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  • 11/08/2017

"GreenTree Global provides various solutions centered around the concept of energy efficiency and design. Our projects are varied in terms of scope of work, project sizes, location of sites, degree of complexity and support requirements.
We are known for our experience, attention to detail, ethics, realistic budget estimates and timely delivery of projects. This has made us one of the most well regarded companies working in this field in India."

Q.What is the key mantra of the success of the Green Tree building Energy Pvt Ltd; also tell us your journey till now with this company and your challenging role?

Success for us at GreenTree has never been about the revenues alone. Our reputation in the field has been built on the basis of uncompromising integrity. This integrity is reflected via all aspects of our work right from understanding the requirements of our clients, providing realistic budget estimates, and through execution and timely delivery of projects. Every project we undertake benefits from the experience and attention to detail of our very capable team. We’ve ensured that we’ve nurtured the right mix of domain specialists, creative talents and executive experience within GreenTree

Q. What is your role in Green building solution?

GreenTree began its journey in Jan. 2009 focusing on Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency Industry and since then it has delivered numerous energy efficient and sustainable buildings to the nation. At present, GreenTree is working on more than 250 projects globally to provide green building and sustainable solutions. We become part of the team at conceptual design stage and analyze the project requirements based upon various parameters of project. We consult the project team at each step in terms of architectural design, energy efficiency of the building, water efficiency, materials to be used and site related activities to ensure essence of sustainability in the building. Our prime focus is to maximize the sustainable features without inflating the project budget.

Q. Give us a brief note on your project portfolio till yet you hold on, and what other new projects you working in future?

Our projects have varied in terms of scope of work, project sizes, location of sites, degree of complexity and support requirements. We have been an integral member of some of the landmark projects like University of Petroleum and Energy Studies - Dehradun, Fortis Hospital – Gurgaon, IIT Delhi Lecture Hall cum Lab Complex,
GAIL Regional Office Building – Mumbai, Gulshan Ikebana – Noida, JM Orchid – Noida, Elite Homz – Noida, Homes 121 – Noida, Ajnara Daffodil – Noida, etc.
Also, we have been involved in the adaption of ECBC guidelines prescribed on the basis of the local climatic and geographical conditions for the States of Uttar Pradesh, UttaraKhand, and Assam. GreenTree, as a member of ECBC drafting committee, introduced adequate alterations and specifications related to locally available materials and technologies in the draft undergoing notification protocol.
It is anticipated that the inclusion of ‘easy to implement’ guidelines shall help the
SDA (State designated agency)/ ULBs (Urban local bodies) in implementing the energy code across these states.
We have worked with Swiss Development Agency (SDA) for “Mapping & Assessment of Sustainable Building Rating Systems in India”. The overall objective of this study was to get an overview of existing rating systems and their response to the energy efficiency challenge in India from the market and from the institutional perspective. This study shall further lead to exploring the potential of a simple energy-efficient rating system for the residential building sector.
Also, we have worked on USAID ECO-III Programme for developing ECOnirmand and ECObench tools. ECOnirman is a code Compliance Tool which makes it easier for the user to find out if their proposed or existing building meets the compliance requirements as set by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC). It is intended as a self-containedtool that addresses the Envelope, Air-conditioning, Service hot water system, lighting system, and Electrical Power requirements. ECObench: A building Energy Benchmarking Tool which helps building owners/designers in evaluating performance of their buildings by comparing energy consumption of their building with similar buildings. USAID ECO-III Project in partnership with Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) launched an online building energy data collection and benchmarking tool. The building level data collected has been analyzed and used to compute energy consumption benchmarks and comparative performance based rating of the building among its peer group.

Q. What are your comments on recent policies by government for promoting green buildings in India?

Government has been continually evolving their local policies to support and incentivize the growth of Green Buildings in India. These incentives have been quite impactful as driving factors for pushing green buildings in the Indian market. In recent years there have been some major reforms which include the additional upto 15% FSI incentive in Haryana region for achieving GRIHA Rating, additional 5% FSI incentive in Greater Noida region for achieving minimum Gold/4 Star rating under IGBC/GRIHA/LEED Certifications. Punjab government, along with the additional 5% FSI over Gold/4 Star rating under IGBC/GRIHA/LEED Certifications, is giving 15% rebate in property tax would be given to the building till the time the building is compliant to Punjab ECBC (Energy Conservation Building Code). It has also become mandatory for some of the government bodies to make their all upcoming buildings minimum 3 Star GRIHA compliant. About 22 states are at various stages of mandating ECBC, wherein most of building construction activities are happening across the country. These incentives have led to a tremendous increase in the green building footprint across the country.
We also work closely with various government organizations to extend advisory support for implementation of Energy Codes and Standards in existing/new built environment.

Q. Please elaborate your International presence and give us your views on the market transformation tools such as LEED, ECBC, IGBC, GRIHA, EDGE, PEER?

We continue to have a strong international presence in almost all the countries of South-East Asia as well as in countries like New Zealand, South Korea, Kuwait etc. We next plan to expand and actively pursue projects in the Middle East, Africa and Australia
We believe that all the tools like LEED, ECBC, IGBC, GRIHA, EDGE and PEER have one basic intent, Sustainable Built Environment. These tools provide benchmarks in terms of energy and water efficiency which are updated regularly to maintain their high relevance. Additionally, many other local rating systems like BREEAM, ESTIDAMA, Green Star and WELL Rating standards have also been introduced.
In our opinion, all these provide choice to the end customer and help create awareness and solutions that fit the market and society better. On a more prosaic note, these tools are part of the essential tool kit for any team and project having anything to do with sustainability, and often are used as efficient marketing strategy by real estate developers.

Q. How supportive is the Indian market in terms of technology when it comes to green buildings?

We believe that green buildings are not just about using latest shiny technologies. It is equally important to understand the needs of a climate, a culture and a society as well as the constraints that are in place. Thus traditional and local strategies can serve as important guidelines in this area.
That said, the technology available in the Indian market is comparable to the International market standards but more awareness on the technologies and options available is certainly desirable. Awareness about this topic is still limited to a small percentage of people in the industry and a lot of initiatives and solutions are still required to make green buildings mainstream. 

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