RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

Electrical Mirror Interview



Q. What prompted the power conditioning industry to develop, and finally, come out with modular UPS systems in the world market? Has the world of blade servers inspired the emergence of modular UPS systems primarily to be deployed in datacentres?
As the businesses move towards digitization and adoption of new technologies is changing the way the businesses are run, it is becoming more data critical.  Also, the infrastructure required is becoming more complex, needing very high reliability, availability, flexibility, shorter MTTR and lower TCO. The conventional monolithic UPS systems do not meet these requirements and hence the industry moved towards newer modular UPS systems. Yes, the blade servers inspired the effective utilization of the critical power architecture. However, customers should be aware of the marketing gimmick played by few OEM’s, claiming to offer Modular Construction UPS instead of True Modular Hot-swappable UPS Architecture. The terminology of Modular can be deceptive and clients may end up paying premium for a marketing gimmick and result in no significant benefits. Hence, always seek for modular hot-swappable architecture to gain true benefits of high reliability, availability, flexibility, shorter MTTR and lower TCO.
Q. Do you think the new-age datacentres, which are highly virtualized and cloud-capable, hate the down-time like never before? Do you think modular UPS systems redefine the very idea of power redundancy in modern datacentres?
The cost of downtime in data centers was always very high, but nowadays it is a matter of business continuity loss. Data center operations managers are having sleepless nights to manage their end user expectations of availability. No matter the power design is Tier III or Tier IV, having minimum 2N UPS architecture, downtime or even a planned shutdown of single N feed is a risky and complex task. Hence, a true modular hot-swappable UPS is the best option for meeting these challenges. A modular hot-swappable UPS will help avoid any shutdown in most conditions and also failure of few critical components does not mean downtime of any feed. A downtime or shutdown in a live data center is highly risky and also involves lot of approvals, which can be avoided. Also, unutilized power capacity can be re-deployed with true modular hot-swappable architecture. 
Q. What are the industry & business verticals which demand more of modular UPS systems? Do you think service providers including cloud service providers seek more of modular UPS systems as for them down-time means death?
Most mission critical industry segments like Banking, Software, IT/ITeS, e-commerce, Data Centers,  Media, Telecom, healthcare, pharma etc., are demanding more modular UPS systems. However, the adoption of modular hot-swappable UPS in cloud service providers is fast catching-up due to the challenges explained earlier. In near future it will become a standard, as operational benefits will overweigh the investment done.
Q. What types of workloads do modular UPS systems are deployed for in datacenters? Do you think modular UPS systems are workload-aware—where required number of power modules awake and go into sleep mode as and when required? Are modular UPS systems truly green in attitudes?
Modular Hot-swappable UPS have many advantages besides what are explained earlier. One of this feature is unique Green Mode or Sleep Mode function. In this number of critical power modules can be scheduled to operate as per load requirements, desired redundancy and balance power modules can be placed in green/sleep mode.  The sleep mode power modules come to active mode within 2ms as and when needed, hence improving overall efficiency and also help in reduced ageing effects on components. These power modules can be put on rotational sequential sleep mode also. Hence, modular hot-swappable UPSs are a true green initiative.
Q. What are the latest modular UPS systems you’ve introduced in India? What are the salient features of them? Are all the modular UPS systems you offer hot-swappable? 
Delta Electronics is a leading UPS manufacturer of True Modular Hot-swappable UPSs, which are industry best in redundancy, ease of operations, flexibility, highest density and highest MTBF. Delta Electronics invest 6-7% of our sales revenue globally on Research & Development, which reflects in our products innovations. Our latest Hot-swappable UPSs introduced are the DPH Gen 2.0 series of UPSs. These UPSs are true Hot-swappable architecture with almost all critical components redundant and hot-swappable. We have power modules starting from 20kW, 25kW, 50kW and 60kW ratings. The frame size vary from 40kW to 600kW and can be configured with our unique Flexipod architecture to meet industry requirements of 1MW, 1.2MW or any configuration. Delta Electronics DPH Hot-swappable UPS have complete hot-swappable components like, power modules, static switch, controllers etc and have the smallest footprint. They are also Lithium Ion battery compatible to meet the industry requirements.
Q. Is it really challenging to manage modular UPS systems—that too in the hyer-converged datacentre environment? Do they synergize well with your power management software? Can they (modular UPS systems) also talk to virtual servers, storage and networking resources?
Managing modular hot-swappable UPS systems are easier as explained earlier. These UPS can be easily managed through EMS/DCIM software for power management.  Delta Electronics also provide these EMS and DCIM software of our own. It helps our customer to manage their critical physical infrastructure including UPSs.
Q. How have been the responses of CIOs and CTOs of enterprises and organizations around modular UPS systems you offer in the country? What are the challenges which, stymie the wider adoption of modular UPS systems in India? Is it the sheer price or the lack of awareness about modular UPS systems?
CIOs and CTOs of mission critical applications have already started adoption of modular hot-swappable UPSs and know the true advantage/ business value. However, the industry is also a target of modular construction UPS marketing gimmick and few clients have learned it hard way what difference a hot-swappable architecture makes. Also, earlier the Modular Hot-swappable UPSs were sold as premium high cost, but nowadays players like Delta Electronics have helped reduce this gap. Customers can now deploy the best modular hot-swappable UPS with a slight hike in investment and achieve the best business value with added peace of mind.
Q. What is your channel strategy around modular UPS systems in the Indian market? Have you got sufficient number of partners, who understand datacentre workloads, and accordingly deeply modular UPS solutions? 
Delta Electronics have a very strong partner network to meet all segments. However for mission critical large enterprises or data centers, Delta Electronics have a very strong service network of their own. Most of our engineers are factory trained and we have critical spare stocks in each region available 24x7x365. We have are India factory at Rudrapur with state of art facility and test repair center.
Q. What are the training and certification programs for channel partners with regard to modular UPS systems & solutions?
Delta Electronics provides regular trainings to our Authorized Service Partners and ASPs for all are UPS products. Our partners are also having expertise to manage customer solution expectations and we keep them trained with our new offers regularly.



1. Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a key player of manufacturing, designing and development of testing and measuring instruments and also industrial control products. What are the achievements of the company till now?

Journey of Rishabh Instruments started in 1987 with technology from the BBC Metrawatt of Germany, for Analog Meters with a capacity of 400 instruments. The initial challenges were to make accurate components demanded by German technology and to develop moulds and tools.  Since that development we have either developed many other products in house or imported technology for Multi Meters, Transducers, Multi Function Instruments, Solar Inverters, Cam Switches, Controllers for DG sets, Power Supplies and CT’s and the journey continues. We have established an independent R&D centre in a separate premises and a separate testing set up with EMI EMC Lab, Environmental Testing, and Reliability Testing to approve products to Indian and International standards. Many of our erstwhile collaborators are our large customers today.

It has been a long journey for us who led us to build the expertise in various arenas of Analog and Digital instrument world. The canvas covered by our products begins with the very simple requirement like measurement of basic electrical parameters to fulfill the requirement of high end communication in metering. Our product portfolio provides the solution both when the requirement demands hand held instruments and when requirement warrants the panel mounting option.

Some statistics have also revealedthat, today we are the one of the world’s largest manufacturer of panel meters in the world by volume. We make close to about 1, 25,000 analog products and about 30,000 digital products in a month. Added to that, we can also manufacture about 50,000 current transformers in a month. So considering this kind of production capacity quality and service that we have across various product segments, Rishabh has a strong market presence in both Domestic and International markets. Our products have an exceptional response in the world market. Our patented designs in the TMI domain have been appreciated across the globe. Owing to the fact that 60% of revenues of Rishabh stems from international market. We have a healthy ratio of International to Domestic Sales based on products and services. The philosophy adapted by Rishabh is that we have no double standards regarding the production and sales in Domestic or International market. The quality sold international is the quality sold in the Domestic market. We make one product for the world, and this has been well received and appreciated by our partners all across and hence dominant position has been established across the Globe by our business principles and the core values.

2. What are the new products in your product basket? 

New products envisaged are Multi Function and Power Quality Instruments with many communication protocols TCPIP, Modbus, Backnet, Profinet and similar protocols. An industry 4.0 is moving towards collecting data from various installations at a fix time interval, analyzing this data to feed it and control volumes.

Solar inverters were available upto 20 KW, which we have developed upto 50KW and are in the process to manufacture 100 KW inverters. Even this inverters have GSM communication to be able to relate data to check and improve efficiency as well as to aid the users in detecting any kind of faults in the system. High voltage insulation testers are influenced by high voltage lines which are passing in sub stations. We are in the process of developing a 5 KV insulation tester which cannot be influence switch yards.

Cam Switch is a basic requirement of the industry but very few companies worldwide publish the contact resistance of the switch or the standard deviation for the contact resistance. This is the necessary requirement if we are to improve the loss in cam switches. Rishabh is working in this area. UL & CSA approval current transformer are necessary to improve safety of electrical equipment and panel. Rishabh ensures that all CT’s manufactured by them meet the UL requirements and many of the models are UL listed.

3. How Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is going to contribute in Elecrama, 2020? Is there any product launch in line up? What will be the main attraction in Elecrama?

The main purpose is to introduce the new technological innovations and to reach out to our worldwide customers. Introduction of technological innovations has a common aim, that is to bring more safety, accuracy, user friendliness, energy efficiency, cost saving, and optimum utilization of the available resources for the customers. Rishabh also focuses to bring these dimensions in picture through introduction of the new products with cutting edge technology.

Just to put a case in the picture is the various losses occurring at different points across the industry due to the inaccurate and inefficient means of measurement. Rishabh would be happy to provide a solution by the way of introducing our Power Quality Analyzer which will not only minimize the problems faced by the customers on account of power and energy related parameters (especially with power electronic devices polluting the networks in an increased manner) but also would help in the national cause of conserving the electricity. Eventually, would contribute to vision of “Greener Tomorrow “. India has a goal to provide cleaner and greener energy in the remotest areas of the country, but we also have to ensure clean energy to the advanced medical and electronic devices which does not harm the networks. So, controlling harmonics, swells and dips becomes a priority area for the electricity users of tomorrow. So, one needs mini and micro measurement devices both for cost and space optimization. Connection between devices has to be quick and positive with no chances of CT secondary opening and we are developing products to meet these requirements. We wish to provide this awareness to the users, which is also a purpose to be a part of this exhibition.

In the field of technology, we have introduced the unique solution of NABL-Accredited EMI-EMC facility at our Nasik location. This state-of-art facility has been built with a philosophy to provide complete testing solution not only for the Rishabh products but even for the customers and vendors all across the globe. We have kept special screen at the ELECRAMA, which is running a video showcasing the strengths of our EMI-EMC test facility.

4. What are the challenges for the company in order to fulfill the demands of the customers? How company is handling those challenges?

Major challenges are availability of electronic components to fulfill the demands of the customers. India is growing economy and customers put large orders for products for which it becomes difficult to procure components specially in Micro Controller where suppliers need to be loaded weeks in advance. Orders are not confirmed until they are confirmed and hence it becomes difficult to full fill delivery expectations.

Market is changing rapidly and Rishabh outdates its own products faster than any other company in the industry hence obsolescnce is a second challenge. The solution is to have a road map of product development which is transparently shared with the customers to inform them about the product obsolescnce and replacing products. Another challenge is manufacturers of Electronic Components obsolete their item which forces us to redesign all the products where they are used. After developing a new design, it has to be certified for reliability, environmental conditions, performance and EMI/EMC. Rishabh has created all these facilities including EMI / EMC Lab to be able to probe new designs much faster than when they are to be certified by external labs. These certificates are NABL accredited.

5. What makes Rishabh Instruments different from other manufacturers of testing & measuring segment?

Rishabh has been a leading player Test & Measurement from 1987. The company has witnessed many evolutions in the products for power sector since its inception right starting from Multimeters with automatic terminal blocking system, Clamp meters with patented rotating jaw design to Digital insulation testers compatible to work in 400kV live switchyards, in latest multimeters with Bluetooth enabled feature having Android app for mobiles promoting wireless communication and safe operation. Usually in Power sector Multimeters and Clamp Meters of Rishabh with CAT IV rating and Insulation Testers & Earth testers for field test find applications. The new products as discussed above which Rishabh has come up includes 5KV Digital Insulation Tester. This product is extremely suitable for field testing and has proven operation in switchyards where there is induction voltage present upto 600V. Along with this Rishabh has recently launched Advanced Multimeters with Bluetooth communication facility and android app which has made taking measurements safe and easy. We have plans to come up with more products required by Power sector so as to cater the requirements of this sector and become a prominent player, to meet their requirements of Test & Measurement equipment in future.

6. Technology is now becoming the heart of every business, what are the new technologies opted by Rishabh Instruments? How these innovations and technologies are changing the industry?

Miniaturisation and advanced capabilities in the same size meters is the need of the times. Since Rishabh have their own R&D, they are able to bank more features in the given volume, rapid advancements are in power quality, harmonics correction etc. Solution is to use powerful micro controllers and faster AD Converters to be able to measure high level of harmonics. Market is moving towards smart meters to be able to communicate not only basic parameters but advance Power Quality parameters. Technical improvements and design capability is the only way to stay in the game and full fill expectations of our customers.

7. What are the different markets catered by Rishabh Instruments? How these markets are different from Indian market?

Rishabh has a variety of markets; they serve both geographically and in product segment. Rishabh exports a good percentage to the developed markets of UK, USA, Germany and Western Europe where quality features, reliability and approval play much bigger role than price. Far East Asia and Middle East Asia value reliability and features but are cost conscious. India has a very price related market. Safety is big consideration in Europe and USA markets and we have to manufacture UL approved, IEC 61010 complaint and CAT3/CAT4 instruments only. Market has also segmented in terms of Panel Builder Market, OEM Market, Machinery Manufacturers and utilities, railway markets, nuance requirements by each are different and expectations are varied.

Brand labelling in India as well as in Europe has its own nuances but more and more companies are taking this route and even manufacturers in these countries outsource some of the products and manufacture others themselves. With their branding and industrial design it is impossible to distinguish one from the other.

8. How the boost in infrastructure sector is affecting the T&M Instruments market? How fruitful are these new infrastructure developments for Rishabh Instruments?  

At Rishabh Group, we focus and strive for continuous and sustainable growth in the field of energy measurement, automation products and die casting with innovation being the cornerstone. We offer our customers the most diverse product range in measurement and monitoring of electrical and allied parameters with over 32,000 SKUs. Each product we add, goes through a very stringent and robust development and product launch process, targeted at ensuring that the device meets ‘Rishabh’ standard which over decades our customers have come to expect and benchmark others against. Our prime focus is always to serve customer requirements more efficiently. Rishabh’s state-of-the art R&D facility is perpetually driving advancements and adoption of new technologies to deliver solutions aligned to market expectations. These products we create at Rishabh, are developed for the global market, since our products serve customers across 70 countries through our international subsidiaries and channel network.  Several new range of innovations are in queue but in the immediate future, we are focusing on features such as touch screen, mobile applications and bluetooth, being embedded in our existing products.

In recent months, Rishabh has launched a new series of CAM switches with current rating upto 200A, which boasts of improved performance than the other industry front-runners in the same product category.

Another innovative product successfully launched is the 3 phase nano CT (Current Transformer) where instead of using 3 CT’s for 3 phases, only one SKU is required. And the output of this CT is 250mA, compatible with control circuits. Also, available with RJ12 connectivity. We are pioneers of such a solution in India.

Similarly, focused developments efforts enabled us to expand our Multifunction Metersrange further, with the recent launches ofLoad Manger series LM1360/50 which also work with RJ12 connected CTs.With regards to test and measuring instruments, we have introduced the new Agam Earth Leakage Clamp Meter ALCT 66A & ALCT 606Aand also added Digital Multimeter with Bluetooth connectivity, Rish 60K bluetooth series toour portfolio.

Another addition is a fully programmable Earth Leakage Relay. Very efficient Power Quality Analyzerplusis in the queue as well and this will be positioned as an ‘all in one’ product.  As a philosophy we havemigratedfrom the conventional LED type meters to high end touch screen Multifunction Meters. Market will witness series of product launches on these lines from Rishabh over next few months.

Our robust and structured development process complimented by complete end to end in-house R&D infrastructure from mould design and manufacture to PCB design and manufacture to testing labs and a highly energized and capable R&D team has year on year ensured successful product launches for Rishabh.

9. Please enlighten us about your Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). 

Rishabh believes that each company must give back to society what it has got from society. Most important CSR function we do is in the field of education. We believe that supporting education of children of our employees is one service which we have continuously supported. Infact some of our employees have done further education while working in the organization.

We share our Entrepreneurial experience with college students in and around Nashik. Many of our managers are regular lecturers.  By invitation from educational institutes our Managing Director alongwith a few other industries colleagues have set up Nashik Engineering Cluster which is a modern temple of technology, innovation of equipment to support SME’s in northern Maharashtra and innovate and incubate new industries.

Tata have supported NEC for training in skill development and Government of Maharashtra has partnered NEC in innovation and entrepreneurship.

10. What is the current scenario of testing and measuring equipment market and what are the key elements which can help in growth of the market?

The Test & Measurement Equipment Market is growing faster than the GDP of the country. This is expected because test and measurement is required by each and every industry both conventional renewable energy. County is being electrified rapidly so much so that every village will have electricity. From an electricity deficiency country we have become an electric surplus country in last five years. From coal & nuclear based energy generation we have moved to clean forms of energy such as Hydro, Solar and Wind.  All those needs Test and Measurement Instruments to measure, improve generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The Government is conscious to demand site management to reduce consumption and increase efficiency of equipment as well as industries. This creates a demand not only of test and measurement instruments but of softwares which are capable to give continuous data of energy consumption and use AI to compare it across industries and seasons. Also consciousness of power quality creates requirement of test and measurement equipment, also the use of IGBT’s, SLR’s and other power electronic devices deteriorates power quality which need to be brought back to normal levels. All this increases demand of test and measurement instruments.

