RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. Share with us the brief sketch of WAGO along with its vision and mission?

Incepted in 1951, WAGO is a global brand of German origin, manufacturing Electrical Interconnection, Automation Controls and Interface Electronics products. WAGO started its India operations in 1997 and has its manufacturing facility in NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh. The WAGO group of companies employs more than 7,500 people worldwide.

We, at WAGO are committed to keep our customers at the centre of all our actions. This customer centricity allows us to remain focussed on the value we deliver to make our customers successful in their projects and applications.

In a world of exponential complexity and digital speed, it requires a reliable connection at each interface. With every little step that leads to more reliable electrical and data flow, we come a step closer to our vision: Being the backbone of smart connected world. Our vision derives its strength from our core values, success factors and our mission - Empower connection.

2. Share with us the various offerings by WAGO under the Electrical Interconnections and Automation Technology along with their applications under different industrial segments?

For more than 60 years, we have combined engineering with innovation and, as a reliable partner, we strengthen our customers in all their challenges. The result is new products and holistic solutions that everyone can rely on.

WAGO products are trusted anywhere electrical conductors must be connected to each other or where complex automation systems must be controlled. We have continuously been proven to contribute to safety and the reliable operation of devices and complete installations.

In interconnection business, our product offering ranges from rail-mount terminal block system, or installation and field-wiring terminal blocks through pluggable connectors and feedthrough components up to PCB connections and marking solutions.

Customers can plan and execute their application reliably with our interface signal conditioners, relay and optocoupler modules, voltage converter and power supplies as well as interface modules and system wiring.

WAGO’s automation technology and associated software are future-ready. WAGO I/O systems, controllers, display panel are distinguished by the highest level of reliability - even under extreme conditions. The WAGO fieldbus independent PFC Controllers are equipped with cloud connectivity that are capable of transferring machine data via MQTT to nearly any cloud, viz, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, SAP Cloud and WAGO Cloud. This information can be aggregated and used for analysis of production efficiency, energy management or developing additional end-customer services thus fulfilling the core concept of recording, digitizing and linking data profitably behind Industry 4.0.

WAGO products are used globally in power and process technology, building automation, machinery and equipment, as well as industrial and transportation applications.

3. What are the different strategies adopted by the WAGO for the conservation of its unique identity among its various competitors?

The core technology used in our product is our differentiator. The universal connection system we invented in 1977 is known as the CAGE CLAMP® and is the industry standard for electrical interconnection technologies. The “WAGO Connector” was the world's first PUSH WIRE® connector for junction boxes.

With the use of spring pressure instead of screws to connect conductors, we set new standards that we are continually expanding and optimizing. Using WAGO's connection technology, users benefit from vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free connections. It is now the standard connection technology for industries where operations take place in extreme conditions such as railways.

4. File the technological advancements and innovations recently introduced by WAGO to their products and services?

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at WAGO. From our pioneering, CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology to our extensive range of interconnection, interface and automation solutions, our customers count on the unconditional performance and reliability of our products to ensure safe, efficient operation of their systems every time.

WAGO launches about 30 new products every year globally and gets four to five patents. With a sizeable investment in research and development, we are currently working on over 170 patents. Our continuous and extensive research in specialized laboratories is aimed at finding a better way every time to make our users’ work more simple and effective.

Ranging from recent introduction of lighting connectors with lever, terminal blocks with intuitive operating design (lever and push button) to IoT ready and most efficient power supply with communication module, WAGO strives to listen to market requirement and act upon it.   

5. Share with us the zones and markets where the products and services of WAGO could be accessed along with your reach in the Indian market?

WAGO worldwide, with nine international production and distribution sites and representatives in more than eighty countries, is everywhere its customers are.

In India, we have our administrative headquarter and production facility in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. WAGO India has its sales offices & resident engineers in 16 cities along with over 100 channel partners across India to serve the market.

Upcoming WAGO production facility in Vadodara is expected to be operational as early as next year. This will enable us to cater to growing demand for our products in large set of industries in India.