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  • 08/07/2017

"SPML Infra is among the leading power transmission and distribution companies in India and we put very conscious efforts to quality and international best practices in our project execution "

Q. Brief us about the SPML success story and what kind of business you are cater into ?

SPML Infra is one of India’s leading infrastructure development company with focus in promoting access to essential services (water, electricity, sanitation, waste management etc) to all. With more than 3 decades of rich experience and pan India presence, SPML Infra has executed more than 600  projects and created significant value thus touching the lives of millions of people with provision of drinking water facilities, improved sewerage network, better municipal waste management, building roads and highways and lighting up homes. With a number of water supply projects, SPML Infra provide drinking water facilities to millions of people in urban and rural India and it is the only Indian company featured into World’s Top 40 Private Water Companies as per Global Water Intelligence, London. SPML Infra is one of the largest contributors of rural electrification in India and has connected more than two million households with electricity thus transforming lives of people. 
SPML Infra is also developing its first Smart City called as “Vikram Udyogpuri” in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. It is being developed as a global manufacturing and investment destination under the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) scheme. This smart city will have 24X7 water supply system, complete sewerage network, storm water drainage system, solid waste management system, internal and external roads of 4 and 6 lanes, power transmission and distribution system, domestic gas distribution system, street lighting, CCTV and SCADA system, safety and security system, information and communication technology (ICT) network, civil infrastructure including centralized command & control centre with peripheral boundary walls along with 5 years of operation & maintenance. 

Q. What are the latest projects that you are coming up with ?

SPML Infra has received a number of good project orders in both water and power segments in the past few months. One of the major order worth INR 500.14 Crore received from Govt. of Gujarat for Phase II of Saurashtra Narmada Avtaran Irrigation (SAUNI Yojana), an important Irrigation Project to provide relief from water scarcity in major parts of Gujarat. We have earlier completed the Phase I of this project (Link II, Package 3) worth INR 593.57 Crore that was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minster of India. Another important water project which we have received recently is for augmentation and strengthening of drinking water supply with sustainable infrastructure development in Giridih, Jharkhand. 
SPML Infra has also received good orders for power infrastructure development including 220 kV GIS Substation in Faridabad, Haryana; 132 kV GIS Substation at Burdwan, West Bengal; 16 Nos of new 132 kV Substations in Tripura under North East Region (NER) Power System Improvement Project being funded by the World Bank; Extension of 400 kV Substation with 2x500 MVA Autotransformer at Malda, West Bengal and other 6 locations associated with Eastern Region Strengthening Scheme; Extension of 400/220 kV substation with 1x500 MVA Autotransformer in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh; Extension of 400/220 kV substation with 1x500 MVA Autotransformer in Sikar, Rajasthan and Rural Electricity Infrastructure Development project for agricultural feeder separation in Murshidabad, West Bengal among others. All these projects are under various stages of execution and will be completed as per the given schedule.

Q. What are the emerging trends in power sectors in India as well as Internationally ?

India is among the fastest growing major economy in the world. In power sector, the country has developed rapidly after independence to become the third largest electricity producer globally. Electricity production in India has reached 1160.14 Billion Units (BU) by the end of FY 17 with a target to achieve 1229.40 BU by FY 18.
Renewable energy is fast emerging as alternative source of electricity in the world and the trend is same in India. Wind energy accounts for an estimated 60 per cent of total installed capacity (21.1GW). There are plans to double wind energy generation capacity to 20GW by 2022. India has also raised the target of solar power generation by five times to 100GW by 2022. Government of India is supporting the growth of power sector and has de-licensed the electrical machinery industry, also allowed 100 per cent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the sector. Foreign participation in the development and financing of generation and transmission assets, engineering services, equipment supply and technology collaboration is also expected to increase. With several bilateral nuclear agreements with different countries; India is expected to further accelerate its power generation plans. 
Keeping pace with international trends, Indian power sector has consistently adopted new technologies and best practices to accelerate on the growth path. Some of the other trends that India has followed the world includes, decline in coal-fired power plants due to market conditions and strict environment regulations; increase in natural gas power plants; and use of smart grids for effective and real time management of transmission and distribution etc.

Q. What are your views on make in India Campaign and what are your expectations from the Modi’s government ?

The ‘Make in India’ campaign is an ambitious initiative of Govt. of India with an aim to promote India as an investment destination and a global hub for manufacturing, design and innovation. We need to aggressively promote manufacturing of quality electrical equipment and machineries in India to support the target of transmission & distribution in rural areas and to achieve the 350 gigawatts (GW) of power generation capacity by 2022. Presently, Chinese and Korean electrical equipment manufacturers have captured almost one fourth of Indian transformers and switchgear market, mainly in EHV and UHV class as the products offered by them are considerably cheaper and technologically advanced. The Indian manufacturer need to enhance the production capacity, maintain global quality and become technologically advance to compete with foreign imports. 
Some of the major demands of the power industry include tax exemption for all power projects, duty free import of CRGO electrical steel (raw material for manufacturing transformers), and a level playing field for domestic electrical equipment manufacturers among others. SPML Infra is executing several power transmissions, distribution and substation projects and we mostly use equipment and materials made in India. 

Q. When we talk about innovation How does SPML can differ itself in better way from its competitors ?

SPML Infra is among the leading power transmission and distribution companies in India and we put very conscious efforts to quality and international best practices in our project execution. The latest and innovative technology is being followed and SPML Infra is executing a number of Gas Insulated Substation projects along with 500 MVA Autotransformer which is technologically advanced, efficient and manage effective distribution of electricity. Our in house engineering team is on constant research and development to provide innovative and best engineering solutions without compromising on quality. SPML Infra strives for speed and perfection in all projects it undertakes and our well qualified and experienced project execution teams understands clients’ requirement to deliver projects on scheduled time.   

Q. What are the challenges and opportunities does SPML Infra Ltd facing and how do you cope up with them ?

There are challenges and opportunities in Indian power sector and the same is being faced by SPML Infra as well. The three significant challenges we are facing are- maintaining positive cash flow throughout the project execution period, timely delivery of equipment in sync with construction progress requires planning in great detail and any mismatch results in delay, and no compromise on quality of work while squeezing the time to maintain project on schedule. With years of experience in power sector and successfully delivered projects, SPML Infra sees good opportunities coming from different government agencies as we move to achieve the 350 gigawatts (GW) of power generation capacity by 2022 and target of providing electricity to 18,500 villages, mainly in the remotest areas in next 3 years. 

Q. Please elaborate your international presence also ?

SPML Infra is operating coal mines in an area admeasuring 5,000 hectares in East Kalimantan, Indonesia having coal reserves of 166 million metric tonnes. It has the facilities of mining 2 million metric tonnes of coal per year with own Jetty of 62.5 Ha having complete loading facilities and crusher plants with an exclusive control over the area. Apart from coal, we are also executing a water infrastructure development project in Rwanda, Africa. 

Q. Where do you foresee yourself in next 2 years, share your future plans with our readers ?

We are focusing on completing the existing projects on time, looking for 20-25% bottom line growth and reducing our debt liability in the coming years. We are constantly working to get the dominant position in bulk water and power substation business in next two years’ time. With increasing our exposure in both water and power sector, we are also exploring opportunities in international market. 

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