11. Please tell us about your Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities.

We have an R&D facility that’s approved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) and a certification lab which has received approval from the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). We also leverage the expertise of our European subsidiary Lumel to gain quality insights and requirements in the global arena to keep ourselves abreast of international quality demands. It is evident that these facilities and resources provide Rishabh a unique advantage for developing and honing our offerings from time to time. We also leverage our European subsidiary Lumel to augment our own insights of solution requirements in the global arena and keep ourselves abreast of international trends in addition to using the facilities there to supplement our own design and testing efforts. The intensity of our product launches and caliber of the offerings are a reiteration of our R&D prowess. Our portfolio is that way strong but if needed we welcome all possible customization in our products as per customer’s requirement. We strive for continuous improvements in our products, services and facilities, our all products are RoHS compliant thus contributing towards safety of environment and follows global standards making them compatible with any type of application. This year we are coming up with our own in-house EMI/EMC lab with comprehensive test facility for EMI/EMC compliance testing. Our R&D facility along with our product management team works day in and day out to achieve the required, since customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

12. Where Rishabh Instruments foresee themselves in coming years? What are the company’s long term goals?

Rishabh budgets grow between 20 – 25% year on year.  This growth comes from existing products in new markets and new customers and new products. We have kept this growth in last one year, besides we will introduce range of new multi meters, high voltage insulation testers and solar inverter. Focus of the company is on innovation, new product developments and international acquisitions. Rishabh will be happy to announce one such acquisition in the coming months.

As said previously company’s future lies in innovation and product basket expansion. We have started Cam Switch, Solar Inverters and resin cast CT’s in the last few years. Power quality multi meters with higher bandwidth and with Bluetooth have been some of the recent innovations in our product basket. With the Grid becoming stable and lot of agriculture load being diverted to solar generation, Grid has to deliver good quality power to the consumers. Hence, measurement of power quality and improvement in power quality is a focus area for our company.

Compact CT’s which deliver lower VA are required because electrical measurement instruments require much lower VA burden than conventional products. Hence, focus will be on CT’s with transducer, Compact CT’s, CT’s with 100 million /10 volts, 3 phase CT’s to lead the market requirements.



1. Kindly explain why Thermal Imaging is important for Electrical Utilities.

Globally, including India, Electrical Utilities are one of main users of Thermal Imaging Cameras. Whether Generation, Transmission or Distribution- all use and need accurate Thermal Cameras as Electrical utilities face frequent problem of critical installations getting heated up. The moment this heating phenomenon starts, temperature starts rising and FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras play a very important role there. Without touching or taking shut down, these FLIR Thermal Cameras can accurately measure the temperature of these installations from a safe distance.

From nut/bolt on a transmission tower to Transformers to many other critical installations, FLIR products meet and exceed all expectations

2. What are fundamentals behind this technology?

This is a very interesting technology. As a theory, almost all objects around us emit infrared (IR) radiations which our eyes cannot see. See image below- Infrared energy (A) coming from an object is focused by the optics (B) onto an infrared detector (C). The detector sends the information to sensor electronics (D) for image processing. The electronics translate the data coming from the detector into an image (E) that can be viewed in the viewfinder or on a standard video monitor or LCD screen.

Infrared thermography is the art of transforming an infrared image into a radiometric one; every pixel in a radiometric image is  actually a temperature measurement.

Final product is a Thermal Image which can tell exact temperature of an object, if right product has been selected for desired application. This makes the thermal imaging camera a perfect tool for predictive maintenance.

3. If we dive deeper into applications, what are different applications which are possible for Electrical utilities?

A very thick book can be written on this question, actually.

Broadly, here is list of Electrical Applications-

       a) Checking Transformer health which is critical equipment in any substation

       b) Predictive Maintenance of  other Critical Installations including

             I. Inspection of connectors ( which are everywhere)

             II. Inspection of Cables and Joints

             III.Inspection of exposed cables

       c) Visualisation of SF6 leakage

4. For Electrical Utilities, what’s top end model and what are key features?

FLIR has many products being accepted by Indian electrical Utilities but T series has been very successful due to its very useful design. It has rotatable optics. T6xx and T1 K has 120 Deg rotation and new T8xx has 180 Deg rotation of optical block. Since many Electrical installations which need to be scanned for temperature are above eye level, this design is very useful. Benefit of this design is, operator does not get stress on wrist, shoulder, neck and eyes while using this range even if this is used frequently. The ease of use of this great design can be felt only with experience. I encourage readers of this Interview to book their demo through mail (flir India @ or phone +91-11-45603555. We will be happy to show this/any other product at your doorstep.

5. Please throw some light on your qualification and career.

I have 26 years of work experience. My educational qualifications include Degree in Electronics and Communication, Management course

from IIM, Calcutta, Digital Marketing Course from DMI, Ireland. I am taking care of Instruments Sales in Emerging Markets for FLIR.



1. HPLis a key player of electric equipment manufacturer. What are the achievements of the company till now?

HPL Electric & Power Limited is one of India’s leading electric equipment manufacturer with a formidable presence across five key verticals: Metering Solutions, Modular Switches, Switchgears, LED Lighting and Wires & Cables. Our backend integrated facilities have the capabilities of product design and development, component designing, tool manufacturing and commercial production. From Energy meters to lighting to switchgears to wires & cables to LED products, HPL has successfully catered to consumer’s needs. In switchgear segment ourperformance during the first quarter was marked by double-digit revenue growth in the metering segment i.e. +10% YoY, and steady performance in switchgear revenue by 2% YoY.In the second quarter metering business continued its growth momentum as revenues grew by 22% QoQ and in the lighting segment we witnessed robust growth with revenues growing by 48% QoQ. In the coming quarters we see these numbers to grow by a larger scale.

2. What are the new products in your product basket? What are your newly launched products? 

Recently we have introduced new range of solar products using the latest technology and design for best in class performance and durability. The new solar launches comprises of AC Combiner box in 800V Ac for ground mount & roof top solar pv application, AC Distribution box IN 1000V Ac for rooftop & ground mount solar pv application, LT Panel in 800V Ac for ground mount solar pv application, String Combiner box in 1500V Dc for ground mount solar pv application and String Monitoring box in 1500V Dc for ground mount solar pv application.

HPL has also introduced seven wonders of LED lighting which comprises of latest technology and innovation catering to every household needs. To enhance the aesthetic of your home decor we have launched Inverter lamp, Remote controlled colour changing lamp and T lamp. To deliver the best to our end consumers we undertake research and development to consistently upgrade our products and the technologies.

3. How HPL is going to contribute in Elecrama, 2020? Is there any product launch in line up? What will be the main attraction in Elecrama?

HPL Electric & Power Ltd. has always been an active participant in the industry events & seminars and has represented itself across prestigious global events as well. ELCRAMA is the biggest showcase of the world of electricity and brings together the wide spectrum of solutions that channels the planet and we are delighted to be the board member of IEEMA and feel privileged in sharing space with industry stalwarts.

HPL will be showcasing its entire range and also inaugurating its new range of electrical equipment solutions in lighting, meters, switchgears, and switches at Elecrama 2020.

4. What makes HPL different from other manufacturers?

HPL has always been dedicated to provide solutions and services to customer’s delight.  We are also committed to the environment public health & safety and outclasses in ensuring Eco friendly range with CE mark that most of the Indian players lack in. Apart from that, our manufacturing facilities and our products have been accredited with various national and international quality certifications. Further, all our manufacturing facilities have been accredited with management system certificates for compliance with ISO 9001 requirements by TUV SUD South Asia Private Limited and the British Standards Institution, India.

5. What are the different markets catered by HPL? How these markets are different from Indian market?

HPL has always strived to enrich lives by improving the reliability and efficiency of its products and technology for a widespread customer base across major continents and countries. This includes, export of the finest engineering goods to more than 35 countries in regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, UK and Indian Sub-continent through the overseas logistic partners.

6. Please tell us about your Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities.

HPL embarks on research and development to consistently upgrade its products and the technologies. HPL has two R&D Centres at Gurugram (Haryana) and Kundli (Haryana), they are approved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India and employ over 100+ engineers with dedicated teams who manages the Tool Rooms. Our testing facility at Gurugram (Haryana) has been accredited by the NABL to follow ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in respect of general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories for electrical testing. 

We believe that our in-house R&D Centers enable us to initiate innovative solutions to meet the varied segment needs of our customers and achieving time efficiency in development of new and innovative technologies.       

HPL has seven manufacturing facilities at two at Gurgaon, two at Jabli, one in Kundli, one in Gharaunda and one in Sonepat.

7. Where HPL foresee themselves in coming years? What are the company’s long term goals?

HPL has been working tremendously to grow in the electrical equipment industry and furthermore aspire to expand their wings in solar and lighting industry. Through our rigid practices of R & D we launch new products every year and in the coming years HPL Electric thrives to focus on consumer durables and manufacture products as well keeping in mind the requirements of retail buyers. In the future we seek to be the pioneer of Indian electrical equipment industry.



1. Brief us about the products and services offered by the company catering to power sector?

We now have large product portfoliowithin ALTANOVA Group, ranging from off-line testing equipment to on-line monitoring solutions. We have product rangeswhich cater from MediumVoltage to Extra High Voltage segment, both on the primary as well as secondary side of power system.The merger of ISA and TECHIMP in 2018 to form the ALTANOVA Group has also helped us immensely in this growth process. With the acquisition of IntelliSAW Inc. —a US-based company— (from Emerson Group) in November 2019—we have further added new products/solutions in our basket.

To name a few, we have multiple models ofsingle-faced and three-faced relay test kits, multi-functional testkits for transformer testing,various models of circuit breaker analysers,battery test sets, and multiple models of primary and secondary injection test kits. In addition to this, we also have temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for MV switchgears and Partial Discharge Measurement Systems. Moreover, we are manufacturing and supplying temporary and permanent on-line global monitoring solutions for GIS, Transformers, and cables.

2. What isthe current scenario of the sector? How it can be improved?

Although, at the moment, our economy is going through difficult times, but we hope that things will improve after the third quarter of 2020. During the recession, in my experience, only those companies that take good care of their customers survive. We believe that our team, which includes both my colleagues and sales partners, are capable of sailing through difficult times.They will, In Sha Allah,continue to proactively support our customers and carry forwardthe growth story that we have witnessed in the last 7 years of our operation in the Indian market.

3. What kind of support you received from your head office in developing products and solutions for the testing and monitoring for Indian market?

Since the inception of our operation,our management has been relentlessly supporting us in developing this business in the Indian market. They have realized that India is a big market,but customers here are very demanding; therefore,it is not easy to establish & grow without their continuous technical support. They have always supported us. We have updated many of our software and applications based on the specific requirement of Indian utilities, and these have been well appreciated by our customers. This further encourages us to work more closely with them.

4. How well is the country progressing towards theelectrical Testing Equipment?

Our sector has grown from strength to strength in the last few yearsand the customers are becoming quality conscious to a greater extent. The quality of Test & Measurement equipment plays a very important role in the life cycle of any electrical asset, be it a transformer or a cable or a switchgear. Field engineers look for testing equipment that are more accurate, reliable, and give them consistent test results, which theycanuse to ensure the quality and efficiency of their power systems.Whether these assetsare manufactured as per the design or specification mentioned by the customer or whether these are working properly during their regular life cycle can only be verified by a very good quality testing equipment.

5. Which event have you attended recently?Whatwere the benefits you had gathered from it?

As ALTANOVA Group, we are actively involved in the promotion of knowledge and technology in the country. We are closely associated with flagship events of IEEMA like TRAFOTECH conferences and workshops. We are also organizing regular workshops in association with M/s Knowledge Cluster for Transformers (known as TRAFOCARE) and cables (CARE 4 CABLE). The most recent being CARE 4 CABLE, which was held in Mumbai on December 12 and 13, 2019,in which more than 140 delegates from all over the country participated.The presentation on the continuous on-linemonitoring and/oroff-line high-voltage and PD testing of HV and EHV cable by our colleague Mr. Stephan Heberer was very well received by all the delegates.

6. What are the effects of digitalization on the power industry?

Well, digitalization has played a very positive role in our industry, especially because of advancement in power electronics.Test kits are becoming smaller insize but more powerful in performance and thus making the life of field engineers more convenient. Digitalization has made computation and analysis of resultsmuch more powerful and the database management much easier and more convenient. Additionally, IoTis taking it on to the next level now a days. IoT helps us in decoding human behavior and implementing innovative solutions using data based on artificial intelligence and research. IoT will enable us to make a lot of predictions about our future requirements, making us future-ready. The introduction of IoT-based research findings in the manufacturing industry is known as Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT.

7. Tell us what are the solutions provided by the ISA towards the sector?

As I have also mentioned earlier, we at the ALTANOVA Group, are focusing a lot on the continuous monitoring of HV and EHV assets. In India, transmission networks are now operating at the extra higher voltages of 765 kV and 1200 kV. We provide continuous online monitoring solutions for all electrical equipment of that domain. On realizing the fact that even MV assets have a huge network worldwide; we have developed online continuous PD monitoring solutions for the MV asset network too. But since medium-voltage devices can’t affordso expensive solution, we have developed a cost-effective solutionfor the continuous online monitoring of insulation degradation using the partial discharge technology for medium voltage as well.

Like any other growing company working in the power sector, we also need to adopt newer technologies to stay relevant in the marketplace. Hence, we always try to innovate new solutions based on the market and customers’ requirements. The fundamental and guiding principle of our company is to keep innovating products/services/solutions to make the life of a field engineer easy. Most of our products, services, and solutions are used by field engineers in their respective applications. For example, a field engineer will always want their T & M instruments to be light, portable, and reliable in performance and accurate as well as repeatable in measurement results.

8. What are your nearly future plans?

Our plan is to consolidate our position in the market further and keep growing by adding more customer base. We will be focusing in the regions where our footprints are not so strong.In 2020, we would like to grow our network evenly all across the region.

9. How ISA-Altanova is going to contribute in Elecrama 2020? Is there any product launch in schedule?

ELECRAMA, in the last many years, has become one of the most sought-after exhibitions for both exhibitors as well as visitors. Therefore, if you look at the size and the grandeur of this exhibition, every edition of ELECRAMA is becoming bigger than the previous edition with increasing participation from exhibitors from all around the world. Moreover, a lot of people come from far-off places like Latin America, Africa, South Asia, South-east Asia, and so forth. Apart from exhibiting products in stalls, we have many other events like Domestic Buyers Sellers meet (DBSM) and International Reverse Buyers Sellers Meet (RBSM), where we get an opportunity to promote our products. To conclude, we can say that by participating in ELECRAMA, the flagship event of IEEMA, which happens every alternate year, is a great opportunity for all Indian companies to expand their footprint in the global market. ELECRAMA 2020 for us is an excellent opportunity to showcase our products as well as meet prospective buyers.

We are launching few new products like FALCON, which is cost effective PD monitoring solution for MV cables & switchgearsand iCT1, which is our new state of the art testing kit for Current & Potential Transformers.



1. What NEXTGEN is all about? Also brief us about the success of NGEPL?

NEXT GEN was started in 2009 and within the short span of 10 year we have established our-self as major player in T& M business offering complete range of product in T& M business. With the growing business we are now more focus on End to end solution to our customer with more focus on quality & service. We have created the separate service vertical to have more focus service and better client experience with shortest turn around time. We have been adding different products complementing our product portfolio to provide one stop solution to our customers. We are now also ISO 9001-2015 certified company. We have also deliberately choose European companies for state of art equipment with highest quality & Reliability. Also focus on our core competence & understanding the customers requirement has also enabled us to provide better solution and acceptability in the industry.

2. What are the new technologies you used to sustain in the market?

As we are mainly representing European companies in India, we always focus on High Quality, reliability and units with best accuracy and repeatability. At the same time we are providing the feedback to our manufactured on real time basis to develop the product best suited to requirement of customer. The Selection of new products and companies in our portfolio is done with utmost care. Ease of use and highly accurate & repeatable results are the hallmark of all our products. Most of the principal’s companies also provide very quick response to support our valued customers. We have also added few very innovative products in our portfolio. Raytech new C & tan Delta for Transformers is a very unique products added in our kitty. Its unique design backed by continuous support from Raytech is going to be another benchmark in the industry. We have also added a new INSULATION TEST TAN DELTA for SOLID INSULANTS from EPRO Gallspach GmbH, Austria. Measurement of Tan Delta of Solid insulants under controlled temperature and pressure is also a very unique feature of our products. With the growing requirement of PD Testing in the industry, everyone require a very good quality HV & LV Filters for accurate measurement and with ISOFARAD Innovative T - Filters & PI- Filters, we have got a  great success in Indian market. ETL from Germany has also got a very good acceptance for their high voltage tester in the Indian market and with growing focus on EV’s where a lot of battery is going to be used, ETL HV Tester has got a very good acceptance in the companies like EXIDE, AMARA Raja etc. We expect that ETL High Voltage equipment will be very useful for the EV segments in the near future.

3. How NGEPLhas been steadily expanding its footprint to support this growth in India as well as globally?

NEXT GEN is having wide presence not only Indian Territory in T& M business but also in neighboring counties i.e.  Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and UAE for sales and services. Our service engineers are available 24*7*365 for any service need of our customer. We are continuously expanding the territory keeping in mind the requirement of the customers and providing best support services of our portfolio products. However we are always focused on our core business of Testing & Measuring Equipment. Excellent service support for all our products and understanding the customer’s requirement before quoting or supplying any equipment has also helped us to have a good inroad in to the electrical industry across India.

4. NGEPLhas completed over ten years. What are the major milestones that you look back on with satisfaction and pride?

NEXT GEN Has completed 10 years of successful business in India. We are pride to have successfully supplied Testing Equipment to all major Transformer manufacturers in India and neighbouring countries. We feel proud in saying that Raytech equipment has become a brand name across Transformer Industry and its our pride to say that more than 50% of the Large rating Transformers manufactured in India are being tested with Raytech Winding Resistance meter. Also major Third Party testing Lab like ERDA and CPRI has been using Extensively our products. We also feel proud in saying that we are the most preferred supplier for ERDA for Transformer Testing Equipment. Also we executed a very large Transformer Testing Equipment order from APDCL in Assam where we have supplied more than 25 units of Raytech Equipment in one go. Also products from EPRO for Calibration of CT’s & PT’s are being widely used by ERDA & CPRI with full satisfaction.

