RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





Q. Please elaborate on Eaton as a technology leader.

A: Eaton is a 21.4$ billion global technology leader with a presence in 175 countries with over 100 years in power management solutions. We have a long history of innovations and technology development. It is our vision to improve the quality of lives and environment and to improve sustainability, efficiency and power distribution. We have been innovating products, been pioneers in various technologies, starting from our safety products to our recent SF6 free switchgears. Eaton’s leadership in this highly competitive market scenario is attributed to its capability in understanding customer needs and offering localized and customized solutions.


Q. What is Eaton showcasing in the Elecrama with reference to sustainability?

A: Both globally and in India, Eaton is focused on providing sustainable power management solutions that help customers manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more safely, reliably and efficiently. There have been many products which we are introducing in this Elecrama. We have SF6 free switchgear that is showcased in Elecrama. This product has specifically been developed in Europe. Due to strong regulation with regard to environment, the product is gaining lots of attention. SF6 free switchgear has lower operational cost, no CO2, and can be switched thousands of time to enable an active grid. We have showcased that in India for the first time.


Q. How would you see the IoT and Industry 4.0 revolutionizing the power sector?

A:  There are three dynamics going on – Firstly, there is a drive for energy transition with regard to renewable energy. Secondly, there has been importance to decentralization of power and improving the existing power. Thirdly, there has been process of digitalization. We have done a lot for digital capability and IoT. At Eaton we are actively working at integrating IoT across a growing number of products.  Instead of thinking it to be an artificial creation, it is rather a natural evolution for all our products. Intelligence represents something new, no doubt, but if we look into the history of development, we can connect the dots – building products, bringing intelligence into products and now making them ecologically sustainable. This is an organic evolution. IoT is further supporting the Industry 4.0 movement, the collective term describing the growing use of automation and data exchange to advance manufacturing smart technology. Presently, all Eaton sites in India are widely leveraging principles and technologies of digital and smart manufacturing and serving as a step towards Eaton’s goal of building Industry 4.0 facilities.


Q. What is Eaton’s future outlook with regard to power quality and power distribution?

A:  India has made progress throughout its history. There is an immediate need for power quality. I agree, power reaching to the last mile is still a crucial issue in India. Further, there are leakages which make the situation worse. Eaton's Electrical Sector is a global leader with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; backup power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and wiring devices; solutions for harsh and hazardous environments; and engineering services. We are well positioned through our global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges. Our principle end user markets are industrial, institutional, government, utility, commercial, residential, information technology and Machinery OEM.


Q. Can you throw some light on the R&D facilities that your company has in India?

A:  We do have facilities all throughout the globe. Eaton has set up a global innovation center in India over a state-of-the-art 390,000 sq. ft. facility at Magarpatta City in Pune.  In terms of technology, in Pune we have 2000 plus engineers who are working from our behalf. With our R&D facilities, we believe in innovation and investment, in order to grow organically. We provide customized products worldwide, and we can claim a position as one of the top electrical companies.


Q. How do you feel Indian market being different than that of other markets?

A: It is a function of where you are in the development curve. India is different for three main reasons: first with regard to size; second, its opportunity for renewable generation because of hydro power, solar power and wind power potential which is not being fully realized yet; and lastly, there issues of the generation, distribution and leakages Indian market is price sensitive and well informed than many other markets in the world. While doing our mapping, we got to know that market prices in India is even lower than from Chinese market. So there has been a strong focus to provide the best quality products to the Indian market


Q. How Eaton is placing itself with reference to unique characteristic of Indian market?

A: As said earlier we are aware of unique features of the Indian market. Eaton is deeply committed to India. We are consistently investing in expanding our manufacturing, engineering and services footprint in the country; thus, leveraging the diverse opportunities that the country offers.  India is a major market for Eaton and forms a key part of its overall business strategy

Q. With challenges are posed by the market, how is Eaton trying to overcome those?

A:  While talking about challenges, it’s important that we consider the following: energy transition, digitization and a new efficient market. This ultimately is helping in creation of new business models, which can be challenging.  There are technical challenges in this path, which Eaton is responding to by leveraging new digital capabilities. Other arenas are cyber challenges which needed to be tackled with caution. Even locally, we consider the challenges and solve them accordingly by taking into account region-specific needs and opportunities.