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  • 08/07/2017

"Finder has extensive plans to spread its wings by creating a team of our exclusive agents and local distributors in India who shall be trained to be able to offer technical solutions, share application know how and provide energy saving services in different parts of the country thus making the customers optimally utilize the complete product basket of Finder products in India."

Q. Brief us about the Finder India Pvt Ltd success story and what kind of business you are cater into ?

Finder India Pvt Ltd is now established as a subsidiary unit of Finder S.p.A. Italy since more than four years, with the Finder group having its 62nd year internationally completed in 2016. Globally Finder India is the 21st subsidiary outside of Headquarters in Italy. 
Finder since last 62 years has been a pioneer in Industrial Relays and Timers. The range of relay includes Interposing as well as Power Relays in Electromechanical and Solid State Technology. The range of Finder’s electromechanical relays start from the gold plated contact versions which can handle a few milli Amperes and goes up-to 75 Amp. These relays are used in a wide variety of applications including DCS & PLC Automation Panels, Electrical PCC & MCCs, Machine Controls, Material Handling, Railways, Solar, Telecom, Automotive, Power Electronics, and Building Automation etc.
Since the last two decades, Finder has enhanced its foot print in the Voltage & Current Monitoring, Level Monitoring Relays, SMPS Power Supplies, Lightning and Surge Protection Devices, Panel Thermostats, Cooling Fans with Filters, Space Heaters, and Energy Meters etc which find their application in Electrical & Control Cabinets universally
Being one of the leaders in the Industrial Switching components, Finder also merged this leading relay technology with a lot of Innovative Energy Saving products for the Building and Infrastructure segment. Finder has one of the most reliable ranges of Modular Contactors, Staircase Timers, PIR Movement Detectors, Presence Detectors, Time Switches, Light Dependent Relays, Electronic Step Relays and Dimmers, which has been Saving Energy on a host of different lighting installations inside and outside the buildings.

Q. What are the latest products, services and projects that you are coming up with ?

Apart from the Reliability and Better Electrical Life of Finder technology, there has been the wide range of products to choose from which not only offers optimized price performance ratio, but also allows the user to be flexible in creating their own very efficient control system design for various applications. Some of the new products have been able to add value in many power projects, refinery applications, solar inverters, infrastructure projects in India so far etc
Our New Range of SMPS Power supplies have been developed keeping in mind the Indian conditions where the unique features have on-board replaceable fuse and advance diagnostic warning feature, that provides easy commissioning at the time of project execution and also ease in maintenance during the plant operations.
Our New Ultra Slim DI/DO relays with built in fuse has the features of Savings in Space, Lesser Wiring Time, Easy Diagnostics and Commissioning and an over-all Ease of Installation has a benefit for the system integrators, OEMs and machine builders. These relays available in both the EMR and SSR technology, where in the Solid State Relays have now achieved an unprecedented output rating of 6 A for 24VDC controls in such a slim design.
Our new range of industrial grade Interposing relays is now tested for Electrical Life at a Higher Temperature range of 70 to 85 Deg C which are required for Indian conditions. They not only provide reliability but also they have lesser Energy Consumption, better diagnostics and Ease in Maintenance etc., are a few of the advantages to the End Users and Engineering Consultants.
Our recent addition is the ATEX Sealed Relays and SIL 2 approved Relays that are used for industrial applications having tougher environmental conditions and the applications where enhanced safety features are required.
Very recently Finder has achieved another feather in its cap by designing and producing Solid State Relays for DC Load applications where most of the machine builders and automation system designers were looking for a high current handling relay with electrical life in millions of switching cycles.

Q. What are the emerging trends in power sectors in India as well as internationally ?

Indian market has shown not only the growth potential in the Energy segment (Power and Oil & Gas) which is the prime focus for new projects, but also it has a promising future for Metallurgy, Petrochemicals, Solar, Water Treatment, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Automotive, Railways and Building Infrastructure. In all these areas, there is a big gap between the level of Automation achieved so far and the benchmarks demanding a higher degree of Automation in the Control Systems. 
The power sector in particular is seeing a lot of tilt towards the renewable energy where in the reliability level of control components is of utmost priority. For example in Solar and Wind energy segments, the demand of the industry is to have products with extended electrical life of more than 10 years. Finder is one of the few companies which are able to cater to such demands.
Of late more focus in these segments has also been on Energy Saving methodologies. Finder is able to create a foot print in the energy saving solutions via its Lighting Control solutions for plant and buildings.