5. What are the major sectors, you are focusing on and what kind of growth can we expect in the coming year?

As we all know the Micro and Macro environment is challenging in India and at global level , however there is lot of positive about Indian power sector :

  • Growing population with increasing electrification and per-capita usage backed by Many Govt. Scheme  
  • Increasing growth avenue in the renewable energy
  • Higher FDI inflow in the power
  • Electrification of Railway network

Our major focus in on State electricity boards , Transformer manufacturing companies, Railways, BHEL, NTPC, NHPC, PGCIL etc.  There will be more focus on Electric vehicle in the future and that will be opportunity of growth in this segment

6. Are you are going to contribute in Elecrama, 2020? Is there any product launch from your side in Elecrama exhibition or does Elecrama will help you to make profit?

We are participating in the ELECRAMA from last 3 edition i.e. since 2016 and found that the ELECRAMA is very helpful for expansion of business where you can meet carious customer / business leads at unified platform.  EELECRAMA is also helpful for identifying new trend in technology business and future request for expansion of business in new areas. We are hopeful that people visiting our stall at H10C07 will be amazed to see the latest technology and some state of art latest equipment. We will be exhibiting complete range of Testing Equipment used in Power sector at our stall. Also as experts from our principals companies are available at the stall, it gives more in depth knowledge and discussion for our valued customers.    We will be launching some very new and unique equipment in this year ELECRAMA and wishes that all the customers/ Visitors should visit our stall at H10C07 to have a on hand experience on these equipment.



1. What are the noteworthy projects and achievements done by Gloster Cabletill now please enlighten these two in brief?

Glosterhasachieved its set goals in FY 2018-19 and continued to grow further. Gloster has made substantial investmentsfor installing CCV Line ,which will results in exponential market growth , procuring  additional  sophisticated/modern machinery to enhance  Capacities  including  manufacturing of special cables, where huge market potential exists, Modernisation of existing Testing Laboratory by adding New equipment to secure NABL accreditationand acquiring  additional space to meet the enhanced requirements.

2. What are some of your top priorities as far as power sector is concerned?

With the passage of various infrastructuralRural electrification schemes viz.,  IPDS, DDUGJY completed by government, distribution scope of power utilization is reportedly upgraded to about 30 million consumers in urban and rural areas, followed by smart metering national programme (SMNP) covering almost 7000-8000 meters being installed in many states per day signify growth in power distribution front under Discoms.Similarly transmission segment, introduction of new technology likely to improve performance of transmission grid. This would expectedly improve power utilization more efficiently in terms of output including non-conventional generation of power which is in growing proliferation. Consequently, Glosterwill have  ample opportunities to penetrate into this sector for increased volumes.

3. What is Gloster Cablelong term vision and mission for Indian market?  What will be the outlook for India?

GLOSTER is in the field of power cable segment  as leading Manufacturers and its long term vision & mission is to continue to be the leaders in manufacturing & marketing of  highest quality products, using the best quality inputs and ensuring  customer satisfaction at all times. 

GLOSTER is embarking upon not only as supplier to all utilities and Industry segment but visualises to undertake,“concept to commissioning” both in distribution and transmission segment. 

4. How do you deal with your competitors? What makes Gloster Cablea no.1 brand?

In the age of technological upgradation, it the technology which plays an important role in the field of acceptance of brand, which adds Value in providing highest quality cables with best post supply services to the Customers, with usage of quality Raw materials.

Innovation to upgrade quality of product needs adequate display and campaigning  to the end users with respect to application engineeringrather than winning a competition. Trust and confidence on product quality as well service commitment has been prime phenomena of our recognition.  

5. What are the different offerings of Gloster Cable?What are the core areas of operations Gloster Cableis focusing on?

Our product range is widened over a couple of years. Besides conventional power cables up to 33 KV and control cables, we have added in our regular product range various types of special cables viz.,  Solar cable, Fire survival cable, Instrumentation and signalling cable, covered cable for HT application, RTD and VFD cable compatible to different field of application. Within a very short period ,we have earned recognition. This apart, conversion of HT cable curing process, expansion of production capacity of various cables are in our present task areas.

6. Currently, on which projects you are working or planning to work?

We have emphasized our marketing thrust on Power segment, Infrastructure segment, OEM and varied types of special cables.

7. “Gloster introduces Triple Extrusion Technology.” Kindly brief us about this technology.

Gloster hasintroduced thestate of art technology for domestic cables with triple layer FRLSH PVC insulated wire with special characteristics with an idea to have additional safety feature and better ampacity under enhanced conductor temperature rise during normal operation. All the three layers are processed in single operation thereby attaining the physical and electrical properties in conformity to its in house as well stipulated standard.

8. Are you going to participate in Elecrama- 2020,any new product launch in Elecrama and what are your expectations from Elecrama?

Elecrama is considered to be most prime and important event which exposes us to visitors from multiple segment of industries, trade, institutions not only from our Country but from abroad as well. Also gives us an opportunity to exchange various technological views and ideas from many participants. In short it is an wonderful platform to inherit new segment of customers to whom we are yet to reach through our marketing net work. Segment particularly from Asian Countries delivers business interest which is added source of export business thereby earn foreign currency.



1. KVTEK designs and manufacture the most technically advanced and easy to use products for High Voltage, High Current and High-Power test systems and measurement instruments. Please enlighten us about your journey till now.

KVTEK was established in 2005 with the aim to provide import substitution of the HV Test and Measuring Equipment being imported from Europe, USA and China. In 2005 there was no Indian company manufacturing this equipment and even today KVTEK is the only manufacturer of the following test equipment in India:

  • Series Resonant Test Set
  • Impulse Voltage Test System
  • Impulse Analyzer
  • Static Frequency Converter
  • Transformer Loss Measuring System
  • Partial Discharge Detection System (Single Channel / Multi Channel)
  • High Precision Capacitance and Tangent Delta Test Set
  • Portable On-site Capacitance and Tangent Delta Test Set
  • AC / DC Kilovolt meter
  • Automatic Instrument Transformer Test Set
  • On-line Moisture Absorption System
  • Capacitor Bank for transformer testing
  • AC Dielectric Test Set
  • AC / DC Hipot Tester
  • Variable Frequency Resonant System

Even though practically there is no competition from within India for our product range but still the journey has been full of hurdles. Major obstacle was to change the mindset of large section of our customers, who actually believed that these equipment cannot be manufactured in India especially because we have commenced our journey without any technical collaborations with any overseas company. We have taken upon ourselves the complete responsibility of designing all aspects of this equipment which included electrical, mechanical, electronics and Software designs.

At times some companies where we have successfully demonstrated our equipment asked us if we can supply the equipment demonstrated with foreign company’s label on it just to satisfy their inspectors. So, the struggle was primarily to change this mind set in which we have succeeded to a great extent as now we have reasonably large installation base within India and besides Indian market, we have succeeded in exporting our products to 16 different countries across the world.

2. How KVTEK is contributing in Elecrama, 2020? What are the main focus products for KVTEK in this Elecrama?

KVTEK has stall # A11 in Hall 3 measuring 96 sq. m. The main objective is to showcase the following:

  • 6 MVA Static Frequency Converter manufactured by us which is largest in the world used for Power Transformer Testing.
  • Introducing Mobile Cable Test Lab with Variable Frequency Resonant Test Set.
  • Introducing the new fully automated Voltage Seasoning Equipment we are manufacturing for Siemens for their Vacuum Interrupter Plant in Goa.
  • Variable Inductance and Variable Frequency Series Resonant Test System supplied by us for Potential Transformer Testing. KVTEK is the only company in the world to successfully use it for PD Testing.
  • Showcasing our newly launched Portable Capacitance and Tangent Delta Test Set designed for use in switchyards rated up to 765 kV Class.
  • Showcasing our newly launched Six Channel PD Detector designed for testing Power Transformers.

3. What are the different products and services offered by KVTEK?

KVTEK Product range has already been covered above but besides the product range, we additionally provide following services:

  • NABL accredited calibration services (On-site/In-lab) for all HV Test & Measuring Equipment listed above.
  • Consultancy in designing the HV Test Labs which include its shielding aspects, earthing considerations and site preparation details.
  • Modernizing, refurbishing and upgrading the old HV Test Equipment.
  • On-Site Testing of GIS Sub-stations by using our 460 kV, 1840 kVA SR Test Set.

4. According to you what is the current scenario of power sector of India?

In 2019 most companies were circumspect in making big investments in manufacturing electrical equipment required for Power Sector. However, things seem to be changing slowly but surely towards better investment cycle by the end of 2019 and the same trend is likely to continue in 2020 as well. However, there is shift in the nature of investment as the focus is more on manufacturing equipment up to 220 kV class rather than UHV equipment. This is due to the fact that no growth is likely in thermal power generation courtesy governmental sanctions because of pollution reaching extreme levels. Focus is likely to be in renewable power generation thus limiting the growth opportunity in EHV equipment manufacturing.

5. How KVTEK is satisfying the needs of customers & how you maintain the balance between quality & price?

Maintaining balance between quality and price is indeed the major challenge as most customers expect from us the quality equivalent European / US manufacturers and price equivalent to Chinese manufacturers. We always maintain the quality of our equipment irrespective of the project price constraints as we are keen to establish our name in the world market as one among the top-quality suppliers of the High Voltage Test Equipment. Additionally, in our field generally compromising on quality becomes a very expensive affair as this effectively means multiple trips for after sale service which costs far more than providing quality product.

6. How government’s policies for the infrastructure are helping KVTEK?

Governmental policies especially with regards to MSME sector and their initiatives for Make in India are really helping us. Delayed payments by the PSUs and large corporates is the biggest concern for MSME companies like KVTEK but with stringent governmental policies most corporates are trying to make payments within the stipulated time. In our field of High Voltage Test and Measuring Equipment there was a tendency among the PSUs to draft specifications / commercial terms and conditions in such a way to favour foreign companies but the endeavours of Department of Industrial Promotions and Policies with their prime focus on Make in India are definitely helping companies like KVTEK who are providing import substitution of the high technology products.

7. What are the recent trends & technologies in the power testing systems industry?

Power Testing Systems industry is going through the transition as there is significant change in the technology. More digital technology in the field of power testing industry is not only helping users to make much more accurate measurements but with increased automation in the technology is also helping the users to significantly increase the testing throughput as well.

Additionally with the option of sourcing quality testing equipment from within India from companies like KVTEK instead of importing it from Europe and US, the test labs have become very cost effective which is allowing even the smaller players to enter the field of manufacturing and testing electrical equipment. Which is good for them and us as well as this is a win-win situation for all concerned.

8. How KVTEK is looking forward towards 2020?

KVTEK is looking very positively towards 2020 as we have now developed the complete product range and now, we will be fully focused to increase our market share in the world market of HV Test and Measuring Equipment. With the successful development of Large Power Static Frequency Converters, we are looking forward in exploring other business options such as railways market etc.



1. What’s your take on the recent status of power sector in India?

Power sector is a very huge sector in India. There are over 25 States and each state has atleast 3 different companies for Generation, Transmission, & Distribution of Electricity.

This has caused heavy work burden for the industry and also the cost of registration etc has gone up many times. Most utilities companies do not pay their vendors in time, due to which the companies face financial crunch in their day to day working. On the technology side, there is not much advancement in incorporating the new technologies which are invented abroad.

2. What are some of your top priorities as far as power sector is concerned?

Our Top priorities in the Power sector is first to educate them of the latest technologies available in the country and to focus more on quality products rather than go by old outdated specifications and then by “L1 “ principle.

3. What is your assessment of power testing & measuringsector during last year?

Overseas companies carryout a lot of Research & Development  of many innovative products in the Power Sector to ensure continuous electricity supply and also to supply contamination free safe  electricity. But in our country, due to the customers not updating their knowledge, such activities do not get encouragement because with limited resource, industries cannot invest huge sums of money on R&D. Also after developing a new product , there is no guarantee of business.

4. What are the biggest challenges in the power testing & measuringsector that need urgent policy attention?

Quick decisions & quick reimbursement of vendor’s dues are the urgent need of this sector.

5. Are you going to participate in Elecrama 2020, any new product launch in Elecrama and what are your expectations from Elecrama?

KUSAM-MECO has been participating in Elecrama since its inception. We will launch many new products, details of which will be unveiled at the Exhibition. We expect to reach out to more customers in India & abroad and educate them on the new products available in our basket.

6. What is Kusam-Meco’s long term vision and mission for Indian market?  What will be the outlook of testing & measuringsectorof India?

The mission is to educate customers to use instruments safely, to avoid accident by not using cheap or poor quality instruments.

The outlook is good because as long as there is electricity; there will be need of instruments. Only the technology may change.

7. What are the different offerings of Kusam-Meco? What are the core areas of operations Kusam-Mecois focusing on?

The core areas KUSAM-MECO is working upon is the OIL  &  Gas sector, Power Sector.

8. Currently, on which projects you are working or planning to work?

We co-ordinate with various EPC contractors who execute turnkey projects for various sectors. Such as Metro Rail projects, Electric Utilities etc.



1. Clariant Power System Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, supplies and service providers of a wide assortment of power systems; please share your achievements in industry till now.

We are one of the fastest growing solution providers in the field of Power Quality and Reactive Power. Prestigious organization in diverse fields such as Steel, Cement, Tyre, Textile, Paper, Telecom, Utilities, Solar, Infrastructure, Pharmaceuticals, Refineries & Petrochemicals, Foundries, Automobiles etc. are our valued clients. Our exports are growing fast particularly to GCC countries. We are a preferred vendor due to our track record of having successfully implemented solutions for critical applications. Our association with FRAKO Germany whom we represent in India and GCC countries gives us a technical edge over our competitors.

2. What are the different products and services offered by Clariant Power System? How your products are leading in market?

We are exclusively focussed in the domain of Reactive Power and Power Quality and offer complete range of products and systems in this field. The range covers conventional contactor switched APFC panels; Thyristor switched RTPFC panels, Active Dynamic Harmonic Filters, Passive Tuned and Detuned Filters, Hybrid Filters, Series Filters for VFD application, Active Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Systems, Shunt Reactors, Power Factor Controllers, Capacitor Duty Contactors, Thyristor Switching Modules etc. We provide solutions at all voltage levels. We also conduct Thermography and Power Quality studies to design and manufacture solutions for our clients. We have a network of our service engineers stationed all over the country to provide after sales services. Our products are leading in the market as we provide customized solution for each application instead of relying on standard products. Our Tapped Tuned Reactors are unique. Our optimization of Harmonic Filter size with Hybrid Design is very effective and unique.

3. How Clariant Power is going to contribute in Elecrama, 2020? Is there any product launch in schedule?

We don’t have any special plans for Elecrama 2020. However, launch of our Active Dynamic compensation solution for critical applications such as Arc Furnace application coincides with Elecrama event. Arc Furnace needs a dynamic and fast acting reactive compensation solution in view of its loading pattern. This need has been felt by consumers after introduction of KVAH billing structure by most utilities. The conventional fixed passive compensation approach does not work. The Active Dynamic compensation solution which improves power quality is an improved version of earlier SVC solution and besides optimizing KVAH consumption it provides process improvement by way of reduced Electrode consumption, reduced specific energy consumption, increased life of refractory lining etc.

4. What are your views on the electrical power system industry of India?

The Electrical Power System Industry in India is very mature. This can be said particularly with respect to the segment of Reactive Power and Power Quality in which we operate. Thanks to the mechanism of incentives and penalties on power factor by utilities there is high level of awareness among consumers towards maintenance of better power quality. Likely introduction of penalties on abnormal Harmonic levels in line with those existing in Tamil Nadu all across the country has boosted interest in implementing power quality solutions among consumers. The industry today in India is prepared and geared up to provide the required products and systems.

5. What are the new technologies opted by your company and how they are changing the industry? What are the different industries catered by the company?

As mentioned earlier we design, manufacture and promote systems in line with new technologies. The new technologies used by us are Thyristor Controlled RTPFC systems using most advanced in house designed and manufactured Thyristor Switched Modules, Active Dynamic Filters and Fully Dynamic IGBT based Reactive Compensation Systems. The industry needs to keep pace with advancing technology but this is not happening as the transition to newer technologies in this field is slow thanks to lack of awareness among consumers. The industry players including major brands continue to push outdated systems such as APP low voltage capacitors in place of MPP capacitors, SVC systems in place of Fully Dynamic IGBT based systems etc. As regards the nature or type of industries catered to by us, we have impressive presence in all industrial sectors as mentioned earlier. All bulk consumers of electricity irrespective of the nature of their operations need these solutions and they are all our potential clients.

6. How Clariant power is contributing in CSR activities? What are the different CSR activities done by Clariant?

We take our responsibility towards society seriously and do contribute for CSR activities. The company has won several awards for these endeavours and has been recognized for this contribution. We also extend help to engineering students in upgrading their knowledge to make them industry ready and empower them for landing good jobs. We have designed special curriculum for students and have also entered into a formal association with an Engineering College for this purpose.

7. What are the other geographies in which Clariant is active for providing its products and solutions? How they are different from Indian market?

Clariant is very active and successful in providing its products and solutions in GCC countries. Besides this we have clients in South East Asian and African regions. There is stiff competition here from international players. The state norms here for reactive power are not as stringent as those in India. As regards power quality there is willingness on the part of consumers to go for solutions. Our association with FRAKO Germany gives us an edge here to penetrate the market.

8. What is the company’s long term vision to be the leader in power systems market? Where you foresee Clariant in coming years?

The company’s long term vision is to strengthen its position as a market leader by offering most advanced and customized solutions in Reactive Power and Power Quality. We also see export component of our business to register substantial growth. We foresee ourselves in coming years as a most preferred vendor in the areas of our operation. 



1. “The company in its initial days was involved in trading & distribution of electrical goods, and later emerged as an one-stop solution for complete industrial automation & low voltage switchgear products.,” Tell us some recent updates done by BALAJI SWITCHGEARS and what do you think how much BALAJI SWITCHGEARSis growing till now?

