RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes





1.    “KUSAM-MECO continues to introduce new products with unique features & high safety protection to meet the current market demand and satisfy customer’s              diverse applications.” How this statement defines your success story?

Ans :KUSAM-MECO has been introducing new products considering the customers requirements. With changing technology & development of new products in the electronics field, the need for measurement of more complicated parameters has created new demands. KUSAM-MECO keeps on updating such requirements of the customers by continuous interaction with the customers & based on their feedback, new products are introduced which will satisfy the customer requirements. This keeps us ahead of our competitions.

2.    How would you like to enhance your market presence?

Ans :We are enhancing our market presence by various marketing tools. Our company participates in many exhibitions related to the Electrical Industry. By displaying our latest products, our customers are updated with the latest products. Also KUSAM-MECO is expanding the dealer network so that our products reach the end customer easily. We also have presence on various online marketing sites. In addition KUSAM-MECO will organise seminars to update the knowledge of the customers about the unique features of our products.

3.    Are you looking at expansion of KUSAM-MECO’s product range?

Ans :As mentioned earlier, as new technology and development of new products KUSAM-MECO is also expanding the range of products to cater to such increasing demand.

4.    Why smart cities are a golden opportunity for Indian electrical industry?

Ans :The concept of “SMART CITIES” was initiated by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. This cities will be based on continuous & uninterrupted supply of Electricity to the city. Many systems will be developed so that administration is done without much personal involvement. To supply uninterrupted Electricity a proper system of transmission & distribution of Electricity is necessary. And wherever there is electricity, Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments is a part & parcel of the whole system. Hence smart cities are a good opportunity for Electrical Industry.

5.    Discuss on KUSAM-MECO’s most significant offering in the smart city domain.

Ans: KUSAM-MECO has a few products for Automation Industry which will be essential for Smart Cities.

6.    Finally, what is your view on how things are likely to shape up post 2019 General Election?

Ans: Since the results of the 2019 General Election are already out, and the rulling party has won with absolute majority, Industry looks forward for a progressive policy for the Electrical Industry.  The prospect for the Electrical Industry are very good.

7.    How you foresee the growth of electrical and energy markets?

Ans : The growth of the Test & Measuring Industry & other Electrical products should be about 20-25% over the previous year production.

8.    What are the main challenges affecting this market?

Ans : The main challenges are multiple laws & laws which are complicated & difficult to comply easily. A large number of Industry in India comprise of SME Enterprises. They do not have the expertise to look into the complicated laws & comply with them.

Almost 40% of the time is spent only on complying with the laws. As a result there is not enough time left to look after other aspect of the business. My suggestion is that the laws in India should be made as simple as possible, so that an ordinary person can also understand them & comply without much difficulty. This will help to boost the output from MSME.