. We are also working on various alternatives for solar charging stations. We are discussing the same with few notable brands present in the market. We expect that with such remarkable outcomes, we can set a new trend and bring latest developments in the industry.