RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





  1. What are the products and services offered by the company catering to power sector ?

KVTEK is a company involved in providing electrical test lab solutions to the OEMs like manufacturers of Power, Distribution and Instrument Transformers, Cable manufacturers, Switchgear manufacturers, Third party test labs catering to power sector. Main products manufactured by us are as below:

  • Impulse Generators (100 kV / stage and 200 kV/stage)
  • Impulse Dividers
  • Impulse Chopping Gaps
  • Impulse Analysers (2 Channel and 4 Channel)
  • Impulse Calibrators
  • Recurrent Impulse Generators
  • Variable Inductance & Frequency Series Resonant Test Sets
  • Variable Frequency Series Resonant Test Sets
  • Variable Inductance Series Resonant Test Sets
  • HV AC Dielectric Test Sets
  • Partial Discharge Detection Systems (Single channel and Multi-channel)
  • RF Shielded Rooms
  • Capacitance and Tangent Delta Test Sets
  • Automatic Instrument Transformer Test Sets.
  • Static Frequency Converters (Air Cooled and Water Cooled)
  • Transformer Loss Measuring Systems
  • Capacitor Banks
  • AC/DC Kilovoltmeters
  • AC Hipot Testers
  • DC Hipot Testers
  • AC/DC Hipot Testers
  • Moisture Absorption System
  • Voltage Seasoning Equipment for VI bottles

We now have the inhouse NABL accredited lab to calibrate all the above equipment manufactured by us thus reducing dependence on external labs.

Additionally, we also undertake:

  • Lab designing work and undertaking turnkey responsibility of setting up the test lab.
  • Providing HV Test Equipment on rental for on-site HV Testing of GIS Substations.
  • Modernizing, up-gradation, renovation and refurbishment of old test labs with any make test equipment.

2. What opportunity do you forsee by the upcoming of the government at it second term ?

Power sector historically has thrived mainly thermal power generation but with restrictions on thermal power put by the government few years back, power sector has not been doing very well.  Instead of thermal power focus has been on renewable energy sources but even the solar power and wind power sector has lot of challenges on the ground. If government can focus and overcome these challenges/hurdles then the power sector is likely to grow significantly and also the dynamics of the business will change. This will open lot of new opportunities even for test equipment suppliers like us.

3. Do you have any new product launched in recent?

Static Frequency Converter (SFC) is the latest product that we have launched in the recent past. This is a revolutionary product that will alter the way Power and Distribution Transformers were tested till date.  Conventionally transformer manufacturers were using two MG Sets; one for conducting 50 / 60 Hz tests and second one for conducting high freq. tests at 100/150/200 Hz and these additionally required voltage regulators and lot of switchgear to make things operational. All this gets replaced with single Static Frequency Converter which besides saving lot of space, it significantly increases the testing throughput as the time required for changing connection from one power source to the another for different tests is saved because SFC provides the variable output voltage and variable output frequency from 50-200 Hz thus eliminates the need of changing the power source.

4. Please elaborate about your national and international presence?

In India we are the only manufacturer for these test equipment and have supplied test equipment to all major players within the country like: BHEL, Siemens, Toshiba, T&R, Atlanta, Apar, Schneider, Mehru, Heptacare, GE, CPRI, ERDA. Skipper etc. Challenge is in supplying to the smaller price sensitive companies which prefer buying it from Chinese manufacturers due to the cheap pricing offered by them but that comes with lot of quality and service issues as well.

Internationally, we have so far supplied to 14 countries which include USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Australia, Peru, South Africa, UAE and Oman.

5. What are the effects of digitilization is on the power industry?

Digitalization in power sector will allow online monitoring of switchyards which simplifies the monitoring process especially the switchyards in remote locations. Smarter grids due to digitalization will rationalize the load distribution thus making all assets of transmission and distribution industry more reliable which should eventually lead to lesser power outages.

6. What is the outlook for the sector ?

With the emergence of stable government things have already started looking better and industry once again is looking to make investments in this sector which was practically in a stand still mode in the recent past. If Government can effectively overcome all the ground hurdles especially the ones related to land acquiring in renewable energies, then the future of the power sector will definitely be brighter.

7. What are your nearly future plans?

With the development of Static Frequency Converter, which was a very big challenge for us, we are thinking in terms of using this knowledge to develop traction converters which are widely used in Railways and have much bigger market. As Railways is likely to grow dramatically with emergence of bullet trains and metro trains practically in every city, this requirement is likely to grow significantly. We will therefore be focusing on the development for these converters for the next few years.