We established ourselves as an one-stop solution provider by 2017 in the low voltage industry. Since it was time for us to grow our identity more than a distributor, we took up projects of panel integration and supply in India and abroad. By the end of 2019, we have successfully added another feather in our hat as System Integrator in the Industry. To name a few of our clients of these automation projects were Alstom, Tiger IT, Vedanta etc. Also with this solution approach, we are catering all needs of our customers from sales to service. Growing at CAGR of 15%++, we tend to scale new heights in this Fast Moving Electrical Goods(FMEG) Sector.

2. What are the Advanced Services that you have provided to your customers? What are the new technologies you used to sustain in the market?

We have been serving the industry as leading authorised distributor of Industrial Automation Products. With time, we started providing Automation services also, like programming, installation, data communication etc. In order to be one stop solution station in its entirety with time, providing this service support was necessary.In today’s time customer wishes to get complete support from one point of contact. It saves them time, money and gives peace of mind which enables them to serve industry end-users. We have trained our team to be well equipped and versed about communication &programming. Today we are proud to provide our customers complete satisfaction with the help of these Advanced Services.

3. What are the challenges for the company in order to fulfil the demands of the customers? How company is handling those challenges?

Today’s customer demands for a good price offer, offered in time with fast to in-time delivery. To meet these challenges, we have worked time and again with our back-end operations team rigorously. To begin with, for any inquiry shared with us by any client, we ensure to share our best appropriate price offer within 24 hours. When it is about meeting delivery and consumption demand, we maintain optimum stock of various highly consumable articles of industry. For any non-standard product demand, we keep complete followups with our vendors to ensure in-time delivery and avoid delays.

4. How BALAJI SWITCHGEARShas been steadily expanding its footprint to support this growth in India as well as globally?

We believe in 3 simple Mantras:-

  1. Provide Best In Class Products & Services
  2. On-Time Delivery
  3. Customer Satisfaction.

These 3 basic principals have helped us in making what we are today and curating this growth path for us.

5. What is BALAJI SWITCHGEARSlong term vision and mission for Indian market?  

The power and energy sector would be growing at a much faster pace in the coming years, with a lot of infra projects and smart cities coming up. There won’t be any scarcity of business potential for anyone.

We wish to utilise the same to the best of our ability and multiply our business with this fast-paced economy. We wish to expand our footprint in untapped areas and grow at a CAGR of over 20 percent, contributing to the Indian Market & society.

6. What are the different markets catered by BALAJI SWITCHGEARS? How these markets are different from Indian market?

We are predominately working with OEM’s, Panel Builders & End Users, for their low voltage industrial needs in Switchgear & Automation. Customers for us are ranging from different industry like Packaging, Bottling, F&B, SPM’s, HVAC etc.

This variety of industries helps us in experimenting with our skill set, and thus having a 360 Degree approach overall. Also this helps in Cross-Utilisation of our resources & capabilities for different segment.

7. Are you are going to contribute in Elecrama, 2020? Is there any product launch from your side in Elecrama exhibition or does Elecrama will help you to make profit?

After the appreciable response from ELECRAMA 2018, this year we are focusing on enhancing our public relations with customers and stakeholders. The year 2018 helped uscreate valuable leads and a greater customer footprint. Being a part of this exhibition, we hope to leave an impressionable experience for you.

Our entire low voltage range of switchgears and automation would be displayed from all our partners, through which we intend to showcase our one-stop solution approach that makes business easier and reliable for all our customers. Also, this year we are celebrating our 30th year and hence, we perceive to show our organisational journey as well.



1. Axis has over 25 years of experience & grown into one of the leading Indian brands for Electrical Components. Please enlighten us about your journey till now.

Since Axis’s inception in 1994 with a focus on export, we have focused on rigorous quality standards and international certificates, which made Axis amongst the first Indian companies to have products certified for UL 467 & BSEN 50164. Axis first got into the business of AB Cable Accessories and Distribution Line Hardware in 1998 when we executed a major order for Yemen. This long association with AB Cable Accessories means that we are now one of the largest suppliers for Rural Electrification in India. We have a strong hold in domestic market as well.

Our export focus has also meant that we have consistently received export excellence awards from organisations such as IEEMA, along with a ‘Star Export House’ status by the Government of India and awarded the ‘Exporters Gold Card’ certification from Central Bank of India. Being one of the largest exporters from India, we have also received an SE 1A rating by CRISIL, reinforcing our status as a company with ‘High Financial Strength and the Highest Performance Capability’.

Axis has always been forward looking and now we are focused on not just manufacturing world class products, but also growth in terms of technology, building a strong team and our commitment to our community which will all help us grow for another 25 years.

2. What are the different geographies catered by Axis? How they are different from Indian market?

Axis has sold its products to more than 80 countries in the past 25 years – everywhere from New Zealand to Zambia. The world has gotten smaller and we have used this opportunity to extend our reach globally. The biggest difference between the global market and India is the standardisation of products and the strict testing according to high level specifications such as IEC, UL and others. This experience in the global market has taught Axis how to design and manufacture products at the highest level of quality and we bring this same learning to our products sold in India.

3. You have vast range of products. How to choose the best suitable for application?

We understand the difficulty for our clients to grasp our large range of products and their application, therefore we created a library of videos on YouTube for our customers and others to understand the application and installation of our products. These videos filled a gap in the market and they now have more than 250,000+ views on YouTube, you can find them at

4. What are your views on the condition of electrical sector of the country? How fruitful this sector was in last few months?

India has come a long way in terms of both demand & supply of electrical components with the modernisation of the grid and the growth and improvement of manufacturing facilities across the country. The biggest scope of improvement in the industry as a whole is the standardisation of products that need to be used nation-wide and thus the nation-wide standardisation of testing codes as well. This will allow for the development economies of scale for manufacturers, thus reducing price, and it will also remove any guess-work during the process of product development. Utilities will also be sure of the products they will receive.

Rural electrification is one of the most important tasks which the government has undertaken over its 72 year history and this large mission means a large scope for growth for the entire industry. With the electrification of the entire country, Axis is optimistic on the positive growth of the industry led by companies that focus on quality and standardisation of products.

5. How important Elecrama, 2020 is for Axis Electrical? How you are going to participate in this event?

We have been a part of Elecrama for the past 20 years and we have attended every single exhibition since it is the go-to event to meet industry colleagues, get a clear sense of where the industry is headed and to network. Without Elecrama we would not be able to explore the market as deeply as we have been able to over the past 20 years.

Our main focus in the Indian market remains our existing products, AB Cable Accessories, where we are a top player in the market and have been successfully selling to most Electrical Utilities and major EPC companies across the country. We are also introducing our international range of products into the Indian markets which we manufacture as per international standards and certifications and have been exporting for the past 25 years. We are also excited to showcase our brand new products in the range of energy metering and lightning protection & earthing.

6. Please tell us about your overall vision for the Indian market.

With the rural electrification project undertaken by the Indian government is one of the largest undertaking which will lead to growth for this industry. Project like this will also fill in the demand supply gap in the industry in Indian market, along with standardisation of products which leads to uniformity. This in turn will make way for development of this industry and it will also remove any guess-work during the process of product development. Such developments will ensure the growth of Indian markets.



1. Since the inception of its establishment in India in the year 2006, what are the changes that you notice in the Indian electrical market till now?

The major change, we have observed during last decade clearly highlights that the technology has changed the operational efficiency of electrical equipment. Emergence ofsmart technology, data monitoring and control became prominent in the electrical industry & so is the technological transformation. Digitization of systems & components played important role in generation, transmission & distribution of electricity. Predictive & preventive maintenance along with trouble shooting of electrical and mechanical components have become a crucial aspect now. More preference is given to the manufactures developing & suppling systems & components to the industry. Even the manual processes and time taking tasks are now governed with IoT enabled systems, that saves a lot of time & efforts.

2. What differentiates you as opposed to your competitors?

Testo being a market leader in testing & measurement sector, has always strived to develop and provide solutions that makes the work simpler, better and reliable. The latest trends and advancements from the digitization of the working system are calling for solutions that are intuitive and smart. Testo realised the changing approach at the very beginning & hasbrought transformational change in T&M industry with an entirely new range of smart measuring products for multiple applications. Testo is one of the first T&M companies who moved from analog measuring techniques to digital to smart instruments. Our Wi-Fi data loggers and other IEQ measuring instruments proved out to be revolutionary solution with just one versatile instrument and multiple range of wired & Bluetooth probes.

Considering our latest and most advanced solutions for instance, our Electrical Instruments are very distinct and unique in their features. They are excellent instruments to inspect the electrical components and circuit failure threats. Along with that they ensure longevity and efficiency of various power electronic components that control and regulate the flow of electrical energy. Our new range of Thermal Imagers with smartphone integration designed to deliver networked thermography are mostly used for predictive and preventive maintenance. These electrical & thermal imagers are one of its kind & are useful for trouble shooting in power sector also.

Apart from what the product delivers, Testo also has a NABL accredited service & calibration LAB that takes care of the after sales support locally from Pune. This facility is highly cost effective as it delivers international standards very conveniently.

3. Very recently Testo received the international prestigious German Design Award 2020 for 3 products for excellent product design - testo 300 - the truly smart flue gas analyser; testo 400 - the universal climate instrument and testo Smart Probes. Would you like to like to elaborate on these hattrick award winning products.

It is definitely a great news for testo group and we are obliged to receive such appreciation on a global level. This also shows the quality, commitment and thorough R&D that takes place at our end, to continuously improve and keep delivering the best products to the market. Testo has always tried to make compact measuring instruments which are easy to operate and use. Testo brings in the new generation of IEQ measurement technology with testo 400 which is the universal measuring instrument for all air flow and IEQ applications. The product is sleek and attractive in design with a big data display that can connect to several probes wirelessly. The new range of testo smart probes beats any parallel product in terms of size, shape and user friendliness. Features like customised design of the 605i probe tip, magnetic holder given at the back for secure attachment & bendable probe feature makes measurement more comfortable at the outlets, vents or smaller measurement apertures and openings. Similarly, new testo 549i pressure measuring probe is redesigned & its connection is angled at 45° for easy mounting.The testo 300 flue gas analyser is ideal for the most important measurements involving heating systems. It combines decades of experience in measuring technology with contemporary smart-touch operation, robust construction and impressive design.

Not only the design, our products excel in their features and specifications too. All these products impress with smart technology, fast readiness and convenient application.

4. What are your views regarding Govt’s “Make In India” Initiative? How would Testo India place itself in the whole spectrum of this initiative?

The initiative is indeed is a huge leap forward as it strengthens the global status of the country and provides opportunities to numerous companies and manufacturers. It also gives many industries to extend their reach in the market. Testo India gets more chances to carter to new manufacturing units and provide a wide range of measuring instruments. This initiative by govt. of India has grown exceptionally in the last 5 years and it was started to encourage the Indian manufactures. Although there are some loopholes in this procedure where the objectives are not met, hence it becomes a high priority task for the government as well to ensure that events likeimporting components from overseas or carrying out only assembly work in India is not encouraged and the initiative is properly implementedas per the set objective, guidelines & rules.

5. Testo India focuses on climate data monitoring in critical pharma and cleanroom applications. So, what are the R&D involved in this process? Are there any latest innovations Testo is coming up with dealing with these applications?

Pharma is probably the most important industry among others as it has a direct impact on the consumer health and well-being. It is essential to store pharmaceuticals, vaccines, laboratory samples and units of blood at the right temperatures to ensure that they remain effective and that hygiene is maintained. Ambient conditions play a key role in pharma & cleanroom applications and thus it becomes very important to ensure proper climatic conditions in these sectors. Another factor that is crucial are the stringent norms that govern the pharma division and the necessity to adhere to the predefined standards for audit purpose. Testo has been supporting the industry with testo Saveris system which is an all-in-one solution that consists of a centrally located Saveris base that communicates to freely mountable sensors with radio and Ethernet signals, that can be placed at different measuring locations. In the coming future testo also plans to take this technology to the next level with advanced probes and sensors to carter to these applications.

6. Are you planning to come up with some innovations and showcase in the Elecrama 2020 event?

Elecrama has continued to be a major event of Electrical industry that brings technology, Solutions, product and knowledge-sharing all under one roof. Testo India is participating in Elecrama 2020 and the reputation that Elecrama carries, we hope that the trend continues & we get good response this time. The main highlight would be the new and unique set of electrical measuring instruments that are so relatively advanced that the unique Clamp meters – testo 770 and Multi meters – testo 760 are intuitive, can measure several parameters in a single component.

Another important highlight of the event is our wide range of thermal imagers. Testo India provides testo 885 and testo 890 high end thermal imagers that, can be used to conduct thermal inspections in transmission lines up to 765KV voltage level, using a super telephoto lens with correspondingly high resolution, conveniently from the ground. Testo 868 & testo 872 are the best entry level thermal cameras for application in electrical cabinets, solar panels, circuits etc.We invite all the customers to come to our stall and witness the latest T&M measurement solutions and products for Electrical and other related segments.



1. Galaxy Earthing is one of growing manufacturers of earthing electrodes, please brief us more about your company & share some of the milestones of Galaxy Earthing Electrodes (P) Ltd?

As one of the fastest growing manufactures of earthing electrodes in India, we take pride in saying that the company has a deep-rooted market throughout the country Established in 2006, the company has a rich experience in the electrical safety industry for more than a decade and has been constantly striving to implement new technologies through its highly experienced R&D engineering team. The contributing factor to our rapid expansion in the country is due to the development of maintenance free earthing electrodes that promote high safety standards.

2. Could you expatiate more about Galaxy Earthing’s domestic & global business activities?

The company has its market expanded to all major cities throughout the country. The products are promoted through dealers and distributors. We also actively participate in trade fairs to reach out to more potential markets. The company is also working towards expanding in other countries in the near future.

3. Can you highlight some of the top line products & its applications?

All the products that are manufactured by Galaxy Earthing electrodes are IS, IEC and IEEE compliant and the manufacturing techniques ensure that quality standards are kept high. Our line of products include galvanized iron pipe electrodes, copper pipe/rod electrodes, copper bonded pipe/rod electrodes and other conventional type like copper/GI/cast iron plate electrodes and cast iron pipe electrodes etc. In addition to this, we also manufacture simplified lightning protection systems like Early Steamer Emission (EQ type and conventional type. Our products are widely used in power generation plants, distribution units and end-users like industries, commercial buildings and residential areas.

4. What is Galaxy Earthing’s product marketing strategy to confront the competition?

The marketing strategy of the company focuses primarily on providing affordable solutions to the electrical safety needs of a client. Since our products have an established brand value in the market due to their safety and reliability, the company is progressing forwards despite stiff competition in the market Also, the periodic feedback addressing system we have in our company helps us to constantly improve and serve better to our existing clients.

5. How do you account R&D activity in Galaxy Earthing?

We have our own R&D team that majorly works towards developing and implementing safer and efficient manufacturing techniques. 4“his ensures that the company stays updated with the prevailing technological advancements in the industry.

6. How does Galaxy Earthing assert the standard from the phase of product manufacturing till its implementation, brief us about the quality policy of your company?

The products have been tested and certified by both Central Power research institute (CPRI), Bangalore as well as Central Electrical Testing laboratory (CETL), Kakkalur Every product that is being manufactured goes through strict quality control through our QC engineers and the installation of the product at our client site is again monitored by our field engineers who ensure that the safety standards are not compromised. Some of the benefits of installing our products are

  • High conductivity
  • Anti-corrosion and minimal current fluctuation
  • Increased capacity to carry high peak current
  • Durability
  • Ease of installation

7. Does “India” as market has a great potential? What are the key performance areas? Could you brief us the Indian & global scenario of electrical safety industry? According to you what are the factors affecting the electrical earthing business? What are the key technological trends that are driving the electrical safety industry?

Electrical safety is a constantly evolving industry that relies on various factors. Considering the availability of infrastructure, awareness programmes and scope of research, a country like India is still learning and adopting better standards of practices in this industry. The major concerns prevailing in electrical safety are attributed to both the manufacturers and consumers. The manufacturing methods that produce sub-standard quality equipment have a direct influence on the market growth. The compromise on the safety standards puts men and machine at risk. Consumers, on the other hand opt for these products since they come at a cheaper price. Due to lack of awareness on the importance of electrical safety and its effects, the consumers are prone to safety hazards. India has a great potential in this industry and it’s the responsibility of both the government and manufactures to bring innovation into the scenario so as to compete against other countries. The Government should promote research based developments with the help of premier institutions to work alongside the manufacturers.

8. What is your vision for Galaxy Earthing?

The company aims to become the forefront face of electrical safety and will constantly strive to bring in newer and innovative technologies into Indian market.



1. “Dirak India Panel Fittings Pvt. Ltd., is a trusted manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Latches, Hinges and other fittings.”  How these statements justify the success of DIRAK?

As one of the world’s leading technology and system providers, DIRAK develops, manufactures and sells innovative components for enclosure construction – specialized in latching, locking, hinging, and gasketing.Our products go into various industries like Energy, Machine Construction, Railways, Transportation, IT and into any kind of Sheet-Metal Fabrication.

Our customer relationships have been built over the years through our consistent quality deliveries and I would say our success is better measured through this than from a statement.

2. What are the mission and vision for your company?

To be the worldwide leading supplier of innovative technology for mechanical and electronic locking, latching and hinging systems for industrial enclosures.

3. What makes DIRAKa no. 1 brand and different from your competitors?

Our product innovations and quality makes us different.

We develop pioneering solutions that will actually help our customers and we stay focussed on our core area of expertise through original thought process and keep coming out with new products.

Quality is not just a word but a holistic approach consisting of various elements, such as product quality, quality service and consulting, quality and reliable delivery, and qualified solution expertise. These are not just promises we make to customers but something we want customers to experience from our daily activities.

4. Please tell us something about your products and odd services?

DIRAK manufactures mechanical and mechatronic hardware for enclosure industry. Specialized in latching, locking, hinging, and gasketing.With a high number of patents and an international focus, DIRAK has become one of the world's leading technology and systems providers in this field.

DIRAK INDIA is a 100% subsidiary of DIRAK Germany with it’s Indian office head-quartered in Bangalore along with a manufacturing facility. We have sales offices in all major Indian cities.

5. Brief us about some noteworthy projects done by DIRAK?

We do not participate in projects directly. We supply our components to OEMs and they build the systems.

Through OEMs, we participated in several Railway modernization projects, Metro Rail projects, Renewable Energy and Energy Distribution projects in the previous year.

