RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

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Established in 2011, ELECTRICAL MIRROR is India’s one of the leading Monthly Magazine on Electrical & Power Sector. With the circulation of nationwide and it is one of the most widely read magazine which covers the interviews of the top leaders of the power industry, articles, write up on latest technology, product information, guest articles, company profiles and information on the latest events and conferences on the power sector. ELECTRICAL MIRROR was launched with the goal of providing the news on Electrical and Power Industry, and the data which help to analysis the market current scenario to benefits the top industry’s decision-makers to run their business accordingly. Electrical Mirror through its online service provides news, events details, conferences, latest product launched and services.

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To provide latest and up-to-date information on the happenings in the industry along with technology development, information on new product launches, growth opportunities and emerging trends for the different sectors of the electrical and power industry. Eventually, providing an excellent platform for advertising and branding building.