RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

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QUINT POWER by Phoenix Contact Power supplies – Maximum functionality

21 Feb 2020

The new Power Supply Quint IV generation from Phoenix Contact feature an integrated NFC interface for parameterization via mobile devices or PCs. This allows the commissioning engineer to closely match signaling thresholds and characteristic curves to the plant’s requirements. More than 40 parameters can be configured on an individual basis. Another benefit is that settings can be reproduced with ease. Once the power supply has been parameterized, it is a simple task to transfer the settings to other devices via the app or other software. Moreover, the front-panel buttons for adjusting the output voltage, as well as all other configured parameters, can be protected with a password to prevent unauthorized access and tampering.

The Power Supply Quint IV generation also feature Real Time Monitoring via Analog signaling (4-20 mA) contacts. This allows us to take real time data of the load in form of power, current and voltage. Another benefit of having QUINT IV generation is that Digital Signal contact and Relay Contact signal are available for Monitoring of Output Voltage / Current / Operating hours/ Input Voltage/Temperature/ over voltage.

New Generation of QUINT Power – Advantages

  • Selectively trips standard circuit breakers; loads that are connected in parallel continue working.
  • Reports critical operating states before errors occur.
  • Adjustable signaling thresholds and characteristic curves maximize system availability.
  • Easy system extension with static boost with sustained power of up to 125 %.
  • Reliable starting of heavy loads with dynamic boost with up to 200 % power for 5s.
  • Due to integrated gas-filled surge arrester.
  • More than 20 ms mains buffering time.
  • Thanks to high MTBF > 500,000 h.
  • Metal housing and wide temperature range from -40°C to +70°C.
  • Wide range input and international approval package.

The Power Supply Quint IV guarantees superior system availability with the integrated decoupling MOSFET and double overvoltage protection with SIL 3 certi?cation. Thus, the QUINT IV provides maximum operational safety.

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