6. Are you going to participate in ELECRAMA-2020, any new product launch in ELECRAMA and what are your expectations from this event?

We are not participating in ELECRAMA this year.

Regarding new products, we launched many new products during the prvious year. Products that were launched last year were mainly for better vibration resistance and IP. With our focus in Railways, we developed many products that can be used in high speed railways. Specification involved is very different here. Also we developed many new gasket products meeting higher fire safety standards.

Our D-SNAP technology is relatively new to the market which offers hardware installation without the use of tools or mounting hardware such as screws or nuts. This technology offers a completely new way of reducing cost and in overall time saving. By using D-SNAP technology, the SNAP-in elements, which are integrated into a housing compartment are wedged into the cutout, providing a secure vibration proof installation. Without screws, there is no concern about loose pieces falling off and damaging sensitive equipment.

Our E-Line locking systems that can be managed remotely through software also have introduced many new solutions under that product line.

7. How you foresee the growth of electrical and energy markets?

We see positive growth in Electrical and Energy markets with this being a focus area of the government.  Growth is also contributed through adoption of upgraded technology . Apart from High Voltage control panels, many new areas have evolved where special design considerations are required. EMI/RFI protection, Vibration resistance , Higher IP rating requirements etc are creating opportunities for high quality control panel manufacturers.



1. What is ANDRITZ allabout? What are the achievements of the company till now?

ANDRITZ HYDRO Private Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Austrian company ANDRITZ HYDRO and therefore part of International technology group ANDRITZ. ANDRITZ HYDRO is one of the leading global suppliers of hydro mechanical (HM) and electromechanical (EM) equipment for hydropower plants. With over 175 years of accumulated experience and more than 31,600 turbines installed, totaling approximately 434,600 megawatts output, the business area supplies the complete product range, including turbines, generators, and additional equipment of all types and sizes – “from water to wire” for small hydro applications up to large hydropower plants with outputs of more than 800 megawatts per turbine unit. ANDRITZ HYDRO’s “Water to Wire” concept ensures long term sustainable solutions on green-field and rehabilitation projects for its esteemed clients. It is a leading global player in Pump Storage schemes (PSP) and has supplied over 200 units comprising of an installed generated capacity of over 25,500 MW to its customers in India, China, Europe and other important markets.

2. What are the new products in your product basket? What are your newly launched products?

ANDRITZ Hydro is a project driven company and undertakes complex turnkey execution of the complete hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical works of hydro power projects. Keeping in lines with rapid technological advancements in the field of automation, ANDRITZ is well equipped in remote control of hydro projects from other base cities using its own platform, namely DiO Mera.

Also with the growing need of renewable energy capacity additions, the company has developed its own storage interfacing solution namely HybaTech for solar plants and pumped storage schemes.

The company is also a stalwart in operation and maintenance of hydro power projects. ANDRITZ is currently the O&M contractor for one of the largest IPP based hydro power project in the country.

ANDRITZ HYDRO has experience of executing more than 804 hydropower plants worldwide equipped with hydro mechanical (HM) equipment along with a vast experience in in-house design, manufacture, supply & installations. These include various types of high-pressure high head gates, such as fixed wheel gates, sliding gates, radial gates, caterpillar gates, as well as gates for ship locks, such as miter gates or sector gates, stop logs, cranes, lifting beams, trash racks, raking machines, penstocks, pipe bridges, steel tunnel linings, bi- and trifurcations as well as complete manifold systems.

3. What are the challenges for the company in order to fulfil the demands of the customers? How company is handling those challenges?

The Indian hydropower market is currently contributing to only 12.5% of the total installed capacity of the country. This share is declining since renewable energy is making rapid additions to the installed capacity. With a shortage in green-field project development, the equipment market has become demand hungry thereby increasing competitiveness. Corroding margins and unfairly balanced commercial tender conditions are major challenges in today’s scenario.

Environmental concerns, geological surprises and R&R issues have led to numerous projects being delayed and hence project costs have overrun their budgets. These challenges are some of which we hope to see change happening in the coming months in 2020.

4. Technology is now becoming the heart of every business, what are the new technologies opted by ANDRITZ? How these innovations and technologies are changing the industry?

ANDRITZ is a technology driven company and has its own research and development wing in Austria and Europe. The company is working in the lines of Industry 4.0 and primarily working on automation technologies. With a paradigm shift towards IP based automation technology, ANDRITZ is gearing to address this sphere in the coming times to care to the needs of the modern customer.

ANDRITZ HYDRO follows the global ANDRITZ Hydro standards and quality procedures established and are constantly updated. It has been accredited with quality certifications and has a quality management and assurance program which ensures the requirements of the market.

Globally, ANDRITZ HYDRO has numerous hydraulic test rigs, generator laboratories, pump testing laboratory and advances numerical calculation methods. In its Mandideep facility, ANDRITZ has its Center of Competence (C-o-C) for compact hydro generators.

5. What are the different markets catered by ANDRITZ? How these markets are different from Indian market?

ANDRITZ is catering to the India region consisting of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Further, it addresses South and South East Asia markets. Countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Lao PDR have a growing hydro market including pumped storage plants. ANDRITZ is active in these markets and expects to grow further.



1. We understand that busbar power distribution systems were first introduced in the USA in the 1930s. What were the primary reasons for this radical change in power distribution system technology?

Bus bar Electrical distribution is also well known as busduct, busways, rising mains etc based on the application's. As per NEMA Standards Publication bus bar is defined as “a prefabricated electric distribution system consisting of bus bars in a protective enclosure, including straight lengths, fittings, devices and accessories”. Although bus bars were introduced long back, but the the exponential growth has happened only in the last decade. Moreover, its popularity is getting growing further as the application is getting wider. Sandwich Busbar arrangement has been developed to become a vital part of electrical power distribution system in the recent time. Sandwich construction of the bus bar efficiently transfers the heat from the conductor to atmosphere when compared to air insulated bus bars by avoiding the complex heat transfer methodology. Many developments are happening in bus bar domain making it more compact, safe, economical and more efficient.

2. IIGM is the sole distributor of EAE, Turkey in India. Since when has IIGM been associated with EAE? What are the various EAE products that IIGM distributes in India?

EAE operations become more active in India after partnering with IIGM some 15 years back. EAE is very well accepted in India. After all every one accept a quality product. EAE is been pioneered in bus bar business with over a history of more than 40 years. Apart from bus bars, we do have cable trays, Sismic solutions, lighting and fit out solutions.

3. Speaking of busbar power distribution systems of EAE, tell us about their key features and their global market?

We provide the whole range of bus bars starting from 25 Amps till 6300 Amps, IP 55 to IP 68 bus bars, MV bus bars up to 24kV, Trolley bus bars, Underfloor bus bars etc. EAE is a one point solution for the electrical distribution system. Moreover, EAE presence is all across the world catering to more than 100 countries world wide.World is going towards compactness and off course restricting within the IEC guidelines. Our core R&D team continuously strives towards innovation, ease of application and making efficient bus bars.

4. What is the essential difference between a conventional busbar power distribution system and a trolley busbar system?

The conventional bus bars have typical fixed outlet locations. Wherein trolley bus bars are used where the connected load keeps on moving during live conditions.

5. How has been the response to EAE busbar systems in India? How does it score over competition from other Indian and foreign suppliers?

The acceptance for EAE in India is truly excellent. Our number of projects are more than 1100 and are running from years together without any trouble. Our Major focus is also on the man power where we recruit the best qualified engineers starting from sales team till the design and execution team. We invest lot of time and money in training our teams. Bus bars are much more than just four conductors and we know that very well than others.

6. Give us some key references of Indian projects deploying EAE busbar power distribution systems?

Most of our orders are repeated. We are the preferred make for many of the clients due to the quality. Some of the references includes Maruthi  ( Manesar, Gurgoan, Hansalpur), WTC ( Bangalore, Cochin), Bagmane ( more than 20 projects), Loma IT Parks and many more across India. We have the references in almost all the domains like Software parks, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Data centers etc.

7. Would you know if EAE has plans of locally manufacturing busbar systems in India?

Yes there is a plan for this.The higher quality of EAE is due to the preciseness in the manufacturing techniques been followed and its not so easy to set up the factory so easily. We are studying all the feasibility.

8. How do you see the prospects for EAE busbar systems in India, in the years to come?

The reach of EAE is growing day by day.End users and consultants are becoming more quality conscious and understanding the importance of bus bar systems. Off course has to be, as this is nerves of the system connecting the different equipment. This shall help us in the ease of business in the coming future.

9. Technology is now becoming the heart of every business, what are the new technologies opted by EAE? How these innovations and technologies are changing the industry?

Eae manufacturing facility in istanbul turkey is the one of the biggest factory for bus bar 88,000 m2. Eae has incorporated robotics in 90% of the assembly line for busbars and moved away from manual production lines. This has improved the effeciency in manufacturing and improved quality and reduced defect ratios to almost nill.

10. How EAE is going to contribute in Elecrama, 2020? Is there any product launch in line up? What will be the main attraction in Elecrama?

EAE is launching Data centre track bus bay in Elecrama.



1. Please enlighten us about our journey in India till now. What are the achievements of the company?

Our journey in India has been nothing less than Incredible. We started our Indian operations in the year 2008 and very successfully completed our journey of 10 years last year. We are a 100% Subsidiary of ZIEHL-ABEGG SE, Germany and have been focussed on offering High Efficiency and Reliable Fans to OEM customers across a wide range of application. Over the years we have seen the customers in India adopting our fans into their equipment thereby living up to our objective of Saving the Precious Energy. Our biggest achievement has been the success of our customers as they are offering to their end user a product with Lowest Power Consumption and Lowest Noise.

2. What are the latest products on offer by ZIEHL-ABEGG? How these products are helping the electrical industry?

With a rich experience of over 110 years, we are offering External Rotor Motor based Fans which are not only compact but also consume less power and are low noise. The maintenance required is also negligible. We had also introduced ECblue Fans (Electronically Commutated) to the Indian market which helps save the precious energy, as these fans have in-built speed controller, which helps our customers modulate the speed of the fan depending on the load. Going forward we are introducing IE5 rated ECblue fans, which will help the Industry further save on the electricity. In 2019 we also launched the Tube Axial Fan which uses the standard IEC motor and delivers to the end user what is submitted in the technical document.

3. What are the main fields of application for your products? What are the latest innovations you are working on?

Our Fans are used in a wide basket of applications ranging from Transformer Cooling, Wind Mills, Solar Power, Air Handling Units, Air Cooled Chillers, Railways, Cold rooms, Refrigeration. In fact we are present in all the applications wherein one needs to move the air in a controlled manner.

We have been introducing new impellers, which are inspired from Nature, together with High Efficiency Motors to the Indian Industry which saves energy. We have a team of 300 R&D Engineers based out of our German HQ who are working day in and day out on developing new impellers, motors and controllers so as to offer even better fans to our OEM customers.

4. How ZIEHL maintain the quality of its products? Please tell us about your Research & Development (R&D) facilities and other quality & certifications.

We have very stringent Quality norms, which covers all aspects of our business starting from Vendor selection to Assembling/ Manufacturing Processes to Testing of the Fans to packaging to the documentation required to be sent to the customer. All the processes are in accordance with our German HQ guidelines and I am pleased to state that take pride in the fact that we are basically a German Factory in India.

R&D activity is centralized at our German HQ. This year our R&D Lab (INvent) in Germany also completed its 11 years of existence. This lab still continues to be the Largest Lab in the Fan Industry. An interesting fact about our Invent Center is that the Test Lab, which weighs 1,250 Tons, is mounted on springs as we wanted not even the structural noise to affect the Noise measurement of our fan.

For the 1st time we were able to achieve a background noise level of 15 dB in our Lab. For our customers, this implies that the Noise data they receive from us is very accurate.

5. What are the new technologies opted by the company in order to provide best products?

A few years back our German HQ invested in a 3-D printing machine which helps our R&D team to create prototypes much faster, test them and create another one for testing. This 3-D printing machine helps us speeden up the development phase of an Impellers. We also invested in a High Efficiency Composite Material, which is 100% recyclable, to offer to our customers Fans with high Efficiency and Low Noise. And we continue to search and adopt from Nature for further design concepts which can help us create sustainable products for our customers.

6. How are you gearing up for the future opportunities and challenges?

We are continuously working on bringing in new technological concepts and products to the Indian market, and promoting them so that we are able to offer to our Indian customer state-of-the-art fans which can help the entire industry. India continues to be a land of opportunity for us and we see that more and more customers are accepting High Efficiency Products from our portfolio. We are also working on getting closer to our customers across India and working very closely with them from the design stage so that we can together develop end products which add value to the end user.



1. Brief us about your company.

Yash Earthing Solutions are Prominent  Manufacturer Duly registered under Micro and Small Industries for manufacturing  of Chemical Pipe Earthing (Based on G.I. ,Copper Bonded & Pure Copper) , Earth pit cover, Lightning arrester, Back fill compound and all type of Grounding systems with the  "YEC brand".We are also in field of ESE Lightning Arrester in Brand Name of ATS Based on Turkey as Per Specified NFC Standard.

Our Product Range Which We manufacture are Given Below-

1. Chemical Pipe Earthing (GI,Copper,Copper Bonded, CI etc)
2. ESE Lightning Arrester
3. Digital Lightning counter
4. Poly Plastic Earth Pit Cover
5. Surge Arrester
6. All Earthing Accessories

7. GI STRIP                                                                                                                                                           


Our organization is fully devoted in providing the cost effective and quality solution for all types of Earthing Requirements. The company is established in the year 2004 by a group of qualified and zealous electrical engineers and has continuously contributed to the development of electrical Earthing techniques. Backed with a strong R&D team, our organization has always been committed to deliver quality products and also our product is warranted for ten years for any manufacturing defects therefore ‘YEC Earth Electrode’ is a trusted name.

We specialize in installation and testing highly conductive, corrosion free earthing system as well as lightning protection system. Our services extend to private businesses (large and small) as well as Government agencies.

2. Can you share with us the success journey of  Yash Earthing Solutions Pvt. Ltd since it’s inception.

We have started our business in a small room in Budhwarpeth Pune market in the year 2002 .  But we take pride now to say that  we are now one of the fastest growing Manufacturers of Earthing & Lightening Arrestors in India & UAE . The company has a rich experience in the electrical safety industry for more than a decade & has been constantly striving to implement new technologies through its highly experienced R&D engineering team. We would say that the contributing factor to our rapid expansion in the country is due to the development of the maintenance free Earthing electrodes & Lightening Arrestors that promote high safety standards.

3. What differentiates you from your competitors ?

 Yash Earthing Solutions Pvt. Ltd . has been a leading player in earthing & Lightening arrestor from 2002, has always strived to develop & provide solutions that makes the work simpler, better & reliable. The company has witnessed many evolutions in the products for Power sector since its inception right starting from Solar Earthing systems & lightening arrestors to 400kv live switchyards, in latest earthing systems.Recently we have supplied & installed Pipe in pipe type GI rods of Diameter 80 x 3 metres length to 33 kva substation MSEB, Ratnagiri in dry rocky area . Our clientele list includes Waree Energies, JSW, Mercedez Benz, Mahindra & Mahindra , Chakan and many others.

Our product range, manufacturing systems, supply network and customer support have earned us a position at the top of the industry today and our client list speaks for itself why we are at the forefront of every other earthing project being executed in the industry today.

4. What is your outlook on the recent status of  India’s power sector scenario?

The electrical power system industry in india is very mature. This can be said particularly with respect to the segment of reactive power & power quality in which we operate. Thanks to the mechanism of incentives and penalties on power factor by utilities there is high level of awareness among consumers towards maintenance of better power quality. Likely introduction of penalties on abnormal harmonic levels in line with those existing in Tamil Nadu all across the country has boosted interest in implementing power quality solutions among consumers. The industry today in india is prepared and geared up to provide the required products and systems.

5. What are your plans for the year 2020?

The company’s 2020 vision is to strengthen its position as a market leader by offering the most advanced and customized solutions in reactive power & power quality. We also see export component of our business to register substantial growth. We  forsee ourselves in this year as a most preferred vendor in the areas of our Perception.



1. What are the different offerings of Sterlite Power Ltd.? What are the core areas of operations Sterlite Power is focusing on?

Through our Global Infrastructure Business, we bid, design, construct, own and operate power transmission assets across multiple geographies. Our focus is to develop projects ahead of schedule. Our Solutions business helps power Utilities to strengthen their power delivery networks with bespoke solutions. As a Master System Integrator our goal is to deliver multifold increase in throughput, upgrades to existing infrastructure, uprate of Overhead Conductors, OPGW based communication system & reliable EHV underground network, in shortest possible time. Our Convergence Business operates at the confluence of the power and telecom sectors. We leverage our transmission infrastructure via a series of industry first solutions to roll out reliable communication networks for Internet Service Providers and Telecommunications companies, thereby advancing the Digital India mission.

2. How you are going to exhibit in Elecrama 2020? What are the expectations of Sterlite from this electricity expo?

I’d like to start by congratulating the organisers for conceiving and executing a global event of such size and scale. There is also significant participation from regulators and policy makers. The ideas that emerge from the discussions, dialogue and deliberations are very crucial for the sector. Our hope is that they are taken forward and adopted. Elecrama is a prestigious event to be associated with and we look forward to our participation. We have been participating for many years. Consistent with our theme ‘Reimagining Energy Future’ we plan to showcase our global technology partnerships and will be launching a few capabilities and new products that have been developed in-house. Our showcase will also consist of global technology systems Integration solutions, power systems simulation capabilities, alternative construction techniques and next gen products and technologies.

3. What are the difficulties in Transmission & Distribution (T&D) sector of the country?

India is running largest RE Expansion Programme in the world. What it means is that huge generation capacities added in fraction of a time than evacuation system can be built. Planners should be mindful of  110/1100 days paradigm,i.e., it takes 110 days to commission a solar farm, while transmission system may take up to 1100 days to build. Hence, transmission system should be planned ahead of generation.

