RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1. OLLVIN is a quality manufacturer of wires & cables.How much successful is OLLVIN in India as well as globally?

It is very much successful across the world because of its super quality and trust in the product.

2. What is your quality policy, vision & mission statement?

OLLVIN envisions being a leader not only just in manufacturing but also in promoting corporate governance and benchmarking strategies for success, employee welfare, and social well being.

OLLVIN progresses with the sole vision of creating the highest product value, offering meaningful representations to its employees, customers, vendors, and shareholders, using globally acknowledged best business models and contemporary eco green practices.

3. What are your products and how they are different from each other?

Our products are manufactured by using quality raw material like 99.99% electrolytic pure copper and 100% vergin PVC for its performance and we give FRLS insulated cables as basic range which make us different than others.

4. Briefly tell us about your manufacturing facility and capacity towards wires & cables.

OLLVIN-WIRES & CABLES Is A Leading Manufacturer Of High-Reliability and Quality Products With Easy Access To Our Knowledgeable And Helpful Tech Support Team.

5. What are your next big plans for OLLVIN?

Will look forward to establishing and maintain a good business relationship and our aim is customer satisfaction.

6. How you foresee the growth of electrical markets?

In coming future growth will increase a lot and the electrical company is going to boom. Because of high demand, all electrical markets manufacture will increase to fulfill the demands.

7. Are you going to participate in ELECRMA-2020, how will you contribute to this event?

Yes we shall be participating in ELECRAMA-2020.