Q. When we talk about innovation How does Finder group can differ itself in better way from its competitors ?

Technology-driven advantages gained from research and developments are short-lived due to competition, hence Finder always has a plan for continuous innovation which is essential in order to increase competitive performances. In India there are only a selected few player in the business of switching and automation components, which are not compromising on the reliability in terms of manufacturing competence, innovation drive and solution oriented customer focus. For example, Finder is one of the few European Manufacturers of both the Relay and the Socket under one umbrella. Majority of the players are either manufacturing relays or the sockets and not both together.
Finder has always followed a product value strategy aimed at constantly increasing quality. Product line reliability has been recognized through approvals by international standards organizations such as the BBJ, BEAB, CSA, DEMKO, FIMKO, GL, GOST, IMQ, IRAM, NEMKO, RINA, SEV, SEMKO, UL, UTE and VDE, and through CE certification. Finder has more international certifications than any of its competitors
As important as these quality approvals are, Finder considers it no more important than its partnerships with customers, who are able to value the quality of its products and after-sales service.
Apart from the above Finder also believes in ease of handling for our products. Which is why the recent range of Smart NFC based Timers and Bluetooth based Motion and Presence Sensors are being used successfully in the Industry

Q. What are the challenges and opportunities does you facing and how do you cope up with them ?

The Challenge is that the Indian market is due to the fact that it is divided into many categories of customers where decision makers are not always able to spend time on selecting the right mix of technology and price. Hence the demand for automation components and solutions diverge depending on the type of customer and their reliability needs. Our target segment of business is in the application areas that demand a higher degree of consistency and electrical life. 
We at Finder India have made many customized solutions for Indian industries wherein the applications demands higher ambient temperatures, wider working voltage bandwidths along with continuously  improving manufacturing efficiency to reduce cost for the customers. For example we do the testing of the relay coils three times 100% (not just batch testing) for the 400,000 relays and other products that we make every day. This result in a consistency of quality and at the same time reduces costs for our customers.
Market Globalization is evolving and changing the environment in which companies compete. So the business decisions are aimed at use of technologies to improve internal performance, creating new products and solutions, as well as shifting pools of value between technology & price. In the developed countries, organizations often do innovations to capture long term value and are not afraid to look beyond long-established models. In India, organizations will also need to keep their expertise up-to-date and balance the potential benefits of emerging technologies with the price pressure risks they sometimes face. 
The business of relays and switching technology in Automation & Controls domain has certainly shown growth worldwide as well as in India. However challenges in the market are that, often out of the various technical parameters few of them are missed out while designing the control system which either leads to higher cost or technical mismatch. Finder has found this opportunity to support the customers with the right selection criteria so that optimum solutions are used without any under or over rating.

Q. Where do you foresee yourself in next 2 years share your future plans with our readers ?

Total In-House Design, Development, Prototyping and Testing have been the hallmark of Finder’s R&D philosophy. Finder has further investment plans in its own Electronics Design Lab. Press Tool marking shop, Die & Mold manufacturing and Automation Design capability. This helps in not only developing new products but also timely roll out of new products in the market. 
It is a fundamental activity in Finder to create a Brand Strong group identity by creating long-term working relationships characterized by a high-level of people commitment and greater speed in transmitting realistic technology benefits to the market.A compass reading and customer feedback is also a part of our plan to tap into the global technology, knowledge and skills markets. Strengthening the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) softwar implementation is a step in this direction.
Also Finder has extensive plans to spread its wings by creating a team of our exclusive agents and local distributors in India who shall be trained to be able to offer technical solutions, share application know how and provide energy saving services in different parts of the country thus making the customers optimally utilize the complete product basket of Finder products in India. 

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