The other issue is  that urbanisation and development are leading to exponential power demand, the likes of which the existing ageing transmission infrastructure is unable to meet. This leads to transmission congestion problems for power utilities. Setting up new infrastructure comes with coinciding challenges of time, space and capital. We help Utilities resolve these challenges through uprating/upgrading existing transmission infrastructure to address these critical issues.

These are the existing challenges. In terms of upcoming challenges, I believe keeping the transmission grid up and running in the face of drastic climate change will be a significant challenge. Creating a cyber resilient infrastructure is going to be another formidable challenge.

4. Can you tell us the defining steps taken by Sterlite in order to provide best solutions for the industry? 

It all starts with investing in people and tools for capability building.As a master systems integrator to power utilities, we have nurtured solution architects. We have also invested in power systems simulation capabilities-competence and software. Our emphasis is also on cultivating and nurturing specialised talent, drone pilots and ariel technologists also form part of our workforce.

On the products side, we have dedicated new product development (NPD) teams, the latest software etc. Our testing labs are NABL approved. We have also invested in creating an overarching circle of experts to guide us on a host of issues, including technology, research and development and policy.

5. What are the new innovations impacting in power and transmission infrastructure?

Innovation is one of our core values and it is firmly imprinted in our organisation’s DNA. Technology is the catalyst that drives our innovative solutions to address and resolve transmission congestion challenges for our customers. Let me cite a few examples. Our uprate/upgrade projects in Kerala are helping the state govt to transform traditional energy delivery networks with the use of cutting edge technologies like MCMV towers, alternate construction methods-Micropiles, aerial technologies for stringing etc. We are enhancing the transmission capacity in these corridors in many cases by 14X times, in compressed timelines, without taking up any additional space or new infrastructure. We were the first company in India to herald in ‘Live Line’ reconductoring in Bangalore – we doubled the transmission capacity on a 66 KV transmission line connecting to electronic city, by replacing existing conductor with HPC – without taking a power shutdown, as is usually required. We worked on energised lines with ‘specialised techniques’, to deliver this project by avoiding any disruption to power supply to nearby areas. Recently, we installed the longest span with an HPC across a river crossing – for the Purnia-Bihar Shariff 400kV double circuit Transmission line. A specialised ultra-low sag composite core conductor was developed for this project. This will revolutionise the way river crossings are done in transmission projects across the country. We proudly pick up the toughest and most complex challenges to resolve in the transmission industry. We are inspired by our core purpose, which is at the heart of our company’s strategy that is ‘Empowering humanity by addressing the toughest challenges of energy delivery’.

6. What is Sterlite’s long term vision and mission for Indian market?  What will be the outlook of transmission sector of India?

We are committed to the vision of 24/7 reliable and quality power for all and to that end, India will remain our prime focus. We feel extremely privileged to be part of a sector which is actively contributing to nation building with the work that we undertake and deliver. Going forward the evolution of mega trends will keep the market exciting. These include, unplanned urban growth, the changing energy mix (with huge RE additions), electricity market disrupting load flows, changing demand patterns, penetration of EV, engaged customer on the grid side and more and more electrification of energy. Various consumption side factors will also contribute to future disruption. So overall, we are bullish on the future for the transmission sector.



1. Can you brief us about your company?

Silverline Electricals is a 23 year old electrical infrastructure company and in 2012 it has ventured into manufacturing transformers and allied electrical equipments. Silverline Electricals manufactures oil-filled transformers up to 5 MVA 33 kv voltage class and various electrical panels needed in electrical infrastructure. Today, Silverline Electricals is considered as a leading electrical infrastructure equipment manufacturing company with proven expertise in providing quality product at optimum cost.

2. Share with us about your product basket?

Our product basket includes Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Special application Transformers upto 5 MVA 33 kV class, APFC & LT distribution panel manufacturer

3. Silverline Electricals started as a contracting firm and ventured into manufacturing transformers and allied electrical equipments. Can you share with us your success throughout this journey?

Our vision is to be the benchmark of electrical infrastructure industry and to be considered a trusted partner by our customers for creating value for them by providing innovative & quality products, solutions and services.

4. What differentiates you from your competitors?

We have in-house teams for design and R&D which allows us to continuously innovate products with best quality along with optimum price and better service. Our experience technical workforce is always available to quickly assist our customers to resolve any issues. Also, our maintenance team provides timely reminders for scheduled maintenance to our customers ensuring trouble free and better life of the products thus saving money to the customers.  

5. What is your outlook on the recent status of India’s power sector scenario?

Given the focus of central and state governments on electrical infrastructure work. We see huge opportunities for growth since transformers and panels are heart of electrical networks. The competitive marketplace demands long term quality of the product with optimum cost. Only the technically capable companies with innovation and mature support systems will be successful.



1. Please enlighten us about the journey and achievements of Clean Energia till now.

Any journey is incomplete without the zeal to attain something. Nature has given ample resources to enjoy, but people in the long run of modernism have done the maximum damage to the environment. I have never been part of such innovation where I have to harm nature to get benefitted. Throughout my life, I thought of doing something notable, which can establish harmony between nature and human life. Clean Energia being a business organization is equally responsible about social awareness. We keep on rigorously working towards saving the environment until we get success in creating a balanced nature. And this is the main motif that helps us to work in a better way towards society. Clean Energia, with the wide range of products and solutions, aims to reach out to end user and help them to create a balance in nature but still can enjoy the modern features and amenities. 

2. What are the products and services on offer by Clean Energia?

Renewable energy sector is the trend today. We have started our journey being a System Integrator. But to provide a better quality service at a better price we have started in house manufacturing of various solar power products. Today we manufacture solar power products such as Solar Street Lights, Distribution boxes, Inverter Stand, Ferrule, LT Panel. We are soon going to launch a series of electric vehicles too, in the upcoming days.

3. Please tell us about the recent trends happening in the solar industry. What are the latest technologies opted by you?

Techniques and products can never be permanent, with time things changes. We have to work towards bringing the latest and improved technologies always. If you see in the last two decades, there has been unbelievable progress in the domain of solar energy. Mainly there has been massive development in several types of solar panels. Even in the field of automated maintenance and cleaning system technology, many leading companies are working on the same to bring the latest innovations and improvements.  As far as the question for adopting the most recent technology, Clean Energia, is currently working on Power Wall technology so that we can provide a more efficient solar system in remote areas too, and we can be a better alternative to power cut issue.

4. What are the challenges you see in the market in order to provide best service and product to the customers?

Better Service and Product Quality is the right of every customer. Every company must ensure to provide constant monitoring along with product selling. Tracking is essential for better output, and the best part is solar energy companies are working rigorously on this. The companies are trying to have constant monitoring of their products via internet access so that they can deliver the most efficient product to people. 

5. How the government policies for the renewable sector are helping in the growth of the industry?

Prime Minister NarendraModi, recently committed to increase India’s splar energy target to 45 Giga Watts (GW) by the year 2022. Solar Capacity has increased by 370% in last three years, and this progress is really impressive. The leap has been from 2.6 GW to 20 GW. The KUSUM Scheme has been a huge success for the farmers. The MNRE has reportedly already initiated drafting plans and policies to meet the new escalated target. India has become the 5th largest solar installer in the world has been made possible by setting of aggressive targets and implementation of policies through streamlined efforts.

6. India is still miles away from accepting solar energy as a viable source of energy. Why?

I can't entirely agree with this statement. If you see the data of the last few years, there has been a massive development in the domain of solar energy both in Industrial and domestic platforms. People have started adopting solar energy resources for their daily needs. And there is no doubt that the government has worked a lot in increasing the solar plant capacity. Till now, the figures have been quite impressive. And we are making efforts to speed up the process and maximize the solar power usage.

7. What are your vision and mission for long run in the industry?

The tagline of our company is “The Bright Alternative.” Each of our product needs to be innovative and different. With a team of energetic youths and experienced members, we are working in the domain of electric vehicles. I believe soon we are going to improve e-mobility technology and offer effective solution for people. We are also working on various alternatives for solar charging stations. We are discussing the same with few notable brands present in the market. We expect that with such remarkable outcomes, we can set a new trend and bring latest developments in the industry. 



Q. Please elaborate on Eaton as a technology leader.

A: Eaton is a 21.4$ billion global technology leader with a presence in 175 countries with over 100 years in power management solutions. We have a long history of innovations and technology development. It is our vision to improve the quality of lives and environment and to improve sustainability, efficiency and power distribution. We have been innovating products, been pioneers in various technologies, starting from our safety products to our recent SF6 free switchgears. Eaton’s leadership in this highly competitive market scenario is attributed to its capability in understanding customer needs and offering localized and customized solutions.


Q. What is Eaton showcasing in the Elecrama with reference to sustainability?

A: Both globally and in India, Eaton is focused on providing sustainable power management solutions that help customers manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more safely, reliably and efficiently. There have been many products which we are introducing in this Elecrama. We have SF6 free switchgear that is showcased in Elecrama. This product has specifically been developed in Europe. Due to strong regulation with regard to environment, the product is gaining lots of attention. SF6 free switchgear has lower operational cost, no CO2, and can be switched thousands of time to enable an active grid. We have showcased that in India for the first time.


Q. How would you see the IoT and Industry 4.0 revolutionizing the power sector?

A:  There are three dynamics going on – Firstly, there is a drive for energy transition with regard to renewable energy. Secondly, there has been importance to decentralization of power and improving the existing power. Thirdly, there has been process of digitalization. We have done a lot for digital capability and IoT. At Eaton we are actively working at integrating IoT across a growing number of products.  Instead of thinking it to be an artificial creation, it is rather a natural evolution for all our products. Intelligence represents something new, no doubt, but if we look into the history of development, we can connect the dots – building products, bringing intelligence into products and now making them ecologically sustainable. This is an organic evolution. IoT is further supporting the Industry 4.0 movement, the collective term describing the growing use of automation and data exchange to advance manufacturing smart technology. Presently, all Eaton sites in India are widely leveraging principles and technologies of digital and smart manufacturing and serving as a step towards Eaton’s goal of building Industry 4.0 facilities.


Q. What is Eaton’s future outlook with regard to power quality and power distribution?

A:  India has made progress throughout its history. There is an immediate need for power quality. I agree, power reaching to the last mile is still a crucial issue in India. Further, there are leakages which make the situation worse. Eaton's Electrical Sector is a global leader with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; backup power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and wiring devices; solutions for harsh and hazardous environments; and engineering services. We are well positioned through our global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges. Our principle end user markets are industrial, institutional, government, utility, commercial, residential, information technology and Machinery OEM.


Q. Can you throw some light on the R&D facilities that your company has in India?

A:  We do have facilities all throughout the globe. Eaton has set up a global innovation center in India over a state-of-the-art 390,000 sq. ft. facility at Magarpatta City in Pune.  In terms of technology, in Pune we have 2000 plus engineers who are working from our behalf. With our R&D facilities, we believe in innovation and investment, in order to grow organically. We provide customized products worldwide, and we can claim a position as one of the top electrical companies.


Q. How do you feel Indian market being different than that of other markets?

A: It is a function of where you are in the development curve. India is different for three main reasons: first with regard to size; second, its opportunity for renewable generation because of hydro power, solar power and wind power potential which is not being fully realized yet; and lastly, there issues of the generation, distribution and leakages Indian market is price sensitive and well informed than many other markets in the world. While doing our mapping, we got to know that market prices in India is even lower than from Chinese market. So there has been a strong focus to provide the best quality products to the Indian market


Q. How Eaton is placing itself with reference to unique characteristic of Indian market?

A: As said earlier we are aware of unique features of the Indian market. Eaton is deeply committed to India. We are consistently investing in expanding our manufacturing, engineering and services footprint in the country; thus, leveraging the diverse opportunities that the country offers.  India is a major market for Eaton and forms a key part of its overall business strategy

Q. With challenges are posed by the market, how is Eaton trying to overcome those?

A:  While talking about challenges, it’s important that we consider the following: energy transition, digitization and a new efficient market. This ultimately is helping in creation of new business models, which can be challenging.  There are technical challenges in this path, which Eaton is responding to by leveraging new digital capabilities. Other arenas are cyber challenges which needed to be tackled with caution. Even locally, we consider the challenges and solve them accordingly by taking into account region-specific needs and opportunities.



1.  “Fascination, innovation and always being one step ahead”Brief us about Ziehl-Abegg journey so far?

Ziehl-Abegg started its journey in Germany in the year 1910 as a manufacturer of electric motors. Back in the Fifties, Ziehl-Abegg established the basis for modern fan drives: external rotor motors which even today are still seen as state-of-the-art worldwide. Another area of business is electric motors which provide the power, for example, for elevators, medical applications (computer tomography equipment) or deep-sea underwater vehicles. The theme of electro-mobility for motor vehicles was established as part of the Ziehl-Abegg Automotive Team in 2012.

Keeping our innovative spirit alive, we continue to invest in R&D every year to launch new products with a clear focus on low power consumption and low noise levels. In 2008 we invested in state-of-the-art Lab in Germany, and this lab still remains the largest ventilation and noise test chamber for fan technology in the world. Over the past 109 years this desire and focus on innovation has kept us maintain our position as a Technology Leader.

We have a total workforce of about 4,100 employees spread between 16 production plants, 29 companies and 111 sales locations worldwide. Our group Turnover in 2018 was 583 Million Euros.

Ziehl-Abegg India is a 100% subsidiary of Ziehl-Abegg SE, Germany and we successfully completed our 10 years of operations in India in 2018. In India we are focusing on Fans and Controllers and we work very closely with OEM’s in various applications.

2. What are the major sectors, you are focusing on and what kind of growth can we expect in the coming year?

In India we are focussed on all applications where air has to be moved in an efficient and controlled manner. Some of the applications being catered to by us includes: Transformer cooling, Wind Power, Solar Power, Railways, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation, Data Center, etc. Over the last 10+ years we have seen the Indian market grow and mature wherein the customers are asking for products with Lowest Cost of Ownership, rather than first cost only. This positive change has come about as the Indian customers are aware that the operating cost plays a much bigger role during the life of the product, compared to the first cost. Thanks to our customers we expect positive growth in the coming years in all the business segments that we cater to in India.

3. What range of products you cater to presently in India? 

We have over 30,000 types of fans that are offered to our OEM customers depending on their application and operating point. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in India assembles, tests and supplies fans to a wide range of OEM customers in India. The product range includes:

  • Axial Fans with AC and High Efficiency ECblue motor
  • Centrifugal Fans with AC and High Efficiency ECblue motor
  • Plug Fans with Standard AC motors
  • Tube Axial Fans with Standard AC and High Efficiency ECblue motor
  • Various controllers and control devices to optimize efficiency of the complete system

4. What is the story of “Blue Wonder” and how it continues?

Our Mission is to use our expertise in electric motors, fans and control technology to provide the latest knowledge, innovations and best practices in this fast-changing field. We help to make our world a little bit bluer. For human beings blue is the colour for nature, for the water, for the sky.  

Our products are able to save a lot of energy. For example, our fans: we combined high efficient electric motors with optimised fans. We are technology leader in the field of biomimicry in the fan industry (we learned from nature: owls, humpback whales, trees, bees…)

The challenges posed by the major mega trends of our time can only be mastered with leading-edge technology and technical innovations. Globalization, urbanization and mobility are all tasks for which our blue technology already offers the right solutions today, both in energy and air conditioning technology, in electric mobility and even in facility engineering. Our engineering will contribute to a sustainable quality of life, also in the future.

Resource efficiency and cost efficiency are two sides of the same coin. Our blue wonder is also to show that sustainable behaviour is not only good but useful.

5. What is your mission behind ZIEHL-ABEGG?

In India we started our operations in 2008 with a mission to save precious energy and I am pleased to confirm that over the last 10 years all customers have joined hands with us in this cause. We passionately follow our motto of “Proud to Save energy for my Country” wherein by using ZIEHL-ABEGG Fans the customer is able to consume less energy, and hence contribute to the Indian Growth Story.



1. How you see the Rollout of the Smart Meters in India and what are the challenges?

As Indian utilities are heading towards Smart Meter rollout at a very large scale. Most of the Indian utilities are on the verge of implementing Smart meter projects, whereas, some of them have already gone live. At present, the test with complete infrastructure is done at manufacturer available resources which leads to manufacturer specific system from which interoperability and interchangeability cannot be achieved.

Interoperability and Interchangeability of energy meters are the biggest challenge for        utilities in the Smart Meters rollout in India. It is very important to study the way in which            the       German Smart meter Rollout was executed. They made teams consisting of    meter manufacturers,             grid operators,manufacturer of generation systems, specialist of        cyber securities and test equipment manufacturers under the leadership of the FNN    (Forum Network Technology) who has the goal to define the components for the Smart Meters rollouts, essentially focusing on interoperable and interchangeable    systems.

2. What future opportunities you are expecting for the Smart Meter Testing industry in India?

The rapidly developing testing and calibration infrastructure in India has adopted international standards, but as far as testing of Smart Meter is concerned still some milestones are to be defined and achieved.

There is no doubt that Utility and Energy Metering Industries have to adopt Smart Meters to cope up with the recent requirements of market. Henceforth, for successful implementation of Smart Meter projects, it is very much essential that energy metering industry gear up and have necessary infrastructure to carry out metrological and communication test on all components individually as well as on an integrated system by simulating field conditions in the laboratory itself.  This can be achieved by defining the requirements in detail, creating test cases for these requirements and by precise implementation of these test cases by deploying modern IT enabled fully automated Smart Meter Test System. Inclination of a laboratory personnel also need to be changed from pure metrological testing to communication testing as well.

Nevertheless, a specification which describe detailed requirements of functional and communication tests for smart meters and integrated testing solution for the same is the need of the day. Organisations such as CBIP, CEA and other competent authorities can play vital role to standardise the requirement of communication testing in terms of routine and acceptance testing. This will also lead to interoperability and interchangeability in the system and utility will be free to replace any Smart Meter at any point of time by any manufacture.

3. What technological innovations would you incorporate in your products for making them superior and efficient?

Smart meters will be a new era for empowering utilities as well as consumers. The testing of smart meters is the biggest challenge for not only the smart meter manufacturers, but also for the power utilities and AMI operators.

Modern measurement and communication systems are essential for managing the complex network of data’s. Amalgamation of the two fields – data measurement and data processing – is only possible when they can communicate with each other. We being manufacturer of energy meter testing equipment have taken step into the same wherein our Energy Meter Test Bench will not only just read data of meters but it will also facilitate utilities to further analyse the recorded data.

We are working very closely with European Utilities for setting-up of advanced laboratories as per BSI (The German Federal Office for Information Security) requirement documents and FNN Test Cases for every device used in the test system.

4. How would you like to enhance the current market scenario?

As far as the communication of the smart meter is concerned, it is mainly done over the DLMS protocols in India. As DLMS specifications has lot of flexibility and possibilities for smart meter implementation, hence, implementation of the features and specifications will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and will also depend upon the requirement of utility. This means, not all features will be part of the implementation. This results in different implementations by different manufacturers for the same specifications. Hence, the interoperability and interchangeability are at risk.

To overcome this, the utility shall have a detailed specification of smart meters including all the requirements of applicable standard and utility specific requirements. Accordingly, the tools and tackles, test conditions for the testing of all components of smart meter testing systems which can perform Metrological test along with the communicability test to ascertain interoperability and interchangeability within the system.

To cope up with above mentioned challenges a mechanism and testing infrastructure is required where the meters can be verified including the Event logs reading, Tamper logging verification and proper communication.  The end to end testing, verification of contact resistance of load switch and infrared optical port intensity etc. shall be tested thoroughly to prevent potential failures.

5. Finally, what is your view on how things are likely to shape up post 2019 General Election and what will be ZERA’s overall vision in India?

Irrespective of results of the elections, I believe that India has a bright future ahead in the field of the Smart Metering. As far as ZERA is concerned, we believe that India has large market potential in energy segment. The future of energy monitoring and measurement system in India is rapidly moving towards the integration of smart meters.

Financial health of any utility is dependent on their revenue machines, which is a major concern area for them. These revenue machines are nothing but Energy Meters that are now essentially Smart Meters only. So the proper, accurate and reliable testing of these revenue machines are the most important concern of any utility.

As far as ZERA is concerned about the testing facilities and the current scenario, we are prognosticating to provide customer with hi-tech and economical test solutions. Power- energy measurement is very critical and an important activity for optimum utilization of resources. We want to be a key provider of Meter testing equipment’s for the user enabling them to produce global standard products.

Precision starts with us.  Today, we can truly say this. We know that the extraordinary success of the past decades has only been possible due to the people that supported the company with their knowledge, their ideas and their passion for quality.

Being a market leader in testing field for energy meters, ZERA is now fully focused on developing Smart Meter Testing facilities in order to serve utilities, laboratories and of course end users of meter in a better way.




1. Share with us the brief sketch of WAGO along with its vision and mission?

Incepted in 1951, WAGO is a global brand of German origin, manufacturing Electrical Interconnection, Automation Controls and Interface Electronics products. WAGO started its India operations in 1997 and has its manufacturing facility in NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh. The WAGO group of companies employs more than 7,500 people worldwide.

We, at WAGO are committed to keep our customers at the centre of all our actions. This customer centricity allows us to remain focussed on the value we deliver to make our customers successful in their projects and applications.

In a world of exponential complexity and digital speed, it requires a reliable connection at each interface. With every little step that leads to more reliable electrical and data flow, we come a step closer to our vision: Being the backbone of smart connected world. Our vision derives its strength from our core values, success factors and our mission - Empower connection.

2. Share with us the various offerings by WAGO under the Electrical Interconnections and Automation Technology along with their applications under different industrial segments?

For more than 60 years, we have combined engineering with innovation and, as a reliable partner, we strengthen our customers in all their challenges. The result is new products and holistic solutions that everyone can rely on.

WAGO products are trusted anywhere electrical conductors must be connected to each other or where complex automation systems must be controlled. We have continuously been proven to contribute to safety and the reliable operation of devices and complete installations.

In interconnection business, our product offering ranges from rail-mount terminal block system, or installation and field-wiring terminal blocks through pluggable connectors and feedthrough components up to PCB connections and marking solutions.

Customers can plan and execute their application reliably with our interface signal conditioners, relay and optocoupler modules, voltage converter and power supplies as well as interface modules and system wiring.

WAGO’s automation technology and associated software are future-ready. WAGO I/O systems, controllers, display panel are distinguished by the highest level of reliability - even under extreme conditions. The WAGO fieldbus independent PFC Controllers are equipped with cloud connectivity that are capable of transferring machine data via MQTT to nearly any cloud, viz, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, SAP Cloud and WAGO Cloud. This information can be aggregated and used for analysis of production efficiency, energy management or developing additional end-customer services thus fulfilling the core concept of recording, digitizing and linking data profitably behind Industry 4.0.

WAGO products are used globally in power and process technology, building automation, machinery and equipment, as well as industrial and transportation applications.

3. What are the different strategies adopted by the WAGO for the conservation of its unique identity among its various competitors?

The core technology used in our product is our differentiator. The universal connection system we invented in 1977 is known as the CAGE CLAMP® and is the industry standard for electrical interconnection technologies. The “WAGO Connector” was the world's first PUSH WIRE® connector for junction boxes.

With the use of spring pressure instead of screws to connect conductors, we set new standards that we are continually expanding and optimizing. Using WAGO's connection technology, users benefit from vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free connections. It is now the standard connection technology for industries where operations take place in extreme conditions such as railways.

4. File the technological advancements and innovations recently introduced by WAGO to their products and services?

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at WAGO. From our pioneering, CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology to our extensive range of interconnection, interface and automation solutions, our customers count on the unconditional performance and reliability of our products to ensure safe, efficient operation of their systems every time.

WAGO launches about 30 new products every year globally and gets four to five patents. With a sizeable investment in research and development, we are currently working on over 170 patents. Our continuous and extensive research in specialized laboratories is aimed at finding a better way every time to make our users’ work more simple and effective.

Ranging from recent introduction of lighting connectors with lever, terminal blocks with intuitive operating design (lever and push button) to IoT ready and most efficient power supply with communication module, WAGO strives to listen to market requirement and act upon it.   

5. Share with us the zones and markets where the products and services of WAGO could be accessed along with your reach in the Indian market?

WAGO worldwide, with nine international production and distribution sites and representatives in more than eighty countries, is everywhere its customers are.

In India, we have our administrative headquarter and production facility in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. WAGO India has its sales offices & resident engineers in 16 cities along with over 100 channel partners across India to serve the market.

Upcoming WAGO production facility in Vadodara is expected to be operational as early as next year. This will enable us to cater to growing demand for our products in large set of industries in India. 



1. OLLVIN is a quality manufacturer of wires & cables.How much successful is OLLVIN in India as well as globally?

It is very much successful across the world because of its super quality and trust in the product.

2. What is your quality policy, vision & mission statement?

OLLVIN envisions being a leader not only just in manufacturing but also in promoting corporate governance and benchmarking strategies for success, employee welfare, and social well being.

OLLVIN progresses with the sole vision of creating the highest product value, offering meaningful representations to its employees, customers, vendors, and shareholders, using globally acknowledged best business models and contemporary eco green practices.

3. What are your products and how they are different from each other?

Our products are manufactured by using quality raw material like 99.99% electrolytic pure copper and 100% vergin PVC for its performance and we give FRLS insulated cables as basic range which make us different than others.

4. Briefly tell us about your manufacturing facility and capacity towards wires & cables.

OLLVIN-WIRES & CABLES Is A Leading Manufacturer Of High-Reliability and Quality Products With Easy Access To Our Knowledgeable And Helpful Tech Support Team.

5. What are your next big plans for OLLVIN?

Will look forward to establishing and maintain a good business relationship and our aim is customer satisfaction.

6. How you foresee the growth of electrical markets?

In coming future growth will increase a lot and the electrical company is going to boom. Because of high demand, all electrical markets manufacture will increase to fulfill the demands.

7. Are you going to participate in ELECRMA-2020, how will you contribute to this event?

Yes we shall be participating in ELECRAMA-2020.








1. Share with us the thesis behind establishing the Next Gen Equipments? How far the motive behind its establishment has achieved yet?

NEXT GEN was started in 2009 to cater the need for customer in Indian Power sector.  Within 10 years we have established our self as major player in T& M business, offering complete range of T&M instrument   . We are adding new products in our portfolio on regular basis along with technical upgradation of existing product portfolio to increase our market share. We have been very cautious in selection and representation of companies and product in Indian market with respect quality and after sales services.  


With the growing business we are now more focus on End to end solution to our customer with more focus on quality & service. We have created the separate service vertical to have more focus service and better client experience. With our past experience of customer facing problem with imported equipment especially the services part, we have made our Service support as a bench mark in the industry with excellent support from our principals’ and manufacturer  .


We are now ISO 9001 -9015 certified organization for our Sales & service standard.


 2. “We are oriented towards needs and behaviour of Customer and satisfying them   by reciprocating with industry’s best and cost effective technology solution”. How do you look at the statement?

Indian Electrical Testing Industry is dominated by Foreign Company since long. In the last few years Asian companies started supplying low cost products in the Indian market but within very short time people understood the benefits of European products in term of quality and reliability. Many Indian companies are also started manufacturing Testing Equipments in India but still they are also heavily dependent of foreign companies for raw material.  European payers have entered in the Indian power sector with technologically advance product with superior quality. T & M instrument also seen major changes with this transformation, T & M instruments are now having more user-friendly interface, portable and more accurate in the output and reliability. These new generations Instrument can measure and store sophisticated data centrally with advance analytics which was earlier done manually. Now you can measure and analyse the trends centrally as well as from remote location. After sales service was the major issued to the foreign company in India, hence to bridge this gap, we have not only focused on expansion of our product in the market but also service. Thanks to our excellent service support, customers also recommend our products to various other customers making an increase of many folds in our business.

 3. List out the various products and services offered by Next Gen Equipments to its end users along with their different applications? 

 Till date NGEPL is more focused in providing Testing Equipments to Transformer Industry with state of Art equipments like Winding Resistance Meter, Turns Ratio meter, Microhm Meter, Contact Resistance meter, CT Tester apart from AD/DC High Voltage Test Set, highly accurate CT's & PT's. Recently we have started entering the Cable Industry apart from Utilities to supply these state of art equipments and now these equipments are first choice of many Test Engineers / Managers across industry. With the introduction of variable frequency C & Tan Delta Unit in our portfolio, we expect to get more customer base as this is a very unique product for the industry point of view.

 4. What is your reach in Indian market? Also Share with us those markets and zones where the products and services of Next Gen Equipment’s can be accessed?  

NEXT GEN is having wide presence not only Indian Territory in T& M business but also in neighbouring counties i.e. Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and UAE for sales and services. Our service engineers are available 24*7*365 for any service need of our customer. We are continuously expanding the territory keeping in mind the requirement of the customers and providing best support services of our portfolio products.

 5. Are you looking to add new equipment to your existing product portfolio?

Our instruments are widely accepted by the manufacturer in the Power sector due to quality, reliability and accuracy of the instruments, supported by strong after sales service team. Over the period of time we have built-up a strong after service team which provide the 24*7 support to the customer. . Also new products C &Tan Delta from RAYTECH which is launched in 2019 is liked by most of the customers who has seen the unit and its DEMO! Within very short time, we have got many orders for the new unit and now also expect that few more units which are expected to be launched shortly will have a major impact in the Indian power industry. We have also added UHF based ONLINE PD monitoring system in our product portfolio which will be very unique products in the industry! We are also working on some big projects in Bangladesh and planning to expand the similar portfolio to SRI Lanka as well!

 6. What are the key strengths which supports the ‘Next Gen Equipments’ in maintaining its eccentric identity among its competitors?

 Our Key to success is the best service support across industry which was major challenge earlier for imported  product in terms of service TAT and availability software  and spare parts . All those satisfied customers are our best word of mouth promoters.  We have now trained our engineers at manufacturing plants for technical know-how and setup the service centre at Vadodara.  Our engineers are capable of handling the any service need across location and all the equipment are now serviced locally , which reduced the down time and service TAT. Time is an essence and we at NEXTGEN understand the importance of customer’s time and provide support to minimize their breakdown time.



1. What Kyoritsu is all about?
We are a Low Voltage Electrical Test & Measurement Tools Japanese Manufacturer who have a single mandate of making INDIA from under MAINTAINED to WELL MAINTAINED using Test Results that our Customers can rely on!
2. What is your expansion plans in India with the government’s ‘Make in India’ program? What potential do you foresee for your company with the Indian Government’s focus on development of infrastructure like smart cities, roll out of power projects, etc.? 
Make In India will need Right Tools for the Right Job and with Right Support which we are here to strengthen. This will ensure as the nation moves in its quest of building itself to be a destination of choice for Manufacturing we contribute to its foundation.
As you build Infrastructure this will need Energy as the basic ingredient and using it mindfully and efficiently will be enabled by our Tool offerings
3. Discuss on Kyoritsu’s most significant offering in the smart city domain.
Our tools are generic and a SMART City or any other Infrastructure both will need it equally. At the same time a SMART City can make more of it as basis of same is on Measurement-Feedback-Improvement & we assist Measurement & thus are at heart of this movement.
4. Finally, what is your view on how things are likely to shape up post 2019 General Election?
STABILITY brings strength in hands of Decision Makers & that’s what we feel Post Election scenario has brought to fore with conviction. We are in able hands who have only our interest in mind so there is no looking back and the direction is set NORTHWARDs for INDIA. Our TIME has COME!!!
5. How you foresee the growth of electrical and energy markets?
Need of more Energy is part of any Country’s Growth Story the excitement current time & technology has brought is the source of Energy will go through sea change. We are now more concerned about the impact we are leaving on the eco system and rightly so and this will ensure Sensible & Rewarding Growth for all the stakeholders.
6. What are the main challenges affecting this market?
The question can evoke both negative and positive response & I will take the positive one. The biggest challenge is to be able to harness innovatively & effectively the huge Youth Energy that we have with us for Good of Masses.
7. Please tell us about Kyoritsu’s overall vision in India.
Deliver on our promise of being a facilitator to MAKE IN INDIA Vision by providing ACCURATE REPEATABLE & RELIABLE Measurement in ELECTRICAL Domain!!!








  1. What are the products and services offered by the company catering to power sector ?

KVTEK is a company involved in providing electrical test lab solutions to the OEMs like manufacturers of Power, Distribution and Instrument Transformers, Cable manufacturers, Switchgear manufacturers, Third party test labs catering to power sector. Main products manufactured by us are as below:

  • Impulse Generators (100 kV / stage and 200 kV/stage)
  • Impulse Dividers
  • Impulse Chopping Gaps
  • Impulse Analysers (2 Channel and 4 Channel)
  • Impulse Calibrators
  • Recurrent Impulse Generators
  • Variable Inductance & Frequency Series Resonant Test Sets
  • Variable Frequency Series Resonant Test Sets
  • Variable Inductance Series Resonant Test Sets
  • HV AC Dielectric Test Sets
  • Partial Discharge Detection Systems (Single channel and Multi-channel)
  • RF Shielded Rooms
  • Capacitance and Tangent Delta Test Sets
  • Automatic Instrument Transformer Test Sets.
  • Static Frequency Converters (Air Cooled and Water Cooled)
  • Transformer Loss Measuring Systems
  • Capacitor Banks
  • AC/DC Kilovoltmeters
  • AC Hipot Testers
  • DC Hipot Testers
  • AC/DC Hipot Testers
  • Moisture Absorption System
  • Voltage Seasoning Equipment for VI bottles

We now have the inhouse NABL accredited lab to calibrate all the above equipment manufactured by us thus reducing dependence on external labs.

Additionally, we also undertake:

  • Lab designing work and undertaking turnkey responsibility of setting up the test lab.
  • Providing HV Test Equipment on rental for on-site HV Testing of GIS Substations.
  • Modernizing, up-gradation, renovation and refurbishment of old test labs with any make test equipment.

2. What opportunity do you forsee by the upcoming of the government at it second term ?

Power sector historically has thrived mainly thermal power generation but with restrictions on thermal power put by the government few years back, power sector has not been doing very well.  Instead of thermal power focus has been on renewable energy sources but even the solar power and wind power sector has lot of challenges on the ground. If government can focus and overcome these challenges/hurdles then the power sector is likely to grow significantly and also the dynamics of the business will change. This will open lot of new opportunities even for test equipment suppliers like us.

3. Do you have any new product launched in recent?

Static Frequency Converter (SFC) is the latest product that we have launched in the recent past. This is a revolutionary product that will alter the way Power and Distribution Transformers were tested till date.  Conventionally transformer manufacturers were using two MG Sets; one for conducting 50 / 60 Hz tests and second one for conducting high freq. tests at 100/150/200 Hz and these additionally required voltage regulators and lot of switchgear to make things operational. All this gets replaced with single Static Frequency Converter which besides saving lot of space, it significantly increases the testing throughput as the time required for changing connection from one power source to the another for different tests is saved because SFC provides the variable output voltage and variable output frequency from 50-200 Hz thus eliminates the need of changing the power source.

4. Please elaborate about your national and international presence?

In India we are the only manufacturer for these test equipment and have supplied test equipment to all major players within the country like: BHEL, Siemens, Toshiba, T&R, Atlanta, Apar, Schneider, Mehru, Heptacare, GE, CPRI, ERDA. Skipper etc. Challenge is in supplying to the smaller price sensitive companies which prefer buying it from Chinese manufacturers due to the cheap pricing offered by them but that comes with lot of quality and service issues as well.

Internationally, we have so far supplied to 14 countries which include USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Australia, Peru, South Africa, UAE and Oman.

5. What are the effects of digitilization is on the power industry?

Digitalization in power sector will allow online monitoring of switchyards which simplifies the monitoring process especially the switchyards in remote locations. Smarter grids due to digitalization will rationalize the load distribution thus making all assets of transmission and distribution industry more reliable which should eventually lead to lesser power outages.

6. What is the outlook for the sector ?

With the emergence of stable government things have already started looking better and industry once again is looking to make investments in this sector which was practically in a stand still mode in the recent past. If Government can effectively overcome all the ground hurdles especially the ones related to land acquiring in renewable energies, then the future of the power sector will definitely be brighter.

7. What are your nearly future plans?

With the development of Static Frequency Converter, which was a very big challenge for us, we are thinking in terms of using this knowledge to develop traction converters which are widely used in Railways and have much bigger market. As Railways is likely to grow dramatically with emergence of bullet trains and metro trains practically in every city, this requirement is likely to grow significantly. We will therefore be focusing on the development for these converters for the next few years.







1.    “KUSAM-MECO continues to introduce new products with unique features & high safety protection to meet the current market demand and satisfy customer’s              diverse applications.” How this statement defines your success story?

Ans :KUSAM-MECO has been introducing new products considering the customers requirements. With changing technology & development of new products in the electronics field, the need for measurement of more complicated parameters has created new demands. KUSAM-MECO keeps on updating such requirements of the customers by continuous interaction with the customers & based on their feedback, new products are introduced which will satisfy the customer requirements. This keeps us ahead of our competitions.

2.    How would you like to enhance your market presence?

Ans :We are enhancing our market presence by various marketing tools. Our company participates in many exhibitions related to the Electrical Industry. By displaying our latest products, our customers are updated with the latest products. Also KUSAM-MECO is expanding the dealer network so that our products reach the end customer easily. We also have presence on various online marketing sites. In addition KUSAM-MECO will organise seminars to update the knowledge of the customers about the unique features of our products.

3.    Are you looking at expansion of KUSAM-MECO’s product range?

Ans :As mentioned earlier, as new technology and development of new products KUSAM-MECO is also expanding the range of products to cater to such increasing demand.

4.    Why smart cities are a golden opportunity for Indian electrical industry?

Ans :The concept of “SMART CITIES” was initiated by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. This cities will be based on continuous & uninterrupted supply of Electricity to the city. Many systems will be developed so that administration is done without much personal involvement. To supply uninterrupted Electricity a proper system of transmission & distribution of Electricity is necessary. And wherever there is electricity, Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments is a part & parcel of the whole system. Hence smart cities are a good opportunity for Electrical Industry.

5.    Discuss on KUSAM-MECO’s most significant offering in the smart city domain.

Ans: KUSAM-MECO has a few products for Automation Industry which will be essential for Smart Cities.

6.    Finally, what is your view on how things are likely to shape up post 2019 General Election?

Ans: Since the results of the 2019 General Election are already out, and the rulling party has won with absolute majority, Industry looks forward for a progressive policy for the Electrical Industry.  The prospect for the Electrical Industry are very good.

7.    How you foresee the growth of electrical and energy markets?

Ans : The growth of the Test & Measuring Industry & other Electrical products should be about 20-25% over the previous year production.

8.    What are the main challenges affecting this market?

Ans : The main challenges are multiple laws & laws which are complicated & difficult to comply easily. A large number of Industry in India comprise of SME Enterprises. They do not have the expertise to look into the complicated laws & comply with them.

Almost 40% of the time is spent only on complying with the laws. As a result there is not enough time left to look after other aspect of the business. My suggestion is that the laws in India should be made as simple as possible, so that an ordinary person can also understand them & comply without much difficulty. This will help to boost the output from MSME. 



1. Give us a brief sketch of K-LITE industries. What are its vision and mission?

K-Lite industries, an ISO 9001 certified company  is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor Lighting Fixtures in India. Incorporated in the year 1977, it has crossed four decades of service. The quality conscious K-Lite clientele which includes prestigious Multinational companies / Hotels / Resorts / PWD / CPWD / Highways dept., Airports, Metro rails will speak for themselves the standing of the company. Quality assurance with a fully equipped illumination laboratory and a committed group of employees are the mainstay for the success of the company.

Our Mission is to position K-Lite as the India’s Lighting Company and the leaders of lighting, setting standards of excellence, true to its values, spirit and commitment in Lighting Up the World with energy efficient lighting adding to cleaner environment

Vision Statement: K-Lite intended to provide its customers a luminaire for every application. We believe that the technology up gradation, committed labour force, quality enforcement and a positive thinking management are the keys for reaching the market with the best and economical product. We are proud about the statements of our valued clients that “we do what others cannot “and hence we want to exploit this culture in our company towards development of energy saving and trend setting innovative luminaires for greener lighting. Our on going development, additions in infrastructure with the state of art machineries and testing facilities are the pathways to make our vision come true.

2. What are the various adaptations of K-LITE industries along with their various applications. Share with us the distinctive qualities and features which set K-LITE apart among its competitors?

Adaptation to the changing scenarios in technology, innovation and improvisation are the basic mantras of K-Lite. Before the LED became the order of the day , K-Lite practically switched over all their erstwhile FTL and other lluminaires into LED luminaires. In order to get a cost competitive edge, we introduced automation and advanced toolings in our manufacturing processes for economy in pricing with added quality. We are very proud to record that we are the totally integrated in house luminaire manufacturer including the allied poles in India. K-Lite is truly known as India's Lighting Company.

Proximity of Indian Railway’s most prestigious Passenger Coach Building Unit, Integral Coach Factory, and K-Lite's  capability to manufacture and test the custom-built luminaires, enabled K-Lite to be in the forefront of their developmental  activities and cater to the specially designed luminaire requirements of prestigious Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, “Palace on Wheel” EMUs, Kolkata-Metro , Delhi Metro (DMRC), Jaipur Metro, Bangaluru Metro,Sri Lankan Railway coaches and the latest being design and manufacture of LED luminaires for Kolkata Metro.

3. What are the Pre and Post sales services and unique initiatives in this respect offered by   K-LITE industries?

K-Lite has a state of art showroom in Chennai / Delhi for live display of all their products along with decorative / architectural poles. Whenever a new project comes up, we invite the designers, architects and actual users to visit our works / display centres where we provide all the detailed specifications and explain in depth the salient feature of all our products. All our dealers at the major city centres also have exclusive show rooms for K-Lite luminaires . Regarding after sales service we have a full fledged customer care division headed by one of our Directors and structured along with QC and R&D team to analyse. We honour our warranty commitments.

4. Share with us the projects on which K-LITE is working currently along with its succeeding future projects?

K-Lite is currently working on many Smart City projects introducing new series of luminaire and poles for smart  lighting  and compatible to the upcoming Internet of Things concepts  known as IoT.  Presently we are  entrusted by ALSTOM / Germany who are manufacturing locomotives for Railways,   to supply the luminaires for the engine room and cabin. These luminaires have been specially developed and has  undergone testing and validation conforming to their  demanding requirements as per European Standards. K-Lite is also associated with the prestigious Train 18 and other latest  designed coaches being introduced by ICF.

All our future plans  are centered around our continued innovation  of new products and creation of  the state of art infra structure facilities in Chennai and the supporting unit at  Bhopal. The idea is to introduce bulk production through modernization  and further optimize the cost to address National and International market in an aggressive way and also to put in place the entire series of state of art polar luminaires for street lighting , facade lighting , industrial, commercial and landscape lighting etc., 

5. What are the technological advancements and innovative attributes adopted by K-LITE in recent?

K-Lite is in the process of updating a full -fledged state of art photometric laboratory with all equipment for the emerging technologies for smart lighting and internet of things.

K-Lite  received the  World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2017-18 Dubai. The 4th edition of the award event was part of the Indo-UAE Business & Social Forum 2018 organised by URS-AsiaOne Magazine and URS Media Consulting P.L and was presented in Dubai   This award coupled with CII ( Confederation of Indian Industry )award is a recognition to K-Lite’s contribution towards lighting industry in India and across the globe. Some of the  prestigious bollard / post top luminaires from K-Lite, designed with  vision , such as Juno , Ajna and Vera were awarded India Design Mark Award

6. Tell us about the zones and markets where your products could be accessed along with your reach in India? 

K-Lite has a national level dealer network in all major cities and towns in India . We also have an office in Dubai to cater Middle East and in London to cater the European market.




1.       “HPL is a well-established brand with a proven track record of over four decades in Indian electrical industry” How this statement defines your success story?

HPL Established in 1956, is among the leading players in the electrical industry today. HPL is a company with a strong innovative tradition, constantly striving for new levels of excellence, developing innovative products and solutions.Over the years, HPL has established considerable presence in meters, modular switches, switchgear, lighting, wires &cables segments.

HPL Group has a total of 9 manufacturing facilities. Its modern manufacturing Units are in located Gurugram, Kundli, Sonipat, Panipat and Himachal Pradesh those are ISO 9001: 2000 certified. These facilities are spread over covered area 80,0000 sq. mts and manufacture products confirming to International and Indian Standards. HPL also has R&D centers located in Gururgram and Kundli, having over 100 design engineers, consistently working to upgrade the product technology.

HPL has garnered main certificates such as RCCB validity, isolator license validity, Certificate of Compliance- MCB/MCCB Distribution board, Certificate of MARKING COS family, ISI Mark guidelines, ISO 2016, Certificate of Compliance and many other accreditations.

Having a diversified customer base for both residential & commercial users, public & private enterprises, city infrastructures, power utilities, international markets, HPL is  committed to provide solutions and services.

Today, HPL Group employees over 1900 people, has 90 branch offices & representative offices spread throughout the country with 2000 Authorized Dealers and 12000 Retailers across country.

2.      What are the major sectors, you are focusing on and what kind of growth can we expect in the coming year?

HPL works in various sectors like Infrastructures, Government, Retail & Pvt. Projects etc.HPL has always expected to grow in all the verticals and has a strong industrialbase as well as customer base (b2b as well as b2c).Its metering business clocked highest quarterly revenues with improved operating margin. HPL’s Switchgear and lighting business continue to witness strong traction hope to grow in double digit in coming quarters.

3.      Tell us something about your recent and coming projects story?

Solar has been a recent development into our product basket. We have now following range available for Solar Industry-

·         Solar cables

·         Bi-Directional meters

·         Junction boxes

·         DC & AC Distribution boxes

·         String combiner and monitoring boxes

·         DC Luminaries for solar home lighting systems and solar street lighting system

·         Submersible cables for solar water pumps

And, there has always been a focus on continuous development in our existing product categories.

4.      What is your mission behind HPL?

HPL product range features high quality electronic energy meters, switchgears, lighting, wires & cables, as well as modular switches and accessories. When it comes to the most innovative designs and developments, you do not have to look beyond HPL. As a matter of fact we go out of our way to ensure that each and every one of our customers benefit from our cutting edge technical expertise. That’s why we put our best foot forward and work with both users and influencers to examine various applications and operations in ever-minute detail. In doing so, we fully identify and respect every single need of the end user so as to offer a complete, practical, and customized solution. And this does not happen just like that. For us, it is extremely crucial to have a global, outside-in perspective towards our products. HPL has Technical collaboration with LS Industrial Systems Co. Ltd., Korea which testifies to our commitment towards providing the best. Our customer centric approach speaks volumes about the values we attach to our organization’sculture in order to achieve efficiencies for the business.

5.      What’s your outlook on the recent status of electric wire and cable market in India as well as globally?


Indian Electric wire and cable market has seen a tremendous demand in high-temperature superconducting cables, HVDC power cables and this is after effects of expansion and revamp of T&D infrastructure in India. The Industry has also seen competitive market scenario, with big international players and Indian manufactures all jostling for the market space.


Government initiatives such as ‘Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana’, ‘Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana’ (DDUGJY), have also been instrumental in the growth of electric sector.With strong impetus towards rapid infrastructure development in India; HPL forecast a strong market for electric wire and cable in coming years.


6.      What’s your assessment on the potential of the B2B market?



7.      HPL has completed over years. What are the major milestones that you look back on with satisfaction and pride?


As per Frost and Sullivan 2016 Report, HPL is 5th largest LED manufacturer in India. It also has strong grip electronic energy meters and is a market leader with 25% market share. In the on-load changeover switches segment HPL has an unbeatable 50% market share and also 5% market share in low-voltage switchgears.

HPL has seen various milestones since its inception, which are-

  • 1998-  Started production of electronic/static energy meters at Gurgaon facility
  • 2011- Started production of lighting equipment at Sonepat facility II
  • 2011- Started production of Switchgears at Sonepat facility II
  • 2014- Started production of wires and cables at Gharaunda facility II
  • 2015- Started production of LED products
  • 2016- CHPL launched IPO on 22nd September, 2016. It was subscribed nearly 8 times.
  • 2017- New Plant, Started production of Meter, Fans, MCB and DBs at Guwahati facility.


Author- Mr. Gautam Seth, Joint-Managing Director, HPL Electric & Power Ltd.



1. Cablefor power stations in India and Cable manufacturers of India.Gloster Cableshas completed over the years. What are the major milestones that you look back on with satisfaction and pride?

GLOSTER CABLES are one of the oldest brand in the Country with its reputation as quality brand. Our business activity is confined within supply format and so far supplied to many such important projects. To name few of them are ISRO, SHAR project, Jeypore Vidyut Vitaran, Madhya Bharat Vijlee Vitaran, CESC, IIT, Jindal Steel & Power, Godrej, Kalpataru Rly Divn, DLF, EMAAR,  YEWDA, CPWD Border Lighting Project, Delji Jal Board through VEOLIA, Vedic Reality, Greater Mohali Dev Authority etc.

2.Tell us a bit more on your product launches, expansion plans etc.

The year 2018-19 and 2019-20 have undergone many in plant changes in installation of new machineries, revamping Test Laboratories including modern testing equipment, construction of new HT line over a passage of two and half years. All such program is constituted with an aim to be at par with technological changes that has taken place in cable industry and to achieve 500 crs turnover in the year 2020-21.

3.What are the after sales services and unique initiatives in this respect offered by Gloster Cables?

Power cable business in supply format remains free from sales service in general. In case our esteemed customers do seek our help, we have team of experts who provide necessary advices in form of installation and commissioning of cable circuit.

4.What is your commitment to the group in terms of business and growth?

Self-devotion is our basic tool at all level for achievement of basic assignment entrusted and our team coordination is the strength to lay hands in hand to achieve the desired object and goal. 

5.What are the different strategies adopted by “Gloster Cables” to contribute in sustainability?

In order to attain its business growth, Company adopts various strategies in consonant with market situation, supply chain management etc

6.What is the great success story and the impediment of the Gloster Cablesin Indian market, how do you cope up with hurdles?

Our success story is because of sustaining good quality in all aspects right from stringent quality check on inward materials up to finished products and fastest delivery period which in turn is qualified as ve good services to our esteemed customers. The issues we face is that paradigm shift is noticed in buyers mind towards being price sensitive more than quality aspect.  

7.Does Gloster Cableshave any initiatives towards CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

Company undertakes various CSR activity depending on its merit and mostly it remains within the Telengana state.











1. Please take us thorough the journey of Electracon Paradise over the years?

Ever since its inception in 1968, Electracon Paradise Ltd. (EPL) has built an enviable reputation in the field of Electrical Silver Contacts. The Company is known for the reliability of its products, high standard of materials used and the quality of workmanship employed. From the top management to the shop floor, everyone at EPL is motivated by company's goal of exceeding customer expectations by supplying quality products.

Over the last 50 years, EPL has developed a professional approach to training; we have focused on Japanese manufacturing systems, which has resulted in a workforce that is not only highly skilled, but also highly tuned to quality.

EPL started its journey with a few German Welding Machines half a century ago and now boasts of a state of the art, fully vertically integrated, plant with complete in-house silver alloy production. We now house approximately 70 German Bi-Metal Rivet Welding Machines & Cold Forging Rivet Machines, as well as extensive advanced machinery to produce silver contact tips and discs. State of the art Schlatter Welding Machines have also been commissioned for Silver Contact Assemblies.

2. Tell us a bit more about your product, expansion plans etc.

Silver Contacts are the heart of any switching device as they control the flow of electricity. We manufacture the complete range of silver contacts from Silver Contact Rivets and Silver Contact Assemblies to Silver Contact Tips, etc. Silver contact raw materials (SILVER-Nickel-TinOxide- Graphie, etc.) are extremely crucial as its properties are the deciding factors for efficient and reliable operation of the electrical contacts and hence the switching device.

We possess a long and close association with electrical industry and our experience gained from deep knowledge of modern electrical equipment has given us a push to grow and diversify our business by continuing to build on our core competency of silver contacts while creating more value for our customers, our suppliers and our employees. We currently cater to the low voltage electrical industry; our RnD team has now developed the complete product range for the medium and high voltage industry and we will soon be catering to the full range of the industry. 

3. What are the unique services and initiatives offered by EPL?

Silver Contacts are the core of our customer’s products and we understand that our success is mutually inter-dependent. Therefore, we believe in adding our knowledge and experience to their product development and manufacturing. We pride ourselves in not only being manufactures but partners in our customer’s product development.

Pure silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals. Our research and development team is constantly working and developing innovative electrical contact materials to try and further maximise performance and efficiency.  

4.What are the different strategies adopted by “Electracon Paradise” to contribute in sustainability?

In today’s highly competitive world, consistent and high quality products at low costs are the need of the hour. Lean manufacturing and constant value engineering have become an absolute must. We are adapting key Japanese manufacturing systems and are working closely with our customers in order to value engineer our products in a manner such that raw material costs come down without hampering product quality. Since silver contacts are the heart of any product, there is an immense responsibility on our shoulders, which we do not take lightly.

5.What hurdles does EPL face?

Logging heads with companies that compromise product quality for a more competitive price is frustrating as that is something we refuse to do.  Since silver contacts are the heart of any product, there is an immense responsibility on our shoulders, which we do not take lightly.

6. Does Electracon Paradise have any initiatives towards CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

We are Electracon Paradise belive that charaity begins at home. Through sustainable measures, and actively contributing to the economic and social welfare of the community in which we operate, we create value for our nation.

The health and safty of our community is of primary importance to us. Our focus on the health and nutition of our community has ensured that we create a daily meal programe in which members of our community are provided with nutraituons meals. After all without a healthy body and mind all other aspects of life cannot be enjoyed. 
We also sponsor Children with Cancer whose families do not have the means to support the medical treatment. 
7. What message do you want to give to your peers?
India has a unique advantage in the global economy as we will have the world’s youngest population by 2022. Today, 65% of India's population is of working age and this gives us a huge competitive advantage. I would urge my peers to take advantage of the Make In India Movement as well as the skilled manpower resources available and set their sights on the global market. This being said, creating a mark in the global electrical market is only possible if we make trust and quality the cornerstone of